Content We Liked: June 21, 2020

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Warhammer digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed. 

On the Internet at Large

  • Nick Bayton’s Aeronautica Tau Fleet
    @nick_bayton via Twitter
    As you may have seen last week, our AI players are pretty excited about the new expansion, and it’s awesome to see the new Tau range fully arrayed for war.
  • Brad Glover’s Deepkin Tau
    @bradglover_ via Twitter
    Fully converted armies are one of the coolest things you see in the hobby, and Brad’s Deepkin Tau (which you can see more of on his insta) are looking awesome
  • Rohan Blacksmith by HVM Workbench
    @hvmworkbench via Instagram
    Seriously. Just look at it. These kits are amazing and this is easily the nicest one we’ve seen yet.
  • Who’s Commanding Shepard
    Game Maker’s Toolkit on YouTube
    We love talking about narrative, we love talking about game design and pretty much all of us love Mass Effect, so it’s no surprise we’re big fans of this video delving into what makes Commander Shepard feel so different and iconic compared to many protagonists.
  • Primaris Captain with Thunder Hammer by Ben Greaves
    @HeresyJunkie via Twitter
    Sometimes you shouldn’t be held back by the constraints of the rules when putting together something really cool, as this extremely well done thunder hammer captain shows off.
  • Incredible Multi-level Terrain by Dr. Dave, Phd
    @QiwiGames via Twitter
     Anyone who has played a grid-based tabletop RPG has dreamt of playing a game on something like this, and seeing the dedication that’s gone into putting this together is just amazing.
  • The Hard Truth Of Poker – And Life: You’re Never ‘Due’ For Good Cards
    Maria Konnikova via
    Plenty of other games can teach us important lessons about how to improve at 40K, and this examination of psychological fallacies and how they can wreck your poker games provides some wisdom you can apply to any game with a luck-based element.
  • Ork Blood Bowl Team by Sam
    @Jonesiani via Twitter
    Nothing complicated to say here – these just look fantastic, and incredibly fearsome to boot.
  • AoS Style Tomb King War Barge by Jon
    @Izotszhure via Twitter
    An absolutely breathtaking conversion bringing some tomb king concepts in line with the wider AoS aesthetic.
  • Sister of Battle vs. Tau Commander Diorama by Foxtail
    @foxtail_miniatures via Instagram
    Another entry that really just speaks for itself thanks to its quality – the posing, lighting and, of course, painting are exceptional.
  • Imperial Fist Baneblade by Rman
    @Rman_RoR via Instagram
    Another entry risking the wrath of the conversion police (they’ll never take us alive) and well worth it – a gorgeous Imperial Fist baneblade caps off an impresive tank company.
  • Exorcist by Anamnesis Studio
    @anamnesis_studio via Twitter
    A fantastic paint job that really shows off how cool the new Exorcist kit is. Also, shout out to the person with the best wham line in the comments. You’ll know it when you see it.
  • Flesh Tearers army by Dolthar Sodjath
    @dolthar via Twitter
    Flesh Tearers are often overshadowed by their more famous ancestors, so it’s great to see a full army of them, packed with some great conversions to boot.
  • Crimson Fists Fridge Magnet by Nemraks1
    Via Reddit
    This is a fun little hobby project away from modelling and painting, adding a bit of extra Crimson Fist appreciation to one’s home decor.
  • Adeptus Bananicus Servitor by Astroidea
    @Astroidea19 via Twitter
    What can we say? We love seeing people put way too much time and effort into doing something silly extremely well. Game respects game.
  • Iron Warriors Obliterators by Astroidea
    @Astroidea19 via Twitter
    Another creation by the same user shows their talents put to more practical use, making some awesome Iron Warrior Oblits using Kataphron parts.
  • 10 Steps to weathering SCI FI terrain
    By slavetothewip
    Closing us out this week, a fantastic practical guide to some methods you can use to start weathering your 40K terrain.


  • 40K Badcast Episode 74: Nazi Hams Fuck Off
    By SRM and Dan “SexCannon” Boyd
    The Badcast team bring you another bumper length episode with both an important message (see above) and an extended discussion of extremely cursed pizza.
  • Heretic Wargaming Podcast
    Featuring TheChirurgeon
    Rob guests on this Chaos-focused podcast to talk about his most beloved faction and Goonhammer in general.

