Goonhammer Hobby Round-up: June 2022

It’s been another month, and that means it’s time for another Hobby Round-up!


Cripes, is it July already? I feel like my year’s painting progress is firmly behind where I want it to be, but if wishes were nickels I’d be able to buy an Admech army. Who am I kidding, I’d just buy more Space Marines.

Black Templars Bladeguard Veterans. Credit: SRM

In my continued attempt to ape Booley’s Seattle Open list, I’ve painted my second unit of 5 Bladeguard. These guys, much like the last batch, were a bit laborious but I had a lot of fun with the tilting plates. Painting stormshields is a real drag, and highlighting the inner edges and Indomitus cross takes a while too, but I love how they came out. These guys haven’t really done anything on the tabletop yet, but I’m hoping they will soon enough.

Black Templars Assault Intercessors. Credit: SRM

I keep getting those easy build Assault Intercessors in Imperium magazine, and I figured it was about time I added another Primaris Troops option to my Templars. Using some leftover chainsword arms from my Primaris Crusaders and Sword Brethren, I bashed together a Templarrific squad of these jerks. It took longer than just building the dudes straight out of the kit, but I think it was worth it to have something more distinctive. I now have 3 sets of just the arms from this kit because I keep using the bodies for other things, but maybe I’ll make some stupid Katamari out of them and throw it at my manager. 

Munitorum Armored Container. Credit: SRM

Lastly, we’ve got a smidge of terrain. I’ve painted a lot of black power armor this year – Templars are all I’ve painted since March – and I needed a palate cleanser. I had recently acquired a single Munitorum Armored Container sprue from Imperium, and thought it would be an easy project to knock out. I fished around my bitz box for some Guard accessories to stack on the boxes, made a little barricade with a structural Ork skull, and primed everything grey. I started washing right over the primer and knocked the whole kit out in like 3 hours over two evenings. After spending like 2 weeks painting a squad of dudes, getting to knock a few models out quickly is hugely gratifying. Naturally I’ve bit myself in the ass here as my next month is looking like some edge highlighting-heavy models, so we’ll see if next month is half as prolific as this one!


In what will no doubt be a recurring theme, I took the plunge on the Horus Heresy starter box this month. After much deliberation I opted for the fifth legion, the White Scars. Most of this month was spent on assembly, but I do have a test model and a completed unit of 5 termies to show for it.

I’m away for most of next month but I hope to have the box completed by then and might start looking at getting some Ebon Keshig Terminators.


This month has been a time for BIG projects. I was able to focus-down two centerpiece projects for Nighthaunt and Chaos Knights, which I’m pretty proud of. Still many models left to go, but taking your time on larger models can be a great break from the batch-painting of dozens of figuratively or literally faceless minions.

First off, the Black Coach. I got this gifted to me a while back and I was starting to feel bad I hadn’t gotten around to it. With the release of the latest Nighthaunt battletome, I knew its time was at hand.

Credit: PierreTheMime
Credit: PierreTheMime


Next up, the release of the new Chaos Knights codex and Abominant/War Dog army set got me hype for doing some evil. I love the concept of Knights generally, but evil/corrupted Chaos Knights? Yes, please. Doesn’t hurt that their new rules are much more flavorful and fun.

Credit: PierreTheMime

Painted to mostly match my Death Guard (to lean into either Nurgle or Undivided), the Abominant is my patron Chaos Knight because it does not have weapon options and thus does not require magnetizing. I am famously lazy about magnets, so this was a big win for me. For anyone interested, I’ll probably have a hobby write-up on this model in the near future.

Credit: PierreTheMime
Credit: PierreTheMime
Credit: PierreTheMime
Credit: PierreTheMime

I decided to try some freehanding of icons and scribbles, which I feel worked out pretty well. I managed to have a moment of complete painting-zen where I was able to get a circle and eight straight lines in a single go. I’m going to credit the dark gods for this, because it sure as hell doesn’t normally happen.

Credit: PierreTheMime

So yeah, not a large model-count, but in terms of overall area I had a pretty solid month.


So I have been entirely absorbed by painting different bits of 30K stuff for my slowly growing Executioners force, I am going to lead with the biggest (in impact) model of the month – the Kratos!

Kratos Heavy Assault Tank. Credit: Rockfish
Kratos Heavy Assault Tank. Credit: Rockfish

Mind you the next thing is technically bigger, my Spartan!

Spartan. Credit: Rockfish
Spartan. Credit: Rockfish

I also did probably one of my favorite regular HQ models to date, this Praetor is a really neat.

