Content We Liked: 12th February, 2023

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Tabletop digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed.

On the Internet at Large

Many a Space Marine player has grumbled about the rounded Mark X Gravis armor that has all-but replaced the iconic Indomitus style Terminators. The bulky silhouette and hound’s head helmet is a staple of the Space Marine repertoire, so we’re glad to see another take on upscaled Terminators. I’ve seen many takes on the Primaris-scale Terminator, and they’ve never gotten old. Whether they use Gravis armour or Hellblaster bodies as a base, it never tires me to see my childhood favorite rendered in 2022 style. A taller Terminator for a bolder age.

Just finished my first duel diorama between a space marine bladeguard and tau commander from minipainting

This intense diorama by /u/squbies_hobbies is an excellent showcase of dynamism and effects technique. The perfidious xenos warlord is posed mid-strike, having been granted confidence by its vain techno-sorcery. Meanwhile, the courageous Imperial Fist faces down his quarry as a true warrior: feet planted firmly on the ground and blade in hand.

Imperial truths aside, the diorama makes good use of brightly colored schemes alongside a choice flamethrower effect. The flame effect consists of a cluster of fibers for the mass, and an LED setup with wiring running through the commander’s leg and into the base.

Somewhere in the production pipeline, GW sculptors were tasked with creating the next Imperial Guard heavy tank. The chain of events that followed were inscrutable to even the finest Eldar farseers, but they led to thousands of people being forced to see the words “Rogal Dorn Hole filler.” I had to read it, and so do you. So there. If you want to install a bottom hull plate to the new battle tank so that the turret crew’s feet stay warm, here you go.

My own chapter of Silver Wings in kinda Goonhammer art style. (Some little story about them in the comments.) from Goonhammer

Aside from the masterful quality of our writing work, Goonhammer is also well-identified by its unique art. Supplied by Rob’s deft hands, Goonhammer’s many regular bits and series always have some tongue-in-cheek visual supplement to match the writing talent within. Here, Reddit user /u/TenDonny pays tribute to Rob’s artistic mastery with a rendition of their Silver Wings Astartes in Goonhammer style. Good job, now you’ve encouraged Rob.

Few models in my collection bring me as much joy as Shield Captain Crustacious from Warhammer40k

Redditor /u/sciencep1e sought to bless us this week with their favorite of the Emperor’s Ten Thousand: Shield Captain Crustacious. This skittering hero’s carapace truly shows the marvelous extent to which the Auramite armor of the Custodes can be forged in a master’s hand. One wonders what biological miracles the Emperor’s own gene labs wrought to bless us with such a hero.

This clutch of cavalry rendered in their charge against the foe is an excellent showcase of shading and texture work, especially on striking steeds. I will now take this opportunity to upset Lenoon by saying the following:

I know not which world they hail from, nor the regiment they serve, but I’ll forever cherish the wild Rough Riders alternatives people cook up! Hi Ho Silver!

Emma Svensson graces us with another exhibition in making our Imperial Knight pauldrons look like childish finger-painting. The luminescent quality of these scales is hypnotic, and we’re certain that the final result will be marvelous.

Black Templars players still haven’t gotten sick of ‘guy with sword’ and continue putting forth stellar examples of the concept. Here, obsessive_converter and artwstudio have teamed up to showcase another fantastic Emperor’s Champion. Their obsession is our eye candy.

This Week on Goonhammer

Goonhammer Reviews

Kill Team: Soulshackle was this week’s flagship hunk of sprue and paper. The Goons had their hands full reviewing this box, which pits Bastards against Bastard Eldar. Find our Soulshackle coverage and a host of other great reviews here.

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Goonhammer Interviews

One day, you too might be a person of such substance and refinement that Goonhammer expresses interest in an interview. Until then, bask in the glory of this week’s special guests.

An Interview with 2022 Age of Sigmar ITC Champion Gavin Grigar

Age of Sigmar LVO Champion – Jiwan Noah Singh Interview

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Arks of Omen

Abaddon keeps making trouble with his Arks of Omen, so Goonhammer keeps writing about it. Are we truly better than the paparazzi?

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Competitive Play

Where would us casual players be without the competitive scene? I dunno, maybe less stressed, with higher average life satisfaction. If you’re new here, then know that Goonhammer sometimes writes about the serious business side of tabletop games, too.

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Other Games

Listen, those of us who write for the smaller games on Goonhammer don’t pay the bills, but we’re just as important. Someone has to keep the Games Workshop fans in check. So to those of you reading for our mustached people in funny hats and laser weirdos, we salute you.

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Other Great Reads from the Goonhammer Cinematic Universe

The Goonhammer Cinematic Universe is full of regular columns and special pieces that suits all of us who score highly on Introversion and prefer the company of pets to most of humanity. Catch some great content below.

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