Content We Liked: 16th July, 2023

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Tabletop digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed.

On the Internet at Large

We don’t typically feature busts in this column, is it really a miniature if you can’t mash it into another miniature and make pew pew noises? Yeah probably, it helps that bust painters are absolutely incredible as well. Look at the sheer richness of the colour on this piece, the seamless blending on the phoenix, the individually painted freckles! Stunning.


My first Chaos knight! Check out the video as well!
by u/notthesandwhich in Warhammer40k

Okay back to normality, and by that we mean “flesh draped abominations”. The Chaos Knight upgrade kit from Forge World works as a fantastic base for this ghoulishly awesome warmachine, the veil of chains particularly an inspired choice.


Continuing on with Chaos, I restrain my natural instinct to slam Word Bearers head first into the toilet where they belong to bring you these vibrantly rendered traitors. You ever see a paintjob so smooth it sets off urges to touch it? Throw in how vividly gorgeous the tones are and the wonderfully exaggerated highlights and you’ve got one hell of a squad.


Now this is a neat lil’ conversion, Harlequin Caresses and a lil’ bit of wire and bam, you’ve got yourself some grimdark webshooters. And that’s before you get to the rest of this inspired conversion of a Van Saar weirdo. Seriously cool.


The Leviathan hype train never ends, especially not with seriously cool pieces like this one. Adding smaller miniatures to larger miniatures’ bases can be a gamble as it risks cluttering the model, but you get pieces like this that are aesthetically and thematically amazing and it makes it damn worth it.


This Week on Goonhammer

Goonhammer Reviews

A Games Workshop free review week with a look at Rubicon Models’ Vietnam-era Americans, Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms’ Dark Brotherhood boxset and a review of the Eldfall Chronicles’ Wayfarer expansion set.

Eldfall Chronicles: Wayfarers – A minis review for the mini expansion

Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Model Review – Council of the Dark Brotherhood

Goonhammer Historicals: A Review of Rubicon’s Vietnam Range


Competitive Play

40k continues to have an Elf Problem while AoS continues its long Halloween. We’ve also got coverage of the CIS in Star Wars Armada, Kill Team’s recent FAQ and a guide to planning your first moves of the game in Malifaux. All that and more this week for your competitive coverage.

Competitive Innovations in 10th: Slain by an Elf

Competitive Innovations in the Mortal Realms – One step forward, Two steps back (into a Gravesite)

Start Competing: Blades of Khorne

Hammer of Math: Warhammer 40k Leviathan Secondary Missions

The July 10 Kill Team FAQs and Errata Update

Star Wars: Armada Faction Focus – Separatist Alliance

Shatterpoint – Plans & Preparation Squad Pack

Malifaux 102: Unpacks, or Setting Up for Success

Battletech: Mech Overview: Nova (Black Hawk)


Painting and Modelling

Our Hobby 101 collaboration with The Army Painter continues, this week looking at the ins and outs of the common Acrylic Paint, and why you really really need those thin coats.

Hobby 101: Painting Basics – Traditional Acrylic Paints


The Fluff Corner

Hey we’ve got a new catagory now, here be all your Lore Explainers, Book Recommendations and any reading that isn’t squinting at a rulebook. This week we have a Lore Explainers for the Fall of the Aeldari in Warhammer 40k, and the illustrious history of Nuffle’s favourite game: Blood Bowl.

Lore Explainer: The Fall of the Aeldari

Lore Explainer: The World Of Blood Bowl


Other Cool Stuff

Our Open Beta for the Fury of the Swarm ruleset for 40k goes live, we bring you Part 2 of How to Run your very own Narrative Event, and everything’s suddenly smelling of Cloves as we delve into the dark world of Vampire: the Masquerade.

Fury of the Swarm: the 40K co-op open Beta begins

The Narrative Forge: Creating a Narrative Event, Part 2 – Battlefields

Welcome to Vampire: The Masquerade

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