General’s Handbook 2022-2023: Season 1 – Points Values

This review was written using a free copy of General’s Handbook 2022-2023: Season 1 given to us by Games Workshop for review purposes.

Alongside all the new rules for Matched Play this season, General’s Handbooks always come with points changes across all armies. Starting this year, Games Workshop has began posting them online alongside the book, so if you want to look at them yourself you absolutely can! Let’s take a coast through the different factions and see what’s hot and what’s not.

Some General Trends:

  • Points trended downwards on less used units – Rather than try and nerf the top tier units, Games Workshop appears to be trying to incentivize using less popular units. While there are a few points hikes, which I will try and call out as I see them, generally you’re going to see point drops on less used units rather than trying to push out the stuff people are using.
  • Endless Spells got significant point drops – In our main review we discussed how generic Endless Spells were changed yet again, and their points were adjusted up or down accordingly. For the faction-specific endless spells and invocations, the rules weren’t changed but got huge point drops, some as high as 60 points. This is consistent across every faction unless noted, so if you don’t see anything about it, assume yours were dropped too.
  • If you got a 3.0 book your points didn’t change – Even Stormcast and Orruk Warclans see themselves unshifted, outside of the Endless Spells as previously mentioned. So sleep well Nurgle players, your stuff is safe.


In general Order, Gotrek saw a sizable point increase of 50 points, which depending on who you are is probably warranted but pushes him further into obsolescence. Gotrek occupies a weird middle ground where he feels like he’s going too hard for casual games but in tournaments has virtually no presence anymore, as top players know how to play around him. So despite the hike, it probably won’t do much. Might see him less at mid and low tables.

Cities of Sigmar

Empire Pistoliers. Credit: SRM

Lot of small ups and downs here. The one that will probably affect people the most is the adjustment to the Hurricanum. The version without a Battlemage and the Luminark of Hysh went up 15 points, while the more expensive Battlemage version got a smaller 10 point increase. This is basically an auto include in every COS list, regardless of affiliation and its easy to see why. Good change. Strangely the White Battlemage on Luminark of Hysh went down 5 points, but it sees far less play.

Freeguild Pistoliers and Freeguild Outriders got 5 point increases, which I’m not sure they needed. They are seeing more play as Tempest’s Eye lists get more popular, but they didn’t seem particularly busted. Some very confusing point increases include Dark Riders, Gyrocopters and Scourgerunner Chariots who all went up 5 points.

On the other side there are some much appreciated points reductions. Foot heroes the Sorceress, Warden King and Runelord went down 5 points. Sorceress was already taken frequently as a cheap wizard, and Runelords were an auto-include for COS lists with Irondrakes so It’s a bit confusing why they went down. The vast majority of the non-conditional battleline all went down 5 points, including the Freeguild Crossbowmen which already see play in the big Fulminator/Dragon Living City list.

Some other minor changes rounding it off are points drop the War Hydra and Kharibdyss, Drakespawn Chariots and Knights and Hellstorm Rocket Battery. The drops to Hydra and Kharibdyss are a pleasant surprise and may see some inclusion in lists with that.

Overall these changes are…strange. A few welcome point drops and increases, but it didn’t seem to target everything that should have been. No increase to Anointed on Phoenixes, Phoenix Guard, Irondrakes or Shadow Warriors who are probably among the most used and effective units in the army? I don’t neccesarily thnk all of these units needed increases just the choices for increases seem unusual.

Daughters of Khaine

Their book just hit shelves so naturally, no changes, even to their endless spells and invocation which were already heavily discounted for the new book.


No unit adjustments but the Invocations dropped. Particularly the Infernoth which dropped a whopping 30 points. With the new horde meta incoming, Fyreslayers players are gonna love having this in their pocket for mortal wound output.

Idoneth Deepkin

No changes, naturally.

Kharadron Overlords

Just two drops, 10 points to the Aetheric Navigator and a welcome 10 point drop to the Arkanaut Company. With the new focus on infantry, you’re going to need it.

