Content We Liked: 18th June, 2023

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Tabletop digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed.


On the Internet at Large

Starting off this scorching week with a seriously cool entry, we see a lot of Trans-Hyperion Votann on ice bases but this is one of the slickest renditions of the idea that we’ve seen, topped off with some seriously kickin’ rad custom(?) heads.


A two-for-one next from the terrifyingly skilled groundeffected and their tricked out Space Marine vehicles. We’d never honestly expected to see a Repulsor actually fly, nor a Land Raider tearing up the race track but here we are, rendered in some beautifully airbrushed schemes as well.


On a just as intense, though much more cozy note we have this insanely detailed rendition of the Bag End estate in all it’s lushly pastoral glory. With foliage so lush you’d think it was real, if this doesn’t make you long for The Shire nothing will.


Changing track from seriously cool miniature projects to another kind of seriously cool project. Charity efforts in the community are always worth a shout out and a cause like this is to be celebrated.


We’ve seen a lot of Titans here, but this one really is the Apex.


This Week on Goonhammer

Warhammer 40k 10th Edition Coverage

With just one week to go until Leviathan makes planetfall we’re taking deep dives into the nitty gritty of the new edition. Our hottest takes on new faction rules, points, the game feel and oh god what did they do to the Mechanicus.

Index Reviews: Imperials-

Index Reviews: Chaos-

Index Reviews: Xenos-

The Goonhammer Review: The 10th Edition Rules Commentary

The Goonhammer Review: The 10th Edition Munitorum Field Manual (Space Marines)

The Goonhammer Review: The 10th Edition Munitorum Field Manual (Imperium)

The Goonhammer Review: The 10th Edition Munitorum Field Manual (Chaos)

The Goonhammer Review: The 10th Edition Munitorum Field Manual (Xenos)

10th Edition Roundtable: Lessons Learned from Our Practice Games

Goonhammer Reviews the New Warhammer 40k App

Goonhammer Unhinged: An Adeptus Mechanicus Rant


Goonhammer Reviews

It’s not all continuing 10th hype this week, as we’ve got reviews of new releases for Shatterpoint, WargamesAtlantic’s The Damned and the time-devouring Diablo 4.

Diablo IV: The Goonhammer Review

Shatterpoint – Hello There Squad Pack

Wargames Atlantic – The Damned: The Goonhammer Review


Competitive Play

The deathknell of 40k 9th is nigh and so the last few events of the edition squeeze in tight. Meanwhile we take a look at tactics for Age of Sigmar’s biggest lads and a quarterly review of the current state of Kill Team.

Competitive Innovations in 9th: The Dorn Ultimatum

Competitive Innovations in the Mortal Realms – Nobody Does Chicken like T & Z

The Kill Team Q2 Meta Review

Start Competing: Sons of Behemat Tactics


Painting and Modelling

Skrails takes us on an oozy odyssey with the Slug Wizards completion, now on its third year and more gastro-tastic than ever.

Slug Wizards: A Miniatures Competition


Other Cool Stuff

Goonhammer Open returns to Maryland this August, we take a look at the beta for Owlcat’s hotly anticipated Rogue Trader CRPG, our resident Tolkien Scholars deep dive the Magic: the Gathering/Lord of the Rings collaboration set and we give a big big thanks to our Patreon supporters.


Has It Been 6 Months? Thanks, Goonhammer Patrons. You Did It Again.

Rogue Trader Beta- Goonhammer’s Impressions

Lore Explainer – The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth

Goonhammer Open Maryland 2023 – Tickets Available Now!

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