Goonbowl Painting Challenge – The Darkoath Chieftain

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Way back in February, Lupe challenged us all to a painting contest. Each entrant had to paint up a Darkoath Chieftain in their own style, and then take 3 photos from different angles, after which they’d be eligible for both a popular vote on the Something Heretekal Discord, along with a further mystery judge category!

The goons set to work producing a range of amazing entries, with a variety of takes on the model. In the event, the mystery judge was revealed as Kirsten Williams, and the winners were as follows:

Popular vote

1st Place – Skails
Joint 2nd Place – Corrode and RichyP

Judge vote – technical

Joint winners: Corrode and Pendulin

Judge vote – flair

Winner – RichyP


That’s the winners, but most importantly – here’s everyone’s pictures!


Joint 2nd, popular vote
Joint winner, judge vote – technical


Gundabad Dorc


Lord Hambrose



Joint winner, judge vote – technical



Joint 2nd place, popular vote
Winner, judge vote – flair


Winner, popular vote


That Gobbo

Zuul the Cat


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