Community Spotlight: Animosity III Narrative Campaign

Another Summer means another Animosity Campaign. We covered their second Age of Sigmar campaign last year. Animosity is a unique narrative campaign that takes place in a unique interpretation of the Mortal Realms where several fan made factions compete for control of the setting. This year’s campaign is The Prime Dominion and takes place in one of the few settled areas of Haixiah, otherwise a deadly region of Hysh. Lying on the fringes of settle-able land, many factions are contesting for control. Will you be one of the champions who helps decide who sits on the throne of the Prime Dominion?

How to Play

Players who sign up have a choice of joining a Coalition. Coalitions are unique from the Grand Alliances and you will see Khorne cultists allied with Aelves who share in a common pursuit. The storyline itself is centered around powerful NPCs called Figureheads who have with their own agendas to accomplish. They are in turn bolstered by the coalition’s armies and characters who will help drive them onto the narrative path the players choose. Each week, a narrative branch is presented and players may help choose which of 3 branches is taken by contributing some sort of creative contribution. These can be:

  • Gaming – Conventional Age of Sigmar gaming. Due to COVID-19 the organizers are stressing strongly to do so in a safe and productive manner, so this can include remote play, single player games or a Soulbound RPG session.
  • Hobby – Painting, modeling, all that stuff. The more creative the better
  • Writing – Short stories between 500-2000 words.
  • Storytelling – Photos of staged duels, dioramas, etc.
  • Arts & Crafts – Sketches, cosplay, etc. Whatever comes to mind!

I was involved in the narrative last year and the creative admins worked hard on integrating every players work into the overall story which helped forge a fulfilling narrative for all of the players involved.

Setting Information

This year Grand Coalitions are a radically different. Rather than a pre-selected group of recommended factions, there are 6 factions with an ideology that your personal character or warband can follow. Each one’s victory will radically influence the future of Haixiah.

  • Idrelec – Atress Redhand is an aelf allied to a Khorne warlord who believes in a might makes right philisophy. Followers of this coalition hope to rule the realms edge with martial power.
  • Teclandec – Led by Dariel the Resplendent, an aelf who exults his ancient culture in all its forms. They refuse to leave that work in the hands of lesser aelfs
  • Celandec – Leading an underclass of Hyshian refugees is Renaya Oathsworn, an aelf who hopes to rebuild society for the lower classes. Aided by Equerry Akredregos, a Soulmason emissary of Arkhan the Black they seek to secure better and safer lands for those under their care. Collecting a strong tithe in the process.
  • Ruyalar – A collection of visionaries and brilliant minds seeking to reshape the world in bold new ways. Though their methods may differ hey share an optimism to reinvent aelven society in radical ways.
  • Dornayar – Historians and Philosophers more focused on researching history and lost knowledge. Elusedrod the Deathly is an Aelf who believes that those who know the past can best plan for the future.
  • Aurannar –Motivated by memories of their previous calamity, the Aurannar believe in preparedness and consolidation of their wealth. Their deep vaults may finally open to arm their allies for the coming conflict.

How to Sign Up

Simply goto the New Player’s Page join the discord and sign on! Join a coalition and get to know people before the event. The event starts this Wednesday July 14th. We’ll leave you with a trailer to spark your interest.

If you have any questions or comments let us know below or