Content We Liked: December 20, 2020

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Warhammer digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed. 

On the Internet at Large

  • Eric Festa’s Chaos Bronze Tutorial
    @Col_Festa via Instagram
    Festa’s Insta is full of all kinds of great tips and tutorials and this four-step process on Chaos bronze is a great method for producing some striking results.
  • An insanely pretty Morathi
    @losducadosdetf via Twitter
    The Morathi model is wonderful and this is a fantastic paint job of said model with a color scheme you don’t typically see on her. It’s great.
  • PossiblyNerdyRob’s Lighted Necromunda Table
    @possiblynerdyrob via r/necromunda
    Custom wiring and lighting jobs are an easy way to get featured here and this table looks like a dream to play on with tons of great effects.
  • Space Goose’s Household Spaceship designs
    Space Goose via ArtStation
    This is a really cool idea for how to come up with custom spaceship designs and it makes for sweet conversion ideas.
  • Pawel’s Lord Discordant
    @Monstroys via Twitter
    This is a wonderful model with a great paint job and a fantastic base. It’s creepy and unsettling in the best ways.
  • Me-U’s Cat Terrain
    @MeU_317 via Twitter
    Me-U’s channel is a pro follow, full of all kinds of fun shit like this piece of terrain with cats in the windows.
  • Aurélie’s Riptides
    @aurelie_schick via Twitter
    This is a cool trio of Riptides with a very distinct pink paint scheme. Great stuff.
  • Artisan Guild Death-Tide Jurakin
    @kurishi via Twitter
    I don’t know what game this is from but it looks dope as hell and she’s done a wonderful job painting it.
  • Vardek’s Void Dragon
    @vardekminis via Twitter

    I love this mini and Vardek has done an amazing job doing the chrome NMM effects on the body. I have *got* to learn how to do that earth-sky chrome effect.

  • Talos Valcoran by Jonny Lashley
    @JonnyLashley via Twitter
    If you haven’t read ADB’s Night Lords trilogy, you should. Talos is the main character and this conversion of him absolutely rips.


The Week on Goonhammer

Another busy week for us, loaded with great content.

  • Necromunday: House of Artifice Round Table Discussion
    By Various Authors
    The new House of Artifice book is out and following our initial review, our Necro author crew get together to talk about what they like and don’t like about the new book.
  • New 40k FAQs
    By Various Authors
    GW dropped some new FAQs this week, covering recent releases and true to form, we reviewed them and why the changes matter.

  • Start Competing: Space Marines
    By Various Authors
    We updated Start Competing: Space Marines to reflect the new codex that recently released and in similar fashion to Chaos Space Marines, we decided to break it out by chapters. You can check out the last few chapters here:

  • Meatwatch, Holiday Edition: Glogg
    By Condit and Greg
    Another month, another meatwatch. In this special holiday edition, we’re talking about an insanely alcoholic Swedish beverage and not meat.
  • Start Competing: Sisters of Battle
    By James “One_Wing” Grover and Shane Watts
    This week we updated our Start Competing: Sisters of Battle article, taking a look at how they fare in 9th and strategies for playing this difficult but very powerful army.
  • Cyberpunk 2077: Is This All the Future Holds?
    By Jonathan Bernhardt
    In our most popular video game review to-date, Bernhardt talks about the new Cyberpunk 2077, what’s good about it, what’s not great, and why you should probably still play it anyways.
  • Infinity Tactics: Cybersecurity
    by Thanqol
    This week Thanqol looked at hacking in Infinity and how to make effective use of these skills.
  • Getting Started: Necrons
    By PierreTheMime and James “One_Wing” Grover
    We take a look at what you need to get started with Necrons and build a list that won’t suck with models you won’t hate.
  • Historicals: Making Thatched Buildings
    By Edwin “Lupe” Moriarty
    Lupe talks about how to build Thatched roof buildings for all your medieval (and high fantasy) setting terrain needs.
  • Commander Focus: A Pirate’s Life for Me, Part 2 – Admiral Beckett Brass
    by B Phillip York
    In this week’s Commander Focus we’re talking about building around Admiral Brass, in one of the most annoying decks I’ve ever seen built around a Commander.
  • The Road to Golden Demon, Part 2
    by Silks
    Silks picks up where he left off a year ago preparing for Golden Demon, determined to achieve glory this time.
  • Hammer of Math: New Disgustingly Resilient
    By “Primaris” Kevin Genson
    In our most contentious HoM in a long time Kevin talks about the new Disgustingly Resilient rules for Death Guard and when they’re better and worse than the old rules.

That’s all for this week, stay tuned to Goonhammer for more great articles in the next seven days, and give us a shout in the comments below or at if you have any feedback or questions.