Content We Liked: 15th January, 2023

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Tabletop digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed.

On the Internet at Large

The Triumph of Saint Katherine is one of those models that’s a daunting prospect to paint, essentially being seven character models all jostling for space, but this take does it some real justice, with the super crisp and bright highlights making sure each member shines.


This one might cause some residual terror for any Elden Ring players but good gosh is it an absolutely spectacular piece of work. From the NNM gold on the artificial arm, the individually picked out moths, the subtle blending work on the rotting skin. This figure is an amazing tribute to Malenia (the Blade of Miquella etc etc).


Be’lakor slightly converted. C&C very welcome. from ageofsigmar

A fairly simple but effective conversion of Be’lakor, giving him something of an Oldhammer flair, complimented delightfully by the OSL glows and pastel palate. We dig it.


A much more involved conversion this time, bashing together two separate kits to make for a much bulkier, more rugged Ridgerunner, perfect for Ironhead Squats, topped off with a clever reuse of the Votann Biker gunner.


Sometimes however a clean, effective paintjob is all you need, like this Intercessor Sgt repping one of the less popular Ultramarine companies. Particularly love the Power Fist from the increasingly maturing Command Squad kit for a bit of throw-back.


In some alternate universe there is a Marine flavoured Sentai show, and in that universe I am content.



This Week on Goonhammer

Goonhammer Reviews

Horus Heresy: Horus Ascended Model Review– You remember Horus? He’s back, in bigger form now. We take a look at the newly empowered Warmaster of the Traitor Legions at the height of his madness.

Age of Sigmar: General’s Handbook Season 2 Review– Another season of war turns in the Mortal Realms, bringing with it a new General’s Handbook and some major shakeups to playing competitively.

40k: Wraithbone Phoenix Novel Review We pour through the pages of the first full-length Baggit and Clodde story, as the duo attempt to score a priceless bounty from the depths of a wrecked battleship.

Welcome to the Knight Café: Warhammer Café Tokyo– Another flagship Warhammer Cafe opened its doors to the public last year, this time in the bustling streets of Tokyo. We take a look at this brand new store and how it compares to its US sisters across the Pacific.

Competitive Play

Competitive Innovations in 40k: Arks Anticipation Station– Our first week back on the tournament grind and we’re caught in the hype limbo before the Arks of Omen arrive. Who claimed the final crown for Nephilim, find out inside.

Ruleshammer 40k: Arks of Omen Missions and Scoring– Arks is bringing more than just points changes and the shiny new FOC, it’s shaking up the missions list and how you score objectives. Ruleshammer has the scoop to keep you on top of things.

Hammer of Math 40k: Space Marines in the new Meta– With Armour of Contempt gone and points drops across the board, it’s an interesting time to be a Space Marine player. But is the loss of such a powerful ability worth the trade for cheaper units?

40k: Arks of Omen Faction Focuses-

AoS: January FAQs and Rules Changes

Vadinax Campaign

Inspired by the classic Games Workshop worldwide campaigns of yore, we’re running a crusade-format campaign of our own to decide the fate of the Vadinax system. Bellow is all you need to get started and take part:

More Cool Stuff

Whatever Happened to… Gorkamorka? Part One, Gorkers and Morkers– In the first in a series looking at one of Games Workshop’s most beloved games, our intrepid Goonstorians take a plunge into the world of Gorkamorka, from its conception, to its meteoric rise, to its sudden sharp demise.

Battletech: The Goonformat– Battletech is a great game, but it does have one major issue that hits new and experienced players alike. There’s no official “Standard” format, making pick up games and even pre-arranged events a headache of gentlemen’s agreements, local customs and the like. Goonhammer Perigrin has taken it upon themselves to suggest an alternative, a standard format much like those of just about every other wargame on the market, the Goonformat.

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