Content We Liked: December 12, 2021

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Warhammer digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed.

Upcoming Stuff

The Lumineths Hobby Competition
The Lumineth Realm-Lords Discord is doing another hobby contest this winter, complete with prizes for the winners. There are two categories: Best diorama and best miniature. Go sign up and give it a shot!

The 2022 Kill Team Open in Baltimore
The Kill Team Open is a planned 64-player event in Baltimore in 2022 with raffles, painting competitions, casual play, and a narrative event.

On the Internet At Large

Baer’s son paints Word Bearers
@Beartendo via Twitter
We’re a sucker for kids painting, such as these Word Bearers painted by Baer’s 13 year-old son. They look great!

This rotating train diorama
@Btoretsukuru via Twitter
Well this is just fun to watch. On top of that, it’s all an impressive feat of modeling, painting, and editing. Good stuff.

These old Space Marine Captains
@GeordieCalgar via Twitter
We’re absolutely suckers for these old space marine models, and it helps that they have great paint jobs. Always here for people painting 30+ year-old models well.

Alex’s Flesh Tearer
@workshop_alex via Twitter
Alex has announced their return to 40k with a really badass looking Flesh Tearer model. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Darren Latham’s Ulthwe Falcon
@darrenlatham via Twitter
Everything Darren paints is worth looking at, but we particularly like his work on the more than 20 year-old Falcon model, which still holds up surprisingly well.

Legion of the Damned Outrider
@Algerothen via Instagram
This is an incredibly sick little diorama with some truly amazing OSL lighting effects.

Pondering my Airbrush
u/TG_minis via Reddit
We got so many goddamn orb submissions for CWL this week on our Discord. This is by far the best one. Or at least the one most relevant to the article.

u/Discerptor via Reddit
This is an amazing job done on this vanguard veteran, and the kitbashing/converison work to give him the Minotaurs/Greek aesthetic is great.

A Gingerbread Plague Marine
@PondMaiden via Twitter
This is a sweet looking piece of a larger holiday-themed army that if I didn’t know better would have sworn was edible.


This Week on Goonhammer

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