Ding & Dent: Emotional Baggage

The Goonhammer group is made up of dozens of multi-talented authors, many of which have other projects outside of the site. In addition to his work here, Raf Cordero has his own podcast, Ding and Dent, which is not owned by nor affiliated with Goonhammer, but is still very cool and good all the same.

In this episode Raf and Charlie discuss all of the extraneous issues outside of actual gameplay that affect how we feel about a particular title. Issues such as delayed release dates, fulfillment problems, and publishers disappointing us. We bring our emotions to the table with us and those emotions can color a game experience. When are our thoughts about a game not really about the game? How should we as gamers handle that.

Before that, Charlie talks about a 2p Tank battle wargame and Street Masters: the tabletop Double Dragon/Streets of Rage experience you didn’t know you needed. Raf digs into the Genesys RPG system. It’s a setting-agnostic RPG. He recently played a published Star Wars adventure and a homebrewed Arkham Horror setting and talks about those experiences.

Timestamps will take you directly to those segments on SoundCloud. All episodes of Ding & Dent can also be found on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Tank Duel: Enemy in the Crosshairs – 8:40
Genesys RPG (Star Wars and homebrew Arkham) – 18:50
Street Masters: Aftershock – 44:00
Emotional Baggage Discussion – 55:00