Praetor. Credit: Rockfish
Praetor. Credit: Rockfish

Beyond that I did a few troops and terminators, nothing too fancy but I will admit doing all those little bits of iconography was a bit of chore.

Now for a little bit of a bonus since my May hobby round up bit didn’t make it in through the wonders of WordPress, here is a shot of my HH stuff from the middle of June that includes stuff I did the previous month and my Chaos knights that never made it into any of the round ups.



Phew June’s been a month for me hobbywise. With the release of the Chaos Knights codex I’ve been working to have other gods represented in my army besides just Nurgle (although they’ll always be my sweet babies). Over the month I painted up 9 knights of various sizes and got at least one of each god that was missing (including undivided). 

First up with the most representation is Khorne!


That big skull guy has 432 skulls on him (had to be divisible by 8 naturally) and each eye socket is dripping blood. I’m don’t feel I wasted my time at all!

Next up we’ve got some chaos undivided guys

I’m very pleased with my undivided representation, especially since it gave me an opportunity to use Skaven bits.

Now for Tzeentch!

Tzeentch Knight - Norman
Tzeentch Knight – Norman
Tzeentch Knight - Norman
Tzeentch Knight – Norman

Nothing fancy, just two sweet boys to sit in the back and shoot stuff from across the board.

Last up we have a single knight of Slaanesh

Slaanesh just gets one knight because I honestly don’t like them very much. I do need to figure out a design for a big knight though to round out the pantheon.

For July I’ll be wrapping up my knights with my Tzeentch Knight Desecrator in addition to taking a break from big killer robots to work on Bloodbowl and maybe some Chaos Space Marines

Crab-stuffed Mushrooms

Wow, I’ve only missed three hobby round-ups. Better late than never!

My latest paintjob was Kreek “The Verminator”, one of the new Star Players for the latest edition of Blood Bowl. I can’t wait to field him alongside two additional Ball & Chain players…

Kreek “The Verminator” Star Player painted by Crab-stuffed Mushrooms


As is fitting, I once again continue my slow, inexorable advance of painting Death Guard.

This Plague Marine with Blight Launcher has significantly more rust effect than my previous models, giving the model a very red hue. Perhaps redder than I had initially intended, but I think it still turned out great.

Death Guard Plague Marine with Blight Launcher
Death Guard Plague Marine with Blight Launcher. Credit: Pendulin

I’ve got not one, but two whole Poxwalkers to share this time. At this rate, I’ll have a full unit of them sometime around the actual 41st millenium.

Death Guard Poxwalker
Death Guard Poxwalker. Credit: Pendulin

I should probably try to speed up painting these models, but they are just so much fun to go all-in on.

Death Guard Poxwalker
Death Guard Poxwalker. Credit: Pendulin
Death Guard Poxwalker
Death Guard Poxwalker. Credit: Pendulin

Next month, however, is going to be a big diversion. I’m jumping back to roboboys with Necron Warriors and Kataphrons. There’s been too much flesh recently, and I’ve been aspiring to the purity of the blessed machine.

Liam “Corrode” Royle

It’s been a while since I actually made it into a hobby round-up. That means there’s lots of hobby to round up!

First up we have this Ambot – I was given this for a Secret Santa a few years ago and had never gotten around to painting it. I figured it would be fun to paint and also to weather, and I was right.

Already featured in the March on Terra are these five guys – the beginings of a 30k Blood Angels army. Since this photo was taken I’ve painted a paltry two more Tactical Marines, but built basically all of the Age of Darkness box, plus a Kratos, Dominion Zephon, and Sanguinius.

My other, other Blood Angels army – for Aeronautica Imperialis. I have two more Xiphons to paint from the Wrath of Angels box, plus I have a Thunderhawk built.

A Traitor Guard Kill Team from the Moroch box. These guys were a lot of fun to paint, even if I have no plans to actually use them ever.

Vertus Praetors – I am so nearly finished with my Custodes, but have gotten utterly distracted since. I need to paint a couple of Dreads and three more of these guys and I’m done.

Grotesques! I built ten of these in a rush in February after Talos got nerfed; I painted the first five back then, but never quite got around to finishing these ones. I finally did that recently.

Some Shining Spears, with an Ulthwe colour scheme which is in no way about wanting to avoid painting a lot of white.

My friend Mike was kind enough to send me Yoda for free, since I thought the model was cool even if I didn’t want to buy in to Legion. He was fun and quite simple to paint, and I think his face ame out way better than normal for me.