Content We Liked: 27th August, 2023

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Tabletop digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed.


On the Internet at Large

Starting this week’s article off with a cultured, artistic bent as John Blanche discusses some of his most iconic pieces from the Warhammer franchise and beyond. A seriously fantastic watch, cannot recommend this one enough.


We’ve been getting into our British Folklore here at the Goonhammer offices, and the announcement of a range of minis based on the rural-inspired art of Sin Eater Illustrations with this rendition of The Green Man has seriously piqued our interest. We can’t wait to see more of this range.


It’s been an incredible release weekend for the new Cities of Sigmar book for Age of Sigmar, with some stunning renditions of its accompanying new plastic minis. But once again Emma Svensson grabs the top spot with this fantastically lurid Cavalier. A riotous clash of purple, pea green and sky blue in a diamond pattern, an utterly mad scheme rendered expertly. We love it.


If there’s ever a link we post here that we recommend you click on through to it’s this one. Nathaniel’s animal-mutant army is delightfully grotesque, one of those armies we only pray we get to see in person. Especially the Hogryns.


This Week on Goonhammer

Goonhammer Reviews

It’s a no-frills kinda week for hobby reviews, just regular guys with regular swords and the occasional brazen nakedness. Cities of Sigmar Armybox for Age of Sigmar and Victrix’s Gallic Warriors range.

Battletome: Cities of Sigmar – The Goonhammer Review

Cities of Sigmar Launch Box: The Goonhammer Review

Victrix Gallic kits review: Warriors, Fanatics and Chariots


Competitive Play

All your weekly event coverage for 40k and AoS and more. This week we have a bit of a Thousand Sons special with a Hammer of Math and the start of a brand new deep dive series with the Dark Millenium’s nerdiest boys.

Competitive Innovations in 10th: Signature Look of Superiority pt.1



Competitive Innovations in the Mortal Realms: Katakros’ Global Campaign

Hammer of Math: Thousand Sons Kindred Sorcery

Thousand Sons Unit Focus: Leaders

Battletech: Mech Overview: Catapult

Interviews with the Top 3 from the Goonhammer US Open Kill Team Tournament

40k 10th Edition- Competitive Faction Focuses:


Painting and Modelling

Some seriously cool painting content this week, with guides for Conquest’s Nords and Shatterpoint Ahsoka Tano, but also a beginner’s guide to converting miniatures from multiple ranges into the mulchy monstrosities of Turnip28.

Goonhammer Historicals – Turnip 28 Conversion Guide

How to Paint Everything: Conquest Nords

How to Paint Everything: Ahsoka Tano, Jedi No More


Other Cool Stuff

A little something for everyone to round out this week. On the Video Games front we have coverage of everything announced at this year’s Gamescom as well as impressions of the new beta test for Realms of Ruin. Meanwhile we have a dive into the Weird West of Deadlands, and all its complicated and oftentimes problematic history.

Also greg posted again. We can’t stop him. Send help.

Gamescom Opening Night: Everything Announced

Gamescom Day 1: Everything Announced

Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin Campaign Impressions

Deadlands: The Weird West – Troubled Game, Troubled World

This is What Trough Performance Looks Like. The Goonhammer Open, Reviewed


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