Codex Orks: Review Roundup

Goonhammer was provided with a review copy of Codex Orks by Games Workshop.

Codex Orks is up for preorder today, letting all the budding Warbosses out there who missed the boat on the Beast Snaggas box get in on the action.

We already took a good look at the Codex when the limited edition box released, so if you want to refresh yourself on what’s inside, check out our Codex review and Crusade reviews below, plus a guest article from Nick Nanavati about his experiences building with the new book.

Kommandos are one of the standout units in Ork builds right now, and they’re best when they’ve got some terrain to skulk menacingly in, so make sure to check out our recent Ork painting guides to help get yours ready for battle.

Codex Orks is in the somewhat unusual position where we’ve already seen some of its toys in action, with some tournaments letting players make use of the new book ahead of the main release. With that in mind, here are five things we’ve learned about the Codex since we wrote our initial review.

Orks. Credit: Rockfish
Orks. Credit: Rockfish

  • The Age of the Speedwaaaagh is Here. We thought that the buggies looked super good in the codex, especially thanks to Ramshackle, and that’s turned out to be pretty much dead on. Most early successes with the book use lots of Speedwaaaagh tools, in particular the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy and Megatrakk Scrapjet. Being able to call in a Speedwaaaagh also makes the Deffkilla Wartrike even stronger than its new datasheet already made it look. Finally, Warbikers are really good at their price, it turns out.
  • Freebooters Rule! Now we’ve seen it in play on the table the Freebooterz Clan Kultur has proven to be incredibly good, outstripping our expectations, which combines with their strong stratagem and relic to make them one of the best choices. In particular, they give a massive lift to the Dakkajet, which has proven to be a surprisingly strong contender.
  • Lots of Clans Look Good. While Freebooterz are the definite breakout compared to our initial analysis, pretty much every clan except the Bad Moons have seen some productive tinkering and experimentation. Deathskulls and Blood Axes have been showing up in lots of tournament builds, and there are lists kicking around that make good use of the rest too.
  • Squigbosses are Absolute Nightmares. Beast Snaggas have had a somewhat slow start thanks to not all their kits being available yet, but many events have been allowing converted Squigbosses, who have leapt straight into the pantheon of nastiest herohammer units in the game. Many players have landed on either a tanky build that combines the Beasthide Mantle and ‘Ard as Nails or gone for an unstoppable killing machine with Brutal but ‘Kunnin and Headwoppa’s Killchoppa (the latter sometimes swapped for the Mantle for more of an all-rounder).
  • We’ve Got Plenty More To See. While converted Squigbosses have been permitted in many places, supplies of other Beast Snagga units have been either limited or non-existent, so with the full release we’re going to finally see what builds with Kill Rigs and full complements of Squighog Boyz can do.

It’s an exciting time to be green, so go out there and start building a Waaaagh of your own!