FinntheBinn’s Charity Stream to Support Community Bail Funds

If you’re looking for something to do with your Friday evening/afternoon, consider stopping in to watch @Finnthebinn and their friends stream a Jackbox party to raise money for The Bail Project. The organization seeks to combat mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system, which criminalizes race and poverty. Cash bail disproportionately punishes lower income people who can’t afford to pay. It’s important right now to recognize the racial element of poverty and how cash bail further entrenches systemic racism.

The Bail Project™ National Revolving Bail Fund provides free bail assistance to low-income individuals who are legally presumed innocent, and whom a judge has deemed eligible for release before trial contingent on paying bail. They enable their clients to return home to their families and communities while awaiting their court dates. 

For more information about The Bail Project, or to donate directly, you can check out their site here – The Bail Project.

If you’re looking for other ways you can help, this website has some great recommendations with links to petitions, contact info for elected representatives, and resources for protesters.