Content We Liked 2/23/2020

The Week Ending February 22nd, 2020

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Warhammer digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed. Here’s what we liked this week:

In the Wild:

  • 40K Stats New Faction Page
    40K Stats Website
    40K Stats is an amazing resource for anyone interested in keeping tabs on the metagame, and their archive of top lists is something that’s helped us out time and again when putting together articles. That just got a whole lot better with a new page that sorts the lists by faction, allowing you to quickly find the ones that interest you.
  • A Trio of Very Funky Squats (Twitter)
    A Very Colourful Mindstealer Sphiranx (Instagram)
    Louise Sugden on Twitter and Instagram
    Louise continues to wow us with pretty much everything she puts up, this time three squats who are ready to rock and a beautiful take on the newest Good Kitty available from GW.
  • 28 Magazine Volume 2
    28 Magazine Website
    28 Magazine is a relatively new digital publication showcasing painting, art and hobby work across Game’s Workshop’s suite of skirmish game. Their content has some incredible production values behind it and volume 2 has just been published and looks amazing. We’re particular fans of the in-depth guide to building Mordheim scenery.
  • 40K Industrial Crane Terrain Piece
    Rapid Tabletop on Instagram
    It’s always amazing seeing what skilled terrain builders come up with, and this gigantic crane really caught our eye.
  • An Ominous Squad of Freeguild Guard
    The Khorne Werewolf Guy on Instagram
    One of the best things about the Cities of Sigmar is that they let people pick their own theme and create beautiful miniatures to match. This unit comes together really beautifully to create an aura of sinister menace.
  • Sergeant Jovan with NMM
    @nohara_painter on Twitter
    Sergeant Jovan is a great model that’s inspired some fantastic paint jobs, and this one uses non-metalic metal techniques to create something incredibly striking.
  • Weathered Kharadron Skyship
    Ben Smith on Instagram
    There are plenty of schemes out there that show off the shiny, gleaming version of steampunk for AoS’s Sky Dwarves, but this piece goes in the other direction, creating something really sinister and aged that looks like it’s just returned from a journey to some unspeakable cthonic depths.
  • Warcry Temple of Khaine
    Peachy on Warhammer Community
    The awesome AoS terrain kits launched alongside warcry are combined with a number of great models to create a highly modular board that looks like a blast to play on.
  • Cities of Sigmar Showcase and Battle Report
    Warhammer Live on Twitch
    More great Cities of Sigmar content, this time going deep on Ricki Smith’s Midnight City army (which you can also check out on his twitter).
  • Leman Russ Lenses
    @CadianShock on Twitter
    It’s always great to see people showing off their techniques, and these lenses look fantastic.
  • Vik Vijay vs. Lawrence Baker – Battle Report
    Tabletop Tactics on YouTube
    After these two players went 6-0 at a major in the UK we ran interviews with both of them, and they also decided to play a “7th round” battle report to see whether the Iron Hands or Grey Knights won out in the end. The video ends up being a real tactical masterclass, and is using the new ITC missions as well, so is a great watch for tournament players.
  • Codex Compliant: Resin Retrospective
    Snipe and Wib on YouTube
    A delve into the history of licensed resin models for 40K in the years prior to Forge World existing. If you’ve ever wondered what people are referring to when they talk about Armourcast, this is worth a watch.
  • Pain Train Battlewagon
    Chris Burwood on Twitter
    Saga of the Beast will be upon us soon, and at least one Ork horde is ready to mount up and roll out with this awesome Battlewagon conversion.

On Goonhammer:

Another busy week on Goonhammer, with some important site news and our regular packed schedule of content.

  • New ITC Missions – the Goonhammer Round Table
    Various Authors
    The big news on the competitive scene was the release of the updated ITC missions last weekend. Having had a few days to digest them, our panel weight in with their thoughts.
  • Hammer of Math – Quick Hits
    By Kevin Genson
    This week Hammer of Math dived into the mailbag to cover a few things (mostly “ways to smash stuff”) where rules changes or updates have left some previous articles out of date.
  • Necromunday – Improving your Underhive
    By Dan Boyd and Jules O’Hare
    Dan and Jules share the benefits of their enormous accumulated wisdom about Necromunda, covering some fixes and house rules they recommend to optimise your experience of the game.
  • The Road to Adepticon
    Various Authors
    The Road to Adepticon continues, with three authors chiming in about their ongoing preparations:

    • Coda has to briefly channel his inner Ultramarine to figure out transport logistics, then returns to the vastly, vastly more important subject of Marines with swords.
    • JD channels his inner and outer Ultramarine in working out what list to bring to one of the more unusual events.
    • Skails continues his progress towards painting a Golden Demon entry, this week looking at how to plan out light sources in NMM.
  • Warlord Wednesdays – Legio Gryphonicus
    Garrett Severson and Soggy
    Warlord Wednesdays makes its much-anticipated return and deep dives into the Legio Gryphonicus.
  • Hear Me Out Cyle – Chaos Conundrums
    Robert Jones and Cyle Thompson
    Rob sticks to his new years resolutions and heads to a tournament, and enlists Cyle to critique his list to help make future plans.
  • Tournament Reports
    Various Authors
    Rob isn’t the only one who’s been hitting the tourney tables, and this week we had a mighty three other reports:

    • Cyle has a report of his own, continuing to be part of the problem with Iron Hands.
    • Liam takes the Crimson Fists out for a spin and sees if he can deal with an albatross problem.
    • Wings continues to cause himself problems by insisting on taking dumb things like Wraithknights to serious events.
  • A Tabletop Tactician: Lawrence Baker at the Beachhead Brawl
    By Liam Royle
    Following on from our interview with winner Vik last week, Liam talks to Tabletop Tactics’ Lawrence Baker about his undefeated runner up run with Grey Knights at the Beachhead Brawl.
  • Glory Hunting – Actions, Reactions and You!
    By Raf Cordero
    Raf looks at one of the most crucial aspects of improving at Warhammer Underworlds, covering the activation and action system and how to maximise the value of your reactions.
  • Ironjawz White Dwarf Warscroll Battalions: Analysis & Review
    By Mike Chadderton
    Mike takes a look at some new rules for AoS published in White Dwarf aimed at people who like really big Orks.
  • Start Competing
    By Liam Royle and James Grover
    Two of our longer-in-the-tooth Start Competing articles got a refresh with this week, incorporating 6+ months of metagame changes. Liam brought the Drukhari guide up to date, while James took a look at Craftworlds.
  • Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Review
    By Jonathan Bernhardt
    Bernhardt looks at a Kickstarted RPG that recently left early access and finds himself somewhat plagued by bugs.
  • Site News
    • We finally launched a Patreon. Check out our announcement here.
    • It turns out that our readers are awesome and lots have already joined up. Our thank you to those who have helped us reach our initial goal is here.
    • We announced more details of the seminars we’ll be running at the NOVA Open.