Content We Liked: 11th Feburary, 2024

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Tabletop digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed.


On the Internet at Large

Lets start this week’s article off the right way, by being utterly revolted and queasy. This Great Unclean One/Blight Drone/Arachnarok mashup is already pretty disgusting, but the HAIR. The HAIR. Goddamn what an insanely genius idea to push the vile factor right over the edge. Papa would be proud.


Y’know what Scifi needs more of? Big round robots. The kind that look like they’d be great huggers even when they’re crushing human skulls underfoot. Some real Urbanmech/Baymax energies y’know? A good thing then that rokksville has our back with this extremely sweet custom Automata, with all that top-heavy energy we need.


byu/theWarsinger inWarhammer40k

We haven’t checked in on theWarsinger in a while now. What are they up to? Oh nothing, just this heavily converted Be’lakor looking like the last phase of the most ball-crushingest Dark Souls boss around. And to think this piece isn’t even finished yet, we can’t imagine just how eye-watering it’s gonna look when it is.


It’s Carnival season across the Latin speaking world right now. It’s also apparently the penultimate stages of a Tyranid invasion in Barcelona. In all seriousness this MASSIVE Screamer Killer parade float is an incredible piece of work, winning first place in the town of Torelló. Now this is the kinda party we can get behind.


Finishing off our usual deluge of Warhammer goodness with a dip into the cardboard side of Tabletop Games. As Commander has slowly rose to become the most popular format of Magic, Wizards of the Coast has seriously ratcheted up their game when it comes to the preconstructed decks they sell, both in sheer amount and the actual contents of those products. Youtuber Angry Green Jellybean brings us a mathematical breakdown of every precon deck produced for the format since 2011, examining the data to find what Magic’s designers consider the platonic ideal structure for a Commander deck, and how they think the format should be played. A really interesting watch.



This Week on Goonhammer


Goonhammer Reviews

The Goonhammer Moonbase (Klassius) has been stinking awfully of garlic, cigarettes and ennui this week, with no less than three reviews of both historical and science-fiction Frenchmen, with Wargames Atlantic’s Grognards and Warlord Games’ WW2 French Infantry on the docket. We’ve also got a look at Mantic’s suite of companion apps and what their subscription service brings.

Wargames Atlantic Grognard Cavalry: The Goonhammer Review

Wargames Atlantic Grognard Heavy Weapons : The Goonhammer Review

Goonhammer Historicals: Warlord Games Plastic French Infantry for Bolt Action

Goonhammer Reviews: Mantic’s Companion and Vault Apps

Necromunday reviews: The Killzone: Bheta-Decima terrain

Previews and News

Games Industry News Roundup- February 6th, 2024


Competitive Play

All your weekly Warhammer coverage and more. This week: The best cards from Lorcana’s first expansion, upgrading your Deadly Disguise Commander deck, and why The Old World’s infamous Line just does not work in practice.

Competitive Innovations in 10th: You Can’t Keep an Elf Down pt.1

Competitive Innovations in 10th: You Can’t Keep an Elf Down pt.2

Hammer of Math: Favoured of Khorne Changes

The Q1 2024 40k Balance Dataslate Competitive Roundtable

Competitive Innovations in the Mortal Realms: Brews and Shrooms

Diving into Age of Sigmar Stats – Building a Grand Strategy Baseline

Old World Legacy Faction Review: Lizardmen

The Old World: The Line Tactic and Why it Doesn’t Work

Battletech: Mech Overview: Ice Ferret (Fenris)

Unstable Mutation: Deadly Disguise Upgrade (Murders at Karlov Manor Commander)

Goonhammer Historicals: Getting Started With The Silver Bayonet

Getting Started: Infinity N4


Event Reports and Interviews

UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: February 9, 2024

LVO with the Worldwide #1: Adrian Bonvento’s VLOG of the 2024 Kill Team LVO GT

Kill Team #1! Adrian Bonvento’s LVO Tournament Recap, Match Breakdown, & Path to Victory

ASOIAF Community Spotlight: Hits and Crits


The Fluff Corner

We take a glimpse at the Narrative content in Dawnbringers 4: The Mad King Rises, with bonus rules for multiplayer games.

Dawnbringers Book 4: The Mad King Rises – Narrative Play The Goonhammer Review


Painting and Modelling 

Sharpen your spikes and put on your angriest face, How to Paint Everything covers how to paint EVERY Chaos Marine Legion and every other warband of edgelords out there.

How to Paint Everything – Chaos Space Marines

Army Showcase: SRM’s Warhammer Empire


Other Cool Stuff

SRMyphus pushed a boulder up a hill, and all he got was a mug. And another boulder.

MUGWATCH: The Age of Sigmar: Stormbringer Mug


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