Goonhammer Hobby Round-up: August 2020 (end of month)

Wake me up when September ends. Before that though,let’s look back at August and check out the hobby posting from our contributors!

Liam “Corrode” Royle

A slow end of the month for me, with a lot going on and not a lot of time for hobbying. I finished off one of the two Impulsors which was just waiting for the highlight/weathering stage and then naturally forgot to take a picture of it, as well as some Assault Intercessors. I did manage to finish off two models though – a divergent Crimson Fists Korsarro Khan so I can play White Scars, and Drazhar, the Master of Blades (who we then immediately published an HTPE for). I also knocked out a quick terrain piece with the Azyrite Ruins, and built my small TTCombat ruins for better home gaming.

Drazhar, the Master of Blades
Drazhar, the Master of Blades. Credit: Corrode

The Crimson Khan
The Crimson Khan. Credit: Corrode

The Crimson Khan
The Crimson Khan. Credit: Corrode

Azyrite Ruins
Azyrite Ruins. Credit: Corrode

Azyrite Ruins
Azyrite Ruins. Credit: Corrode



Might be the last update for a bit (or at least one with a lot in it) so I did a couple of big models this time and for those that know me, know I dislike anything horse-sized or greater… but help was on it’s way…

At the end of the mid-month round-up I finished the Indomitus marines plus a couple of bonus units such as the Eliminators and a Librarian. I ended by saying that there was a Redemptor Dreadnought on it’s way. Here he is:

Bood Ravens Impulsor
Bood Ravens Impulsor, Credit: RichyP

Bood Ravens Impulsor
Bood Ravens Impulsor, Credit: Richyp

Bood Ravens Impulsor
Bood Ravens Impulsor, Credit: RichyP

I’ll fess up, I did order a Redemptor and a Redemptor did get delivered (eventually) but so did an Impulsor and a shiny new airbrush and airbrush setup. This was my first model attempted with an airbrush and I was really happy with the results, I was even more happy that about 15 minutes after posting it on Twitter I got asked if it could feature on the next day’s Warhammer Community round-up stream (bonus brag, the Indomitus Captain from last time is now one of the store images for the Command and Elite Edition starter boxes).

I also used my new favourite hobby tool to repaint some other old test Intercessors and make a 3rd Troop unit:

Bood Ravens Intercessors
Bood Ravens Intercessors, Credit: RichyP

With the Impulsor that brings me to about 1490ish points of Blood Ravens painted as my August army:

Bood Ravens Army
1500pts of Bood Ravens, Credit: RichyP

I’ve painted a couple of Necrons this month, a Leman Russ (gotta love that airbrush), and the Hag Queen from the Underworlds war band.



Necron Skorpekh Lord, Royal Warden and Plasmacyte, Credit: Richyp

Hag Queen
Morgwaeth’s Blade-Coven Hag Queen, Credit: Richyp

Leman Russ, Traitor Guard
Leman Russ, Traitor Guard, Credit: RichyP

The Russ was painted in about 5-6hrs from grey sprue to the above, it’s mostly down to a few layers of aged white and a lot of thinned Typhus Corrosion all over it. I’ve decided to Traitor it up because now that I’ve discovered the joys of priming any colour in any condition I plan on my Autumn project being a Renegades and Heretics force, it’ll be entirely rubbish to play and probably not even legal (if they even exist in 9th after lacking an updates) but my new found love of tanks and lots of chaos sprues kicking around almost require that I do it.



You ever have an idea in your head and it turns out exactly how you hoped it would?