The Week on Goonhammer

There is no peace for the editorial team, none at all, as War of the Spider plus continued 9th updates contributed to a bumper week of content

  • War of the Spider Review
    By TheChirurgeon, One_Wing and ShaneWatts
    Another Psychic Awakening (and another especially good one) gets the now customary four part review.

  • Start Competing: Ogor Mawtribes
    By RagnarokAngel and Silks
    The AoS team have been busy as well, bringing you another Start Competing guide focusing this time on angry, hungry Ogors.
  • Kill Team Tactics: Elucidian Starstriders
    By TheChirurgeon and Novembermike
    Get the confetti ready, as this week the KTT team cover off the final faction, looking at the challenges that await anyone who wants to use the very cool models from the Rogue Trader box competitively.
  • 9th Edition Roundup: Week 3
    By the Goonhammer Team
    Had you forgotten 9th was coming? Well it cares not – it is coming anyway. This week brought us some new revelations snuck in under the guise of faction focuses, and the team covers them off.
  • Hammer of Math: Engine War Knights and Admech
    By Primaris Kevin Genson
    Kevin clears out the remaining cool stuff from Engine War to clear the decks in time for War of the Spider.
  • Necromunday: Into the Badzones
    By Dan “SexCannon” Boyd and Merton
    Dan and Jules look at how you can add some spice to your Sector Mechanicus games using these cool rules from the Book of Peril.
  • Boardhammer – The Walking Dead – All Out War
    By Muggins
    Especially relevant for skirmish wargaming fans, Muggins dives into the world of the Walking Dead miniatures game.
  • Mars Strikes Back
    By Richard Siegler
    A guest post from LVO winner Richard Siegler sees him delve into the incredible new tools available to the Adeptus Mechanicus post-Engine War.
  • How to Paint Everything: Adeptus Mechanicus
    By Pendulin, Zuul the Cat, Corrode, PierreTheMime, Elye and Beanith, collated by TheChirurgeon
    If you’ve read Richard’s article and are fired up to get some AdMech on the table then good news – the HTPE team has put together a blowout crop of painting guides.
  • How to Paint Everything: Khorne Daemons
    By TheChirurgeon,Corrode and Beanith
    Alternatively, if you think all those stupid machines should be smashed up with a sword, the team take you through their methods for painting Khorne Daemons.
  • The Narrative Forge: Random Personality Generator!
    By Charlie B
    Charlie helps you flesh out your narrative with a tools to help build a character backstory in a hurry.
  • Miniature Review: Mantic Giant
    By Lupe
    Lupe takes a look at building and painting a really, really big giant from Mantic games.
  • X-Wing – Flying Solo Part 3: Machine vs Machine
    By BuffaloChicken
    BuffaloChicken risks dooming us all by pitting two different X-Wing “AIs” against one another to see which one emerges triumphant.
  • Warlord Wednesdays: Legio Crucius Focus
    By the Warlord Wednesday Team
    If you’re a risk taker or a Dark Angel enthusiast, come check out the Warlord Wednesday guide to the plasma-focused goodness of the Legio Crucius.
  • Battle Bros: Civil War
    By Chris and Drew
    The tables are turned this week as the brothers divert from 40K to try out Marvel Crisis Protocol. This game has a number of fans in the Goonhammer team, and this one’s worth a read if you’re considering dipping your toes in.
  • Diving into the lore of Total War: Warhammer with Loremaster Sotek
    By Chase “Gunum” Garber
    If you’re nostaligic for the lore of the old fantasy setting check this one out – much of it lives on in TWW, and Chase lines up an interview with an expert.
  • Goonhammer’s Guide to Cool and Good Lore Streamers
    By Coda
    If your Lore tastes are focused elsewhere or that hasn’t sated your appetite, Coda brings you a rundown of some of the best lore videomakers on the web.
  • Ruleshammer: Mailbag 005
    By Rob “Vre’Kais” Chilton
    Rob continues to clear out his mailbag ready for a whole new edition by covering off some reader questions.
  • Goonhammer Hobby Roundup
    By the Goonhammer Team
    Backlogs continue to quail and shrivel as the Goonhammer team diverts their lockdown energies into smiting them. Definitely not so they can buy more stuff when 9th lands. No. Perish the thought.

That’s all for this week, stay tuned to Goonhammer for more great articles in the next seven days, and give us a shout in the comments below or at if you have any feedback or questions.