Content We Liked: 4/26/2020

The Week Ending April 25th, 2020

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Warhammer digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed. Here’s what we liked this week:

In the Wild:

  • My Biggest Painting Breakthrough
    Goobertown via YouTube
    Goobertown brings us a great guide both teaching a technique for highlighting curved surfaces and talking about how to get through some mental blocks that a lot of people have over painting.
  • Forge World Iron Hands by Aurélie Schick
    @aurelie_schick via Twitter

    Aurélie shows off some excellent Iron Hands paint jobs on a mixture of Forge World kits.

  • The comics industry is in danger. What can save it?
    Caitlin Rosberg and Oliver Sava on AV Club
    I’m sure it will shock you that, as a team of Extremely Online geeks, comics are near and dear to some of our hearts. This article talks about some of the challenges facing the industry and what can be done to overcome them.
  • Eldar Autarch by Darren Latham
    @DarrenLatham via Twitter
    Darren turns his hand to the only correct faction, and paints an Eldar Autarch that evokes the classic Ulthwe look with modern techniques.
  • Contrast Painted Alpha Legion by JH Miniatures
    @jhMiniatures via Twitter
    An awesome Alpha legion marine showing off just how much can be achieved with skilled use of Contrast paints.
  • Big Terrain Plans from Ray Dranfield
    @RayDranfield via Twitter
    Technically this is “content we’re expecting to like”, but it looks like GW scenery designer Ray Dranfield has big plans for the awesome Rohan kits.
  • Thunder Warriors Lore
    Baldermort on YouTube
    A lore deep dive on one of the more evocative parts of the 40K setting’s history, the Thunder Warriors.
  • Flesh Tearers Captain by Dolthar
    @dolthar via Twitter
    Ther poor Flesh Tearers are often overshadowed by their more famous progenitors, so it’s great to see the work put into this awesome captain.
  • Converted AdMech by James Alone
    @alone_music via Twitter
    AdMech are the convertors dream, and James Alone brings in Necromunda and Warcry kits to create some truly unique creations.
  • Disgused Alpha Legion
    u/limwy1978 via Reddit
    If you’re riled up by this week’s Warcom story about “poor”, “defenceless” Primaris marines being butchered by the Custodes, then you might like the theme here – an Alpha Legion marine shifting out of their Custodes-hunting disguise.
  • Psychic Awakening: Consequences
    Warhammer Community
    Speaking of which, if you haven’t already read it, this week’s narrative piece on Warhammer Community was especially good. Are Custodes nice? Find out.
  • How to Drink: Fenrisian Ale
    How to Drink on YouTube
    How to Drink bring their tour of fantasy beverages to the 41st millenium, covering Fenrisian Ale.

Goonhammer Authors Around the Web

On Goonhammer:

This week we had another host of new content for you to devour. Seriously, there’s a lot, we’re not quite sure what happened, this week got wild.

  • Start Competing: Space Marines
    By Liam “Corrode” Royle and a wide list of other contributors.
    We only went and actually did it. After previously coming within a hair’s breadth of completing this Sisyphean task the day before the big Marine nerf landed, we can now finally bring you our full guide to the Adeptus Astartes.
  • Start Competing: Disciples of Tzeentch
    By Alice “RagnarokAngel” Lirette and Silks
    It isn’t just 40K players who get some Start Competing love this week, as RagnarokAngel and Silks bring you a guide to one of the hottest AoS factions right now.
  • Necromunday: Building Custom Scenarios
    By Dan and Merton
    There are few more experienced Necromunda Arbitrators out there than Dan and Jules, and this week they share their tips for designing custom scenarios to spice up your campains.
  • Hammer of Math: Necromathda II
    By Kevin Genson
    Kevin delves further into the mathematical mysteries of the underhive, this time looking at weapons, perfect for anyone who wants to get in touch with their inner Van Saar and engage in some optimised blasting.
  • How to Build Everything: Reaver TItan
    By Jack Hunter
    By popular demand, Jack talks about how he accomplished the mammoth task of assembling a 40k scale Reaver Titan.
  • How to Paint Everything: Leather
    By Evan “Felime” Siefring
    In this week’s How to Paint Everything, Evan goes deep on technicques to paint several different kinds of leather, and talks about his toolkit for doing so.
  • Warlord Wednesdays: New Landing Page
    By Garrett Severson and Soggy
    Warlord Wednesdays has exploded into a fantastic resource for Titanicus players, and this week the authors introduce the new landing page and talk about how they’re planning to keep the guides up to date.
  • Ruleshammer: Bodyguard Abilities
    By Rob “Vre’kais” Chilton
    Rob delves into the madness that is the many, many different implementations of bodyguard abilities scattered throughout the game.
  • Kill Team Tactics: The Ultimate Guide to Commanders
    By Chucat, Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones and Novembermike
    The team get around to tackling the huge spread of abilities available to Kill Team commanders. If you’re playing in a campaign that’s using them, make sure to clue up on how to get the most out of them.
  • Battle Brothers: Chapter III
    By head58 and PantsOptional
    The journey of 40k discovery continues as we learn hard truths about whether people actually know what guns look like, and what cats think of Primaris Reivers.
  • Army Showcase: Silks’ Biel Tan
    By Silks
    The multi-talented Silks shows off one of his amazing armies, and demonstrates excellent taste in his appreciation for Wraithknights.
  • The Narrative Forge: Map Campaigns
    By Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones, Garrett Severson and Lupe
    The team go deep on talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the various different map campaign toolkits Games Workshop have published over the years.
  • GW Online Preview III: Roundtable
    By Liam “Corrode” Royle, Tyler “Coda” Moore, Raf “captainraffi” Cordero and Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones
    The gang share their opinions about the third GW preview and why it was probably the best yet.
  • Your Preview Sucks
    By Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones, Greg Chiasson, Alice “RagnarokAngel” Lirette, Dan “The Sex Cannon” Boyd and SRM
    A slightly different gang share some hot take flavoured opinion-style media content about the previews as a whole. Also they roast Greg. I’m sure you’re all shocked.
  • Video Game Review: Fallout 76
    By SRM
    If YPS hasn’t sated your appetite for hot takes, this is where they get nuclear, as SRM shares some positive opinions on Fallout 76.
  • Start Competing Update: Astra Militarum
    Updated by James “One_Wing” Grover
    We make minor tweaks and updates to our Start Competing guides all the time, but sometimes some of the older ones need a more complete overhaul. To clsoe out this week, Wings went through the mammoth task of bringing SC: Guard up to date, including all the changes from The Greater Good. Turns out a lot can change in 9 months!

That’s all for this week, stay tuned to Goonhammer for more great articles in the next seven days, and give us a shout at if you have any comments or questions.