Lumineth Realm-Lords

Lumineth Sentinels. Credit: Wings

Out of all the armies in the book the choices here are the most baffling to me. The Alarith Stonemage and Lyrior Uthralle got 10 and 15 point drops. Understandable, the Stonemage sees some play but not a ton. The other changes are strange, notably the Scinari Cathallar went down 35 points which is a huge drop for a model that sees a ton of play, especially for lists not using Teclis.

The only points increase was a 10 point increase for the Vanari Starshard Ballista which I don’t think I have ever seen used, at least never used in a serious competitive environment. Not even convinced it’s a real unit. No point increases for Vanari Sentinels or Severith/Spirit of the Wind? Really?

Two leftover notes of interest: First is that Hurakan Spirit of the Wind are now Leaders which is certainly an odd choice. It lets them hold artefacts or be a General, but it also might really bump up against the already crowded Leader section of many Lumineth lists. The other thing of note is a mysterious new Leader model called the Scinari Enlightener at 160 points. A new Order tome is coming this summer, could this be a hint at a box set?


Credit: Matthew Herrington

For an army thats’ been performing very well these changes are very marginal. Stegadon went up 5 points and Razordon Hunting Packs went up 10 which are both units with marginal use. Especially when the far more common monster of Bastiladons being untouched. Saurus Astrolith Bearers have gone down 10 points, which makes sense as they have gone down in popularity in recent months, with the Skink Priest increased by 10 points. Definitely understandable, as they are incredibly powerful heroes with many lists rocking two. I definitely think a few more things could have gotten price increases such as the aforementioned Bastiladons, Engine of the Gods, even Skinks in large enough blobs.

Stormcast Eternals

No changes, even though there probably really should be a point bump to Fulminators and Long-Strikes. Like everyone else, there is a mild drop to endless spells which might make the comet a little more viable.


Sylvaneth got their new book today, so there’s no point discussing points changes with the units so radically different. Check out our review for the full scoop!


Archaon the Everchosen remains the same as before, which is fine he’s in a pretty good spot right now.

Blades of Khorne

Credit: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

Lot of point drops here, though arguably not enough. Slaughterpriests getting a 10 point drop is well needed, as the nerfs to priest on a mechanical level have left them sorely wanting. A few other nice drops such as Heralds and Deathbringers.

For drops there are some welcome drops to Bloodletters and Blood Warriors (drop of 20 points per 10, very nice) and 5 for Skullcrushers. A few more things could have used cuts here, but it’s something, and your Bloodthirsters are protected. They don’t have to pay for the sins of Legions of the First Prince like, say…Tzeentch.

Disciples of Tzeentch

Credit: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

Hoo boy so strap in, this is a big one. The Blue Scribes and the Herald on foot and on disc saw point increases. The Herald on Foot and Blue Scribes seem to be a shot at Legions of the First Prince where they are exceedingly popular. They’re used in Disciples but not nearly as powerful there. Now, granted the Blue Scribes warscroll spell is extremely powerful, especially when used with a Lord of Change but 25 seems a bit rough. On that note the Lord of Change got a solid 20 point drop, probably to make it compete more with Kairos.

Some other increases include the Fatemaster and Ogroid Thaumaturge at 10 points a piece. Flamers and Chaos Spawn went up 15 points each, and Blue and Brimstone Horrors each went up 10 points. Strange choices, especially since Pink Horrors weren’t raised, and blue and brimstone weren’t seeing as much play since they don’t count as battleline.

There are discounts, Changeling and Curseling lost points. Kairic Acolytes losing 5 points is helpful, for cheap battleline. Tzaangors not getting similar treatment is strange, sure they’re great in Beasts of Chaos right now, but certainly they couldn’t price it differently? At least Tzaangor Enlightened and Skyfires all got slashed, alongside the Chariots of Tzeentch and Exalted Flamers.

One final little edition, Gaunt Summoner was broken up into two stat blocks, one on foot and one on disc, putting it on par with Slaves to Darkness. The on foot version is cheaper than the old cost (which assumed a disc) while the disc is more expensive.

