Content We Liked, 10/20/2019

The Week Ending October 19th, 2019

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Warhammer digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed. Here’s what we liked this week:

In the Wild:

    If you haven’t been to yet, it’s worth your time. It’s an incredibly valuable resource for tournament data, and something we use for our own meta analyses. Be sure to check out their podcast as well.
  • Ding & Dent Podcast, Episode 97 – Playing Evil
    The Ding & Dent Podcast
    This week Raf and Charlie have a thought-provoking conversation about games that have the players taking on the role of evil. How and where do you draw the lines, and what, if any, are the game designers’ responsibilities when creating these games?
  • 3D Printed Groverhaus
    @BodyBuilding2 on Twitter
    An old legend from the SomethingAwful forums, if you aren’t familiar with the saga of Groverhaus, it’s worth digging up. The sad tale of hubris and load-bearing drywall is guaranteed to make you laugh, and this 3d-printed recreation of man’s monument to bad decisions brought back fond memories.
  • Making Salamanders Mantles from Cheap Toy Dinosaurs
    Jason Pease via the closed Warhammer 40k: Kill-Teams group

    This is a great idea and one that immediately reminded me of BuffaloChicken’s many conversions using cheap toys.

  • ArchWarhammer Banned from r/40klore
    Good riddance to a true piece of shit. Come for the feel-good story of the week, stay for the bad faith arguments about freedom of speech and people boldly declaring their departure from the subreddit as though it were an airport terminal.
  • Patrik Karlen’s Escher Catachans
    Groetgaffel on Instagram
    In another very BuffaloChicken-esque move, Patrik has been using Eschers to make some badass Catachan infantry.
  • Nikki Sullivan’s Awesome Chaos Knight, The Gilded King
    @nikkikolls on Twitter
    We’re big fans of Nikki’s work and this is just an incredibly cool paintjob.
  • Xavier St Amand’s Uriel Ventris Conversion
    @xavmand12 on Twitter

    Ventris never got enough love, despite having a pretty good series of books written about him by Graham McNeill. It’s good to see he’s still fondly remembered and getting conversions!

  • Coda’s Painting Stream
    Coda streams at weird hours owing to being in Australia, but it’s worth your time to stop in on his stream when you can.

On Goonhammer:

Another week stuffed with content — I couldn’t even fit it all below! If there’s anything you missed, I’d recommend going back and reading it — it was all great stuff.

  • Psychic Awakening – Phoenix Rising Review
    by Raf Cordero, James “Boon” Kelling, James “One_Wing” Grover, and Liam “Corrode” Royle
    In a four-part series out this week, the gang looked at every aspect of the new Psychic Awakening release, from the Lore to rules to the impact on the tournament meta.

  • Codex Supplement Reviews
    by Jack “Ben Booley” Hunter, Liam “Corrode” Royle, Patrick “Artum” Robbins, and Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones
    We’ve also got reviews of the upcoming Space Marine Codex Supplements – get ’em while they’re hot!

  • Glory Hunting – Underworlds Deckbuilding 101
    by Raf Cordero
    Raf is back with more Underworlds content this week, talking about the basics of building a deck for your warband.
  • Hammer of Math: Diet Smite (Imperial Edition
    by Kevin Genson
    This week, Kevin looked at all of the mortal wound-generating powers for Imperium armies, how they stack up to Smite, and when to use them.
  • Necromunday: Campaign Progression Part 1 – Advancements
    by Dan “SexCannon” Boyd and Merton
    In this week’s Necromunday the boys are starting a multi-part series on Campaigns and growing your gangs. This week they talked about advancements and how to beef up your juves.
  • Warlord Wednesdays: AT Legion Focus: Loyalists
    by Garrett “John Condit” Severson

    This week, Garrett continues his new Adeptus Titanicus weekly column with a detailed exploration of loyalist factions.
  • AoS: Orruk Warclans Review
    by RagnarokAngel
    RagnarokAngel reviews the recent Orruk Warclans book for Age of Sigmar, talking about options and strategies for building a warband.
  • See Them Drive Before You: Khorne Tactics in 40k
    by Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones, Chase “Gunum” Garber, and SteelMentor
    This week, we talked about ditching all that cowardly psychic and shooting phase nonsense in favor of racking up skulls for the skull throne.
  • Ancient Doom Refers to Your Models: Craftworld Eldar Kill Team Tactics
    by Chucat
    This week, Chucat looked at Craftworld Eldar Tactics for Kill Team
  • The Man With the Iron Hands: Understanding the Current 40k Meta
    by James “Boon” Kelling, Kevin Genson, and Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones
    This week’s Round table discussion took a detailed look at the first two weeks of tournament results around Iron Hands, examined the units being used, talked about the new FAQ, and whether they think it goes far enough and what to expect in the coming weeks.
  • Video Game Retrospective: Fire Warrior
    by Jonathan Bernhardt
    Are some video games, crimes? We forced Bernhardt to play the 2004 FPS Fire Warrior, just to make him suffer.
  • Narrative Forgery: Hams Be Shoppin
    by Greg “” Chiasson and Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones
    Greg and Rob talk about choosing, building, and expanding display cabinets for your armies, so that your fancy mans can be seen by everyone who visits your house.