Contemptor Kevin’s Road to LVO 2022: Known Unknowns

Hello friends! By the time you’re reading this, I should be in Las Vegas – likely somewhere at the Rio Hotel (1) or otherwise wandering Las Vegas.

Vegas, baby! Credit: Kevin Stillman

Specifically at the Moneyline Bar in the Aria. I’m participating in the 40K Narrative, with my Space Wolves.

To the extent that we have knowledge of the narrative, it’s going to be three days of gaming with two games per day, each one a doubles game. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to make new friends and crush The Allfather’s enemies with my minis.

Owing to a combination of being out-of-town thanks to Omicron, and then getting distracted with the latest shiny (2), I only added two of the units I said I was going to add to my army: a squad of flying Wolf Guard and a squad of Incursors. While I had intended to add a unit of Cyberwolves, Hounds of Morkai, and a squad of Assault Intercessors, I will have to make do with what I had available.

Space Wolves Incursors. Credit: Kevin Stillman

Flying Wolf Guard. Credit: Kevin Stillman

I also painted a Ragnar Blackmane that my friend got my for my birthday, and I tossed him in as well.

Ragnar vs. Ghazkull. Credit Kevin Stillman

Unlike my friends doing the 40K Champs or 40K Friendly, narrative does not seem to actually have any list-building deadlines, merely a limit of 500 points, 1000 points, or 1500 points. I’m assuming that listbuilding will thus be a la carte at the table. Furthermore, objectives will be revealed at the event, rather than being in a player packet that we can prepare for. I will admit, this does make it hard to list-build to plan to accomplish certain objectives – but because I’ll have most of my army to choose from at the table, it will give me the opportunity to think on the fly. Do I send in a heavy armed squad of storm shielded elites? Do I just send in a horde of T4 2W Primaris Marines and hope for the best? TIME WILL TELL!

I’ve never been to the LVO and so I do not fully know what awaits me. But I am hoping to roll some dice, drink some beers, and have fun slamming ‘Hams.

-Contemptor Kevin

(1) Pity us

(2) Thank you Mr. Hunter!

Incursors trying to evade a Sicaran

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