Ultramarines Outriders. Credit: SRM

I started painting these guys like the old 3rd ed box art, as that was my first plastic Warhammer kit. However, I got this notion that I could use those big strips of checkerboards to make racing stripes along the sides of the bikes, and put the unit markings over them:

Ultramarines Outriders. Credit: SRM

I tried placing the unit markings over the checkers, but they showed through. It instead took way, way too many thin coats of Macragge Blue to cover them, when really I should have cut holes in the checkerboards in the first place. Regardless, I’m stoked with the outcome, and the blend of old school aesthetics with modern models and techniques. I also couldn’t resist painting up some cool screen effects on them:

Ultramarines Outriders. Credit: SRM

The only part of these models I really had a hard time with was getting the bits under the cowlings and behind the tires; it’s just not a shape conducive to getting a brush around. A few coats of watered down black to flow in there and it wasn’t too bad though. I also employed my trademark trick of “weather instead of highlighting” on the tires and I’m glad I did! These guys were like painting 3 little vehicles instead of like painting cavalry, so shortcuts like that helped a lot. Comparatively, these next guys were easy:

Ultramarines Eradicators. Credit: SRM

Shockingly, I got the candy cane striping on their equipment and heraldry in one go after a couple beers during a hobby hang with a few members of my local group and the Goonhammer crew. I was feeling a little extra so I extended it to their guns instead of just relegating it to their kneepads. For their meltaguns I used the same heat staining effect I detailed in a video a few years ago, with the addition of some weathering power at the very muzzle of the gun. Aside from that, there weren’t really any tricks with these guys – it was pretty straightforward, especially after the bikes.

Next up: Characters!


Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

I’ve been doing more work on my Death Guard! I finished two Myphitic Blight Haulers over the last couple of weeks, plus a bunch of terrain. The Blight Haulers turned out pretty great, and finish out the trio I wanted to bring along with my bell-armed Great Unclean One.

Credit: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

I also put a bunch of work into getting some terrain ready for a game this past weekend, doing some overtime hobby work adding bases and some quick coats of paint to these features. In total this was four ruins (the two big ones in the middle in the photo below, plus the two on either side with bases) plus six munitorum armoured containers.

Credit: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

What’s Next: I’m working on more Death Guard. A Daemon Prince, some more plague marines, and some characters – a Biologus Putrifier, a Plague Surgeon, and a Malignant Plaguecaster from the Space Marine Heroes 3 line.




I’m chewing through the Indomitus models, hoping to get multiple Necron kits filled out before the codex drops. I doubt that will happen, but I’m going to give it a go. In the hopes of not losing interest slogging through so many Warriors, I’m forcing myself to get through a number of the skeletal troops before doing some of the more flavorful characters.

I’ve started painting these using my old paint scheme but I wanted to put more attention into the glowing bitz than I used to. I recently picked up a large bottle of Hexwraith Flame prior to the release announcement of Tesseract Glow, so I’m using that instead which is giving it a very bright green pop and makes them a little unique amongst the large swathes of TG models.

Given the large number of damaged Necron bitz and head swaps I’m sitting on thanks for some old Ark models as well as the Indomitus sets, I’ve decided to litter the basing terrain with damaged/discarded Necrons. I’m not a big fan of putting other factions on my bases (since it looks weird when fighting other factions), but having a relentless and undying army continuing to step over their fallen allies seemed an appropriate use of sprues I’ve had sitting around for ages.

Credit: PierreTheMime

I’m really enjoying the Skorpekh models more than I initially thought I would, both as hobby models as well as in-game. I’m very eager for them to increase the number you can field in a unit.

Credit: PierreTheMime

Credit: PierreTheMime

The Royal Warden is going to be something that shows up a good amount, I’m thinking. The HQ slots for Necrons are going to be jam-packed, but their ability and their Primaris-murdering gun is going to come in very handy. They also look great!

Credit: PierreTheMime

Caption: PierreTheMime

To maintain general model progress, I’ve got a pact going with another player to paint models from armies I’m trying out that I don’t already have painted. This last week I completed another Carnifex/Screamer-Killer to fill out the large pile I’ve been fielding lately. 9th Edition has given them a bit of a new life, at least for barebones units–I’ve regularly fielded 5 along with Old One Eye for a new spin on “distraction Carnifex”.

Credit: PierreTheMime



Beanith’s Hobby Progress August 2020


Models Points

Did my Cairn of Opportunity (thanks Charlie) actually shrink this month? A big month of numbers and stuff pushed into the completed pile. I must be getting better at this planning and proactive thing… that or Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones reminded me I needed to crack on with the Death Guard in time for my Dream Nova.