Hedonites of Slaanesh

Credit: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

Heroes got their points slashed all over, most got 10-15 point drops. Only the two twins, Dexcessa and Synessa, and the mounted Heralds were left alone. Not touching Synessa makes sense, she is widely popular. Surprising that even Siggy got a point drop, but appreciated for the struggling Hedonites.

Daemonettes got a much appreciated 10 point drop, and many of the cavalry and outrider units like Seeker Chariots and Fiends got 5 point drops. Blissbarb Archers could probably have afforded to go down a few points, as one of the oft-made complaints is how terrible they are compared to many other battleline archers like Lumineth Sentinels, but it won’t stop you from taking them. The reduction of the tax on Heroes is good news for your list in general.

Maggotkin of Nurgle

No changes. I think everyone hoped Pusgoyle Blightlords would go up but this likely went to print long before the current meta. With the new season, they may struggle to be as effective at capturing points, so it may be a problem that sorts itself out.

Slaves to Darkness

This ones weird. The points weren’t changed at all, not even the Endless Spells, which makes it the only faction this didn’t happen. Stranger still, the Darkoath Ravagers and Tarantulos Brood from Warcry are missing, which makes me think they accidentally sent an older list to print. I can’t be sure though, so play it where it lies for now I guess.


There’s no point in discussing the point changes here since they have an entirely new book. Check out our review!


Sad to say that Nagash remains untouched, even though he probably could afford to go down a fair bit.

Flesh Eater Courts

Really conservative point changes, 5 points of the Crypt Horror Courtier and then the standard endless spell point drops. Games Workshop seems to be unsure how to handle the point cost of an army that can summon so much back up.


New book so no changes.

Soulblight Gravelords

Blood Knight. Credit: Mike Bettle-Shaffer

Really conservative changes. Torgillius the Chamberlain is the strangest, getting a pretty sizeable 15 point drop. It’s true nobody used him, but that goes for the majority of the Cursed City band outside of Radukar the wolf and the occaisionl Gorslav the Gravekeeper. Skeletons went down 5 points while zombies went up 5, but particularly now that Zombies are Galetian Veterans I don’t see them going anywhere.

Ossiarch Bonereapers

Some well appreciated points changes here. The Liege-Kavalos went down 15 points, putting an end to the odd edge case where the named version cost less than the named one. The Mortisan Boneshaper and Soulmason were both dropped to 115, putting it on par with the Soulreaper. This probably means the Soulmason will get even more play, but still cutting the overhead on OBR is appreciated.

Immortis Guard went down a whopping 15 points, while the other Harbinger and Necropolis Stalkers all went down 5 points. Good cuts.


Kragnos remains as he was, which like Archaon is probable fine. He’s costed about right, given you basically need to build a list around him.

Gloomspite Gitz

Other than the endless spells, no changes, which is probably a bit surprising. But with a new book rumors on the horizon maybe they thought there was no point right now?

Sons of Behemat

No changes. They don’t really have much room to move so not surprising.

Orruk Warclans

No changes, which seems like a missed opportunity. I expected a point hike on Maw-Crushas and/or Gore-gruntas, maybe drop Kruleboyz a bit. Yet it seems in line with “Got a 3.0 tome? Free from point changes” philosophy we’re seeing here.

Ogor Mawtribes

Ogor Leadbelcher
Ogor Leadbelcher. Credits: That Gobbo

Shaving off of less used Thundertusks, namely the Frostlord on Thundertusk and Thundertusk Beastriders. Gnoblars saw a 20 point drop, which is good as they didn’t even accomplish their intended roll as chaff, with the new horde heavy focus they might be useful for helping to outnumber on a point, as Might Makes Right alone may not do the job anymore.

Closing Thoughts

The changes here are, in brief, off. A lot of armies didn’t get changes they really needed, where as many that did get changes feel scattershot and uneven. Units that have been known problems for months were left alone, while many already commonly seen units saw points drops, while units that have never seen the table in competitive play were raised. It’s all very strange and feels too conservative, like they wanted to see where the meta is heading with the new General’s Handbook before changing everything. While I love the rest of what the General’s Handbook had to offer, I expected a bit more here.

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