Goonhammer Historicals – Lard America at AdeptiCon Hosting a Sharp Practice Open Event

This week Mugginns previews the event he’s running at AdeptiCon 2022 – Most Contemptible Cowardly Dogs, a French and Indian War Sharp Practice Open Event.

Many historical wargamers are very aware of the idea of a Participation Game – where you show up with nothing but maybe a copy of the rules that you’re interested in and find a game run by another player. That player has brought all the rules, minis, terrain, dice, etc and you play their scenario, likely with one or more other players.

Lard America has been running these types of games for years at HMGS conventions on the east coast and smaller conventions and stores around the country. While I enjoy showing interested grogs how to play Lard games, I have really had an itch to play my favorite game, Sharp Practice, with people who already know how to play and have an interest in just getting some games in.

Dave H and others have been running these in the UK quite often (before the pandemic) and I know there have been other events around the world. I’m not sure if we’ve had one in the USA yet, but I’ve been trying to get one off the ground. It’s been a big lift because not only do I need to do my own models and enough terrain for some boards, but I’m creating some extra forces for people who might not have the models painted up.

That’s the biggest challenge – choosing a time period. In the past, people have replied they’re not interested in that period, or don’t have the right scale, or just won’t paint up new models. I hope to have at least four interested players so we can get some games in! 

Here are the details of the actual event – it might seem like a tournament from the listing but really it’s just a way to get some fun games in. 

Sharp Practice: Most Contemptible Cowardly Dogs (French and Indian War) (Hyatt Regency Event)

Saturday, March 26

Sharp Practice is a large skirmish set of rules created by TooFatLardies set in the black powder period. For this event players are expected to bring 55 points of troops, leaders, and support from the French and Indian War forces in the main Sharp Practice rulebook.


A few forces will be available for borrow if players do not have the necessary models painted. Forces will be reviewed weeks prior to the event to make sure everyone has it down correct and we have a good balance of forces for either side. The campaign day itself will be fictional – not based on a certain battle or campaign. We’ll be playing in 1758 near Fort Ligonier.


Players can bring regulars of both sides, Native Americans, militia, rangers, etc. The end goal of the campaign day is for everyone to have fun and get some games of Sharp Practice in. For more info on Lard America, visit their Facebook Group.


So with 55 points, using the FIW force builder from Sharp Practice, you should be looking at anywhere from 25 models (a small force focused on ambush and skirmishing) to upwards of 50 models (conscripted provincial line infantry with some skirmish support). The highest status we’ll use is III. From the UK games days I’ve seen, a good rule of thumb is 16-22 points on Leaders, Musicians, support, etc. Try to bring units that are somewhat historical together. Here are some example forces below:

++ Force (French and Indian War French) [55Points] ++
+ Leaders [21Points] +
Leader [9Points]: 3 (Force commander, goes with Coureres)
Leader [6Points]: 2 (Indian Leader)
Leader [3Points]: 1 (Milice leader)
Leader [3Points]: 1 (Artillery commander)
+ Artillery +
French Artillery [5Points]: Light Gun (4 pdr)
+ Light Infantry +
Coureures de Bois [9Points]
+ Skirmishers +
Milice Canadiene [7Points]
+ Tribe +
Indian Allies [7Points]
+ Support +
Support Options [6Points]: Moveable Deployment Point [2Points], 
Mule Train [4Points]
++ Total: [55Points] ++

++ Force (French and Indian War: British) [55Points] ++
+ Leaders [24Points] +
Leader [9Points]: 3 [9Points] (Force Commander, goes with Provincial Regulars)
Leader [6Points]: 2 [6Points] (Goes with Irregular Skirmishers, both groups)
Leader [6Points]: 2 [6Points] (Indian Leader)
Leader [3Points]: 1 [3Points] (Sergeant, goes with Provincial Regulars)

+ Conscripts and Volunteers [12Points] +
Provincial Regulars [4Points]
Provincial Regulars [4Points]
Provincial Regulars [4Points]
+ Irregular Skirmishers [8Points] +
Frontier Skirmishers [4Points]
Frontier Skirmishers [4Points]
+ Tribe [7Points] +
Indian Allies [7Points]
+ Support [4Points] +
Support Options [4Points]: Mule Train [4Points]
++ Total: [55Points] ++

This is an opportunity to play in a new, unique event here in the USA – building a force of your own with your own leaders and narrative and taking it into a few games with other Lardies. The game size is deliberately small so people won’t have to buy and paint a ton of models. We will also have extra forces on hand in case you want to play but don’t have a force yet or can’t get one in time.

Registration is here:

Type ‘Lard’ in the search box to find our events easier. I can’t wait to see everyone there!

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