The only things I built this month were a couple Lords of Contagion and some Plague Marines and that was just because I was too lazy to put the sprues back into storage after I clipped off the Blight Drones to build those as well. I also put together the first ten Chainrasp/Plaguebearers.


My desk was host to a veritable sea of Caliban Green/Death Guard Green and Bronze paints as I powered through all the bits I thought would be fun to have as part of my Death Guard army.

Plague Marines – Credit Beanith

Foetid Bloat-drone – Credit Beanith

Plagueburst Crawler – Credit Beanith

I also took a break to paint a Haryquent Harlyquoon Murderclown Skyweaver for a friend’s birthday. I made sure to personalize it with a little Nurgling hanging on for dear life.

Beanith’s Skyweaver


I played my first proper Match play game of 9th in a pickup game at my FLGS (at the current time here in Downunder land it was reasonably safe to do so) and boy howdy did I get dumpstered 9 points to 70 something against a Wraith heavy Necron army. Even worse, it was before I sought advice from James “One_Wing” Grover so I can’t pin it on him.

Beanith’s Battle with Jye’s Necron

As mentioned in my Road to… NoVA? article,The rest have been against my two mates and their Eldar and Orks and both followed a pattern of a small teaching game at around 500-1000 points and then another game at 1,500 points using the match play rules.

For this I can not recommend the Crusade mission Sweep and Clear enough. It is quite possibly the best mission to use to teach a player who is new to 9th edition, especially if they have never played ITC before, the importance of secondaries and primary scoring. The Crusade secondaries give them a good idea of what to look for when making the jump to Match play missions.

The next game I would recommend that you should play with them is the GT 2020 Incursion mission – Resupply. Making sure to go through the secondaries with them and give them good pointers on what would be a good idea to pick against your list. In my case, Bring it down is a gimme most of the time and While we stand, we fight is a hilariously bad choice for Orks, especially when the Burna Bomba is one of those three units.

I also got to spend a day playing Blackstone Fortress where we rescued Skarburn Zapdakka, an Ork Flash Gitz mercenary, before heading into the lair of the beast to take on the Dreaded Ambull.


I teamed up with Coda, who is also good and cool, to write up about our early experiences with Crusade in They See Me Crusadin’, They Hatin’: An Investigation of The Crusade Gameplay Loop.

I took a look at what the other writer’s called a simple technique in How to Paint Everything: Gemstones, Lenses, and Vials and said “Hold my beer”

And I have written more words and then had a lot of those words fixed by highly skilled editors in Beanith’s Road to… NoVA?: Building a Death Guard Finale?.

Beanith’s Trello August Progress

Still plenty of work to be done with the collection so this isn’t the last time you’ll see my Trello board.

Plans for September

Play more hams, paint more hams, and eat hams sandwiches. Also make a start on turning the first ten Chainrasps into Plaguebearers in a project I like to call “Operation: Justify this bulk purchase of Mortal Realms Issue 1”

Plaguebearer being summoned into Reality – Credit Beanith

Rockfish’s Progress

I don’t quite have as much progress in the second half of this month, but I am still working my way through indomitus.

Outriders. Credit: Rockfish
Outriders. Credit: Rockfish

Skorpekh Lord. Credit: Rockfish
Skorpekh Lord. Credit: Rockfish

Indomitus Chaplain. Credit: Rockfish
Indomitus Chaplain. Credit: Rockfish

Indomitus Overlord. Credit: Rockfish
Indomitus Overlord. Credit: Rockfish

At this point I am a good way into the box, and with any luck I will be done before my backlog gets much bigger from the new releases!


I was fortunate enough to split an Indomitus set with a Necron player, resulting in a grey tide of sprue on my desk. I assembled the models quickly, enjoying the new kits and looking forward to expanding my Blood Ravens. That was until I had them all assembled and sitting on my desk, staring at me.

