Content We Liked: August 16, 2020

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Warhammer digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed. 

On the Internet at Large

  • James “One_Wing” Grover on the 40kToday Podcast
    The 40k Today Podcast
    Our own One_Wing was on the podcast this week talking about the new FAQs and what they mean for the game. And if you haven’t checked out the 40k Today podcast yet, it’s worth your time – a great daily dose of everything you need to know.
  • Speed Painting Ultramarines
    MidWinter Minis via YouTube
    This video has a really good demonstration of speed painting, with some helpful tips for achieving great results.
  • An absolutely incredible Flesh Tearers smash captain
    @Blackbeardmini1 via Twitter
    This is just some incredible conversion and painting work and the end result is one of the most individually intimidating models I’ve ever seen.
  • NOVA Open’s Summer Raffles
    NOVA Open Charitable Foundation
    We were deeply saddened (but in complete understanding) when NOVA was canceled this year. However that doesn’t mean it’s all cancelled – now through September 6th you can buy tickets to their raffle for a chance to win wonderfully painted miniatures from artists around the world.
  • Michael Fitzhywel’s insane purple sun grot
    @Pantmonger via Twitter
    This is a hilariously wonderful conversion of a grot swinging around the purple sun of shyish and we’re here for it.
  • Age of Sigmar Story Summary
    @DawnStir via YouTube
    DawnStir does a good review of the Age of Sigmar story and if you’re still bitter over the changeover from the Old World or don’t think the Sigmarites are interesting, this video might change your mind.
  • Eric Jordan’s Curse of Strahd Campaign Props
    @ericremyjordan via Twitter
    I’m a sucker for detailed props like this in tabletop rpg campaigns, and I really like the work and thought Eric put into these materials and puzzles. Just very cool stuff.
  • Rhu’s new C’Tan
    @_rhubard via Twitter
    Absolute mad lad Rhu is at it again, this time doing some sick looking conversion work on his Necrons with an incredibly icky and alien C’Tan conversion.
  • Pegastyx’s new Cryptek
    @pegastyx via Twitter
    Mordûradatheridûr here is a sweet conversion of the new Szeras the Illuminor model.
  • ‘Eavy Metal style Black Templars Primaris Lieutenant
    Durgin Paint Forge Miniatures
    This helpful video features lots of good tips presented in a short, organized format. Worth a watch.

The Week on Goonhammer

Even more great 9th edition content this week, plus our regular great columns.

9th Edition Content

We continue to cover 9th edition, finally finishing up our Faction Focus series.

New FAQs

Faction Focus

Regular Great Stuff

Don’t sleep on any of this great stuff, either.

  • The Road to Golden Demon
    By Silks
    Silks starts a new ongoing series looking at how he’ll be creating entries for Golden Demon 2021.
  • Battlefleet Gothic, Part 3: The Best Expansion to the Best Game GW Ever Made
    By James “Boon” Kelling
    This week Boon looked at the expansion fleets to BFG, from Imperial fleets to the Planet Killer to the T’au coalition.
  • Horus Heresy Legion Overview: The Thousand Sons
    by LordTwisted
    This week Horus Heresy Legion content is back as LordTwisted looks at the inner workings and legion rules of the sorcerous Thousand Sons.
  • The Importance of Narrative: Warp’s Edge Review
    by Raf Cordero
    In this week’s board game review Raf looks at Warp’s Edige, which has a sort of neon corporate sci-fi with humorous robots that reminded him of The Outer Wilds and sees players trying to take down an enemy mothership in a desperate grasp at victory.
  • Hammer of Math: Grenades
    By Primaris Kevin Genson
    Kevin looks at the math behind grenades in 40k, and several particularly nasty tricks that involve lobbing them at an enemy.
  • Necromunday: Mini-Munda
    By Merton
    With so many books and supplements, starting Necromunda can be daunting. In this week’s Necromunday, Merton presents “mini munda,” a bite-sized version of the game perfect for getting started and introducing beginners.
  • Warlord Wednesdays: Matched Play Objectives
    By the Warlord Wednesdays Crew
    The Warlord crew talk about different Matched Play Objectives in Adeptus Titanicus and how to play them.
  • Magic: The Gathering Content
    Various Authors
    This week we had two great articles about Magic, one looking at the new Double Masters set, while the other looked at building a Commander deck around Golos, Tireless Pilgrim.

  • Getting Started: Feudal Japan
    By Edwin “Lupe” Moriarty
    In this week’s Historicals article, we look at how you can get started with games set in Feudal Japan, and how to build an army of warriors from the era.

That’s all for this week, stay tuned to Goonhammer for more great articles in the next seven days, and give us a shout in the comments below or at if you have any feedback or questions.