Content We Liked: 9/29/2019

The Week Ending September 28th, 2019

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Warhammer digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed. Here’s what we liked this week:

In the Wild:

  • 40K Badcast 57 – The Shotgun Approach to Humor
    Dan Boyd and SRM
    The Badcast badbois are back discussing the new marine releases. They’ve got jokes!
  • The Big FAQ Update, Fall 2019
    Warhammer Community
    The new FAQ is here! And… well, not a lot changed. Still, worth your time to pop in and make sure you’re up-to-date on the rules.
  • What’s on Your Table: Eldar Apocalypse Army
    Faeit 212

    Everything about this army is really slick. Check it out, then head over and check out the owner’s hobby blog for more work-in-progress shots.

  • 40K Today Twitter Feed
    Good follow if you want access to the firehouse of daily 40k content from around the web.
  • INQ28: Unfinished Business, Part 2
    Eternal Hunt is working on a 28mm Inquisitor Ordo Xenos warband and like everything that guy does, it looks so good it almost makes me angry. Just fantastic stuff.
  • Coda’s Painting Stream
    Coda streams at weird hours owing to being in Australia, but it’s worth your time to stop in on his stream when you can.

On Goonhammer:

This week was absolutely stuffed with content. To the point where I’m definitely leaving stuff out in the list below. If there’s anything you missed, I’d recommend going back and reading it — it was all great stuff.

  • Hammer of Math: Iron Hands Vehicles
    by Kevin Genson and Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones
    Possibly our most popular article of all time, Kevin takes a deep dive into the math behind the new Iron Hands book, and looks at the impact of adding Feirros and the Ironstone to Repulsor Executioners and Relic Leviathans. Spoiler: They’re real tough to kill
  • Necromunday: Houses of the Underhive – Orlocks
    by Dan Boyd
    In this week’s Necromunday, Dan takes an in-depth look at building an Orlock gang.
  • Start Competing: Imperial Knights Tactics
    by Liam “Corrode” Royle
    Start Competing continues this week, with a look at Imperial Knights.
  • Your Dice Suck
    by Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones and Greg “” Chiasson
    The boys are back on their bullshit this week, with a humor article about the worst dice in the world.
  • How to Paint Everything
    by Alfredo Ramirez, Jack Hunter, and Robert Jones
    We had three HTPE articles this week, covering three different flavors of space marine.
    Crimson Fists
    Iron Hands
    – Raven Guard
  • Video Game Retrospective: Dawn of War 2 Retribution
    by Jonathan Bernhardt
    Jon wraps up his look at the last good Dawn of War by looking at the Retribution Expansion for DoW 2.
  • The Narrative Forge: Greenstuff Casting 101
    by BuffaloChicken
    BC put out an excellent tutorial this week on doing your own greenstuff casting with instamold.
  • Warhammer Underworlds: What it Is and Why It’s Awesome
    by Raf Cordero
    New author Raff continues writing about Underworlds this week, doing a good look into the core game and why you should be playing it. It’s really worth a look if you aren’t–Underworlds is probably the best game GW has ever designed.