Content We Liked: 11th June, 2023

The skies darken, bugs are raining from the sky and weird bald lads are getting a bit aggro. But enough about British Summer, it’s the release weekend for the long anticipated 40k 10th edition and the Leviathan boxset, and we’ve got a special Leviathan flavoured Content We Liked for you to devour.


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Fun fact: Step 4 of the trans agenda is to consume Bio-Mass. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️
by u/Appollix in Sigmarxism

It’s not just the dawn of the Great Devourer this month, it’s also Pride Month in much of the world and we’re always fans of using the colours of pride flags as a basis for an army scheme, with the Pink/Blue/White of the Trans flag lending these ‘Nids a cool, almost oceanic feel.


On the Marine side of things, we’ve seen a lot of cool stuff down with the smorgasboard of heroes in the Leviathan box, starting with this take on a White Scars Librarian fully in the midst of things. We dig the absolutely filthy armour, a far cry from the clean white you usually see of the Scars, all the better to see the runes and markings glowing with psychic might.


The ever talented Pete the Wargamer decided to take a complete swerve and converted the hefty new Terminator Captain mini into a depiction of the temporally challenged Kaldor Draigo and an unfortunate chicken he’s plucking.


Meanwhile, Darcy Bono completely hits this Imperial Fist Librarian out of the park with some of the most saturated yellows we’ve ever seen. It’s incredible how she managed to paint both the insignia and the energy glows yellow but managed to make them distinct and fitting against the blue armour, simply outstanding.


Speaking of yellow, BinxPaints brings us a take on one of the most daunting chapter schemes to exist with this Lamenters Terminator Captain, looking incredibly swish in that infamous yellow with black/white checks. We particularly love the purple cloak and accents for a contrasting colour.


Next up we’ve got two very different takes on the brand new Terminators. First Richard Grey brings us a very modern take on the Deathwing, full of freehanded battle damage, grime and naturalistic blends that really capture the grim indominable presence of Terminators…


While on the other hand, Garfy of Tale of Painters went for a super retro look with a very 2nd edition Blood Angel Terminator. Super saturated red? Check. Shaded yellow in place of gold? Check. Hazard Stripes? Check and check. This owns.


A Bunch of Tyranid Citadel Contrast Painting Guide for You!

The ever industrious Vincent Knotley has been a busy busy painter, bringing us no less than 31 different schemes for your Tyranids entirely from Contrast paints. With a solid mix of canon schemes and original creations, if you’ve been stuck for how to paint your new bugs then look no further.


This Week on Goonhammer


We’ve got a bumper crop of articles for all things 10th edition and Leviathan here on Goonhammer, with more to come in the immediate future. Get the lowdown on all the changes from 9th, our hottest takes on the datacards for the Space Marine and Tyranid Indexes, and Rob “TheChirurgeon”‘s hands on account of playing 10th edition live at the Kansas City Open.

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The Goonhammer Review: The Tyranids Index

TheChirurgeon’s Road Through 2023, Part 9: Streaming 10th Edition at the KC Open

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Goonhammer Reviews

You’re gonna need to paint all those fancy new toys and we’ve got you covered with reviews of some new products to help overcome that Herculian task. First with Warpaint’s Nostalgia ’94 throwback paint-set, and then with Bandua Wargames’ Rochela portable painting studio. We’ve also got the second half of our coverage of Black Powder, Red Earth.

Warcolour’s Nostalgia ’94 – first look

Rochela – Portable Painting Studio Review

Goonhammer Historicals: Black Powder Red Earth 28mm – Ultra Modern Engagements at Close Quarters Review, Part 2


Competitive Play

Thus heralds the end of 9th edition 40k, and suitably Chaos reigns and cults run rampart all over the battlefields of the 41st millennium. Not to be outdone, the forces of Khorne and Death slick the Mortal Realms in blood in this week’s Age of Sigmar coverage.

Competitive Innovations in 9th: Final Countdown

Competitive Innovations in the Mortal Realms – Blood & Skulls


Other Cool Stuff

Leviathan wasn’t the only big news of this week, as Games Workshop and general wargaming legend John Blanche announced his retirement as of last month. Goonhammer contributors pay their tribute to the man who put the grim in grim darkness with a look at their favourite Blanche pieces and what they mean to them.
Meanwhile, the Goonhammer Open Maryland returns for 2023, set to land in Baltimore for two days of wargames, skirmish games and more.

Man, Myth, Legend: Goonhammer pays tribute to John Blanche

Announcing the 2023 US Goonhammer Open in Baltimore, Maryland

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