Ding & Dent: The State of Skirmish Games

The Goonhammer group is made up of dozens of multi-talented authors, many of which have other projects outside of the site. In addition to his work here, Raf Cordero has his own podcast, Ding and Dent, which is not owned by nor affiliated with Goonhammer, but is still very cool and good all the same.

On the latest episode of Ding & Dent, Raf & Charlie return to their recurring “State of…” series with a deep dive into Skirmish Games. Whether their boardgames like Unmatched [read our Boardhammer review] or miniature games like Kill Team, skirmish games are typically fast-paced and exciting affairs. They look at the history of the genre and go over the modern scene, before sharing some of their favorites.

Before that, they talk about the games they’ve been playing. Charlie talks about Hellboy’s Wild Hunt Expansion before talking about the MOBA-inspired Cloudspire. Raf returns to Scythe and shares his thoughts on the middling party game Pantone.

Timestamps will take you directly to those segments on SoundCloud. All episodes of Ding & Dent can also be found on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Freestyling – 1:40
Scythe – 8:10
Hellboy: The Wild Hunt Expansion – 15:40
Pantone – 21:30
Cloudspire – 29:15
State of Skirmish Games – 39:20