FAQ Hot Take: Codex Adeptus Custodes 9th Edition

Games Workshop released two big FAQs for 40k this morning, covering the recently released Codex: Genestealer Cults and Codex: Adpetus Custodes. In this article we’re going to cover the FAQ for Custodes, talk about what changed, and what the changes mean for you.

There isn’t a ton here, but what’s here is meaningful and clears up some arguments that had been going for more than a month in the community.

  • Clarifications on Detachment Building
    The new FAQ makes it clear – as was very obvious – that yes, you can mix Custodes and Sisters of Silence units in missions using the GT pack. Almost all events were already allowing this, but it’s good to have it codified.
  • The Shadowkeepers Trait doesn’t stack
    Because the Shadowkeepers trait isn’t an Aura, multiple instances of it could
    technically be argued to stack – which would be absolutely busted. This errata makes it clear that you only get the debuff once no matter how many units are engaged, closing off this particular angle to shoot.
  • Shoulder the Mantle lets you pick the trait passed on
    The wording on this Stratagem was updated to reflect the fact that almost every Custodes army is going to be lead by a Warlord with two traits! Now you get to pick which one you want to pass on when they die.
  • Vexilus Praetors can have a Misericordia
    This updated wording ensures that the Praetor can take a dagger. Given these are free, it’s pure upside!
  • Using the Praetorian Plate counts as performing a Heroic Intervention
    Now when you teleport across the table and into Engagement range during the Heroic Intervention step of your opponent’s charge phase, you definitely, absolutely count as having made a Heroic Intervention. Making the user count as having made a heroic ensures they can be attacked, which makes this ability more interactive. A lot of events were already ruling this anyway, but we’d seen some holdouts arguing for the busted version.
  • Vigil Undending/Auric Exemplar: There was some argument that because Vigil Unending said that the model was removed “after resolving those attacks” it meant they weren’t around to make the extra attacks generated by Auric Exemplar. This clarifies that you get to go on a full rampate.

Effects That Require Being on the Battlefield

The last category here is a few updates that specifically state when a unit has to be on the battlefield in order to make use of an effect. Several abilities were updated, and generally they all make sense.

  • All-Seeing Annihilator
  • Wisdom of the Moritoi
  • Retribution of the Machine Spirit
  • Martial Discretion
  • Unleash the Lions

Unleash the Lions is probably the biggest change here, as it means your teleportarium unit definitely can’t split before arriving on the table, preventing a few odd (but potentially powerful) combos.

There is one important exception here – this hasn’t updated Esteemed Amalgalm, so unless further clarification is given (and it might be, as it seems odd to exclude it) that one is go – which is pretty good for switching your teleporting unit to Dread Host for charge re-rolls coming out of deep strike.

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