Content We Liked: October 30th, 2022

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Tabletop digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed.

On the Internet at Large

Found a Lego great unclean one from Warhammer40k

We absolutely adore this enormous rendition of a Great Unclean One on a rampage by the prolific Lego building team Brickman, currently on display at the Melbourne Museum in Australia. The sheer enormity and presence of the Great Daemon really highlighted in this different medium.


A brilliantly realised conversion of the new plastic Leviathan kit that plays so well with the often underutilised themes of medical experimentation of the Heresy Era Emperor’s Children. Particular highlight in the left arm being replaced with an emergency medical rig, the unfortunate Marine clasped inside looking halfway to becoming a Dreadnaught himself!


Simple but hella effective conversion of two long neglected Forge World creations, tied together wonderfully with a delightfully naturalistic paintjob and some homebrew fiction. This is a worm the likes of which The Gods have never seen.


A rickety Celestial Hurricanum for my undead City of Sigmar, Crown City. Hope you folks dig it! from ageofsigmar

A wonderfully weirdo twist on the Celestial Hurricanum, the kind of rickety madcap design that wouldn’t look out of place in the old WHFB Empire alongside the Landships and company.

Goddamn, an amazing custom resculpt of a truly grotesque giant, the decended jaw and torrent of barely digested… offal nailing the monstrous hunger of this malformed beast.


An easy to follow guide for making lunar bases relatively quickly and without the need for any rollers or other such gimmicks. Perfect for all your Moon based needs!


This Week on Goonhammer

Goonhammer Reviews

Leagues of Votann Model Reviews- After a grudge-raising month of waiting, the entire Leagues of Votann range went up for pre-order yesterday, including the welcome inclusion of the Squats’ biggest and baddest toys. The Goonhammer crew were lucky to receive these reinforcements early and have some thoughts to share.

Project Hex Gaming Accessories Review- Project Hex is a brand new series of hardwood gaming accessories and storage solutions for a range of products and games. With its Kickstarter underway we’ve been lucky enough to receive a plethora of their accessories to preview.

Joytoy 40k Action Figures Reviews- We trade our tiny action figures for much larger action figures as the Goonhammer gang show off the officially branded 40k figures from Chinese company Joytoy, including the unreasonably massive Invictor and Dreadnaught. Like holy shit how big are the recently announced Knights gonna be good gosh, invest in baby strollers now.

Titanicus: Matched Play Book Review– A complete blindsiding of a release, a compact little tome of rules adjustments and scenarios to play Titanicus (Play Titanicus) in a competitive setting.

Competitive Play

Competitive Innovations in 40k: In Which Mistakes Were Made & Some More 40k, As a Treat– We dragged Condit kicking and screaming from his precious tiny titans (Play Titanicus) to cover 40k this week, as the new Balance Dataslate settles in and we see the Meta begin to turn in real time.

Hammer of Math 40k: In Which We Mathematically Prove That the Repulsor Executioner Sucks– Kevin woke up and chose violence this week as he takes a look at the fallen star of the Marine codex and picks apart its smouldering corpse.

Competitive Innovations in AoS: Counting Sheep(men)– One last week before the Balance Warscroll kicks in, another week of Krondspine silliness.

AoS: October 2022 Balance Warscroll Analysis and FAQ Hot Takes

Blood Bowl: Orc Teams Guide– Goonhammer Coach King_Ghidra guides you through the most Blood Bowl of Blood Bowl teams, Orcs.

A Song of Ice and Fire: House Greyjoy Tactics– Our coverage of ASoIaF continues with a glimpse into the seafaring miseryguts of Westeros, House Greyjoy.

Other Cool Stuff

New York Open: Kill Team Grand Tournament and Narrative Events– Our friends at the Brooklyn Rats are putting on a weekend long Kill Team event. They’re running a 48-player 2-day 6-round GT that is over 50% sold out, with separate Saturday and Sunday narrative events that are SOLD OUT. Tickets are on sale NOW, and they have a hotel block reserved already! If you can’t make it, give them a follow on Instagram and keep up to date on future events.

Ghoulhammer: Horror Video Games Roundtable– Spooky Season is here again and this year our plethora of ghoulish Goons come to discuss their favourite lesser-known and indie horror titles from the past few years.


That’s all for this week, stay tuned to Goonhammer for more great articles in the next seven days, and give us a shout in the comments below or email us at if you have any feedback or questions.