I foolishly opted to paint all the Assault Intercessors in one go, which was just too much. I can normally do 5 Intercessors in an couple of evenings if I’m motivated. The 16 Assault Intercessors above took me a month – I’m never going to do this big a batch again. This was further compounded by my airbrush fully packing it in. In the next month I’m hoping to get most of my Indomitus painted up, broken up into manageable chunks and a new airbrush on the way to help speed thing sup


Hey, another month where I painted one thing, but I spent a lot of time building and doing a write-up of the whole process here. This is the first thing I’ve painted since doing the Lord of Blight’s Masterclass. Working screamer pink into the recessed flesh is something I really liked from that series, and applied here. I also went for a more textured approach to the skin, with lots of little dots and splotches of color overlaid in the transitions. The staining on the hat and loincloth was done with layers of slightly thinned Agrax Earthshade and splotches of burn umber ink mixed 1:1 with matte medium and a bit of flow improver (this mix is copied from Brent of Goobertown Hobbies as his contrast paint substitute).

Helot Cult Demagogue. Credit: Skails

Credit: Skails

And here is the rest of his gang I finished up about a year ago now.

Cult of the Erythrian Masque. Credit: Skails

Mike Bettle-Shaffer

It’s a pretty light update for me! I spent a lot of time on a conversion project but it’s not quite ready for paint yet, as I need to spend some more time making vines for the mantle. I’m hoping to have it ready for painting in September,I also made a bunch of progress on a pair of Warhounds but they weren’t quite there for this update. So instead, have a sneak peek at some Waterloo Centre Company and a little bit of terrain for my industrial Sci-Fi board.

Charlie A.

I printed and painted fifteen Chaos Spawn this month (yeah, I’m one of those Death Guard players), which I batch painted and knocked out pretty quickly. I color-coded the units to easily distinguish them. They were done 90% with an airbrush and then I picked out some details with a brush. Yes, that one is intentionally cross-eyed. Chaos makes you crazy, I guess.

Credit: Charlie A.

Next up, I entered my very first ever painting competition with a slightly converted Death Guard Chaos Lord. I tried my best and my fingers will be crossed to see how well I compare to the competition. I’m happy with the result and appreciate all of the feedback I got on how to make it stand out.

And last but not least, I have some more Death Guard in-progress. Between yesterday and today, I’ve gotten six flail Plague Marines, one Plaguecaster, and two rhinos to this state, all with the airbrush and weathering techniques discussed previously.  They’ll be completed in early September.

Credit: Charlie A.



I’ve finally finished painting, basing, and transfers on my first set of Indomitus Crimson Fists (aside from the Chaplain and Judiciar). I made the mistake of doing these as one MASSIVE batch including 8 or more other Marines I had lying around (including some characters) and I will never do that again. 5-at-a-time from here on out….

Crimson Fists Indomitus Marines
Indomitus Crimson Fists Credit: Ryolnir

After finishing these bad boys off, I moved onto finishing up repainting my Repulsor Executioner and covering it in awesome transfers (from Skumb4g Kustoms and The Mighty Brush both). It’s a bit ostentatious, but I’m happy with where it’s going!

Crimson Fists Repulsor Executioner
WIP Crimson Fists Repulsor Executioner Credit: Ryolnir

Crimson Fists Repulsor Executioner
WIP Crimson Fists Repulsor Executioner Credit: Ryolnir


Coming in hot with about an hour to spare before the end of the month, these models are piping hot! Worked on a few Admech models this month, and it’s been about 8 months since I painted a Space Marine, so I figured I’d give it a go.

Marine, and Serberys, and Priests. Oh my! Credit: Pendulin

I know it’s been a long time, but I’m still working on the backlog I burdened myself with when Engine War was released. At least now I’m halfway through the boxes I bought that day! Well, halfway to halfway, at least.

Serberys Raider
Serberys Raider. Credit: Pendulin

This is a slightly redder variation on how I typically paint Space Marines (if there can be a “typical” for something I’ve only ever painted about a dozen of). I really like how his purity seal came out. Thinned Rhinox hide, you are great for tiny lettering!

Space Marine Intercessor. Credit: Pendulin