Content We Liked: July 25th, 2021

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Warhammer digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed. 

On the Internet at large

  • Chris Burwood’s PDF Crusade force 
    @BurwoodChris via Twitter
    We just can’t get enough of Chris’s bright-blue redshirts. From the beautifully crisp highlights on the armour to the chonky Demolisher and Wyvern conversions.
  • ak128’s Scratch Built Killtanks 
    u/ak128 via reddit
    The best Ork vehicle conversions strike a fine line between ramshackle and overdesigned and these Killtanks hit that balance perfectly. You can make a fun game out of picking out which parts were looted from every sort of vehicle kit.
  • BadPosturePainting’s Nighthaunt Mega-Gargant 
    BadPosturePainting via the Goonhammer Discord
    This is such an incredible piece of conversion work we couldn’t help but gush about it. From the paper-mache mummy bandages to the repurposed Endless Spell scythe, we’re constantly impressed by what a wonderful canvas the Mega-Gargant kit has proven itself for completely out there projects.
  • Holly Smith’s Chim Chim Cher-reavers
    @MxHollyClara via Twitter
    Speaking of completely bonkers conversion ideas, when you’re with these sweeps you’re in bad company.
  • Modern Synthesist’s Tyranid Dominatrix
    @Mod_Synth via Twitter
    The Dominatrix is one of those old Epic units that it seems kinda weird got left in the wayside, loved by neither GW in that period where it was churning out bigger and bigger centrepiece models, nor by Forge World at any point. This scratch-built version does the old model some serious upscaled justice with its modern Tyranid aesthetics and the sheer heft of the creature. We can’t wait to see it painted.

This Week on Goonhammer

It’s been a busy sort of week here, what with a brand new Ork Codex dropping and many of our regular contributors rushing around prepping for tournaments. And still we found time to cover games from all over the hobby.

That’s all for this week, stay tuned to Goonhammer for more great articles in the next seven days, and give us a shout in the comments below or at if you have any feedback or questions.