Goonhammer Hobby Round-up: May 2022

It’s been another month, and that means it’s time for another Hobby Round-up! This month we’re looking back on May – and pardon the delay, but we needed to give some of our hobbyists a little more time to complete some of the new Horus Heresy models they’ve been working on.


I started this month painting a bit of stuff in response to the Seattle Open, deciding that my terminators did well enough that they deserved to get a transport of their own. Despite having been playing off and on since third edition, and having built multiple land raiders (including the awful plastic/metal hybrid crusader) I think this is the first time I’ve ever completely painted one.

Black Templar Land Raider. Credit: Jack Hunter

I had some fun magnetizing it so I could use any options on it I wanted, rather than having to paint up multiple hulls. Its not like I’m likely to run multiple at the same time after all.

Right as I got this finished up GW sent me a large preview box for the second edition of the Horus Heresy. I spent the rest of the month working through a decent chunk of it (though well under half) in a mix of both my Imperial Fists and Blood Angels.

While I was tracking down a bunch of Blood Angels bits to convert up the MkVI Tactical Squad I found an all-but-finished Dawnbreaker Cohort squad that I’d converted up before the official models released, so to cap off the month I wrapped them up.

Blood Angel Dawnbreaker Cohort. Credit: Jack Hunter


All of my painting this month is in anticipation of, or direct response to, the Seattle (actually Tacoma) Open. If you haven’t read my novella on the subject, I had a grand ol’ time. I even got a neato trophy, which is now ever so slightly out of reach of my cats. As for how I earned this semi-prestigious award, I’ll let you read that article and find out. Let’s time travel a smidge.

Black Templars Impulsor. Credit: SRM

This was the last model I wanted for my list in the Narrative, as I had heard Impulsors were “heck of good” from more than one source. Said sources dated back to 8th edition, but it’s still a decent unit, especially with that Templariffic multimelta. Painting this thing wasn’t too bad, especially in comparison to my Repulsor Executioner where the primer went hydrophobic and didn’t accept paint. I would purchase a second one at the US Open.

Black Templars Primaris Chaplain. Credit: SRM

I was so jazzed about 40k after the event that I pulled off this headswap and painted this Chaplain in the three days after returning. I was feeling a smidge burnt out on 40k before going, but I had such a great time that I just had to get back to painting power armor. Swapping in the skull helmet from the Biker Chaplain model changed my mind about this model. I’ve painted one before, but the bare head just didn’t quite do it for me. This skull helm though? That owns.

Black Templars Bladeguard Veterans. Credit: SRM

I was inspired by Jack Hunter’s army at the event, which contained a pair of 5-man units of Bladeguard tooling around in Impulsors. I wanted to do the same thing, as that sounded pretty neat. I had already acquired 9 Bladeguard via Indomitus sets and the multipose kit, and picked up the Company Champion model at the US Open to serve as my 10th. Some people were upset that I took this 35 dollar man and made him just a sergeant, but I already have the Emperor’s Champion – why would I settle for a lesser one? I even have a Company Champion in my Ultramarines, so this was the only place for this fella to really be at home.

Black Tempalrs Bladeguard Ancient. Credit: SRM

Another headswap that was rattling around in my own, currently unswapped head, was this one for the Bladeguard Ancient. I’d picked up some Grey Knights heads back in 2017 for my at the time all-smol Black Templars, and this one with a cowl had been floating around my bitz box since. Those 5 Bladeguard Veterans had really taken it out of me, and I figured a quick character model would be fun to blaze through. I knocked this guy out in like 3 days, and had a ton of fun doing so. I figure that by the time I actually get through much of my Templar backlog, I’ll be able to have this dude and a Marshal ride along in a pair of Impulsors with a pair of 5-man Bladeguard squads, and then dump them all out and really mess up some dudes. That second squad of Bladeguard is still very much underway, so look forward to them in June!


Last month I did a Night Lords force, this month I did some Eldar “for TinyP”

First up some Kabalites:

Kabalite Warriors – Credit: RichyP

Then some Rangers

Aeldari Rangers – Credit: RichyP

Some Howling Banshees:

Howling Banshees – Credit: RichyP

Some Reaver Jetbikes:

Reaver Jetbikes – Credit: RichyP

And their boss, the Spiritseer:

Spiritseer – Credit: RichyP

Spiritseer and Aeldari – Credit: RichyP

Then at the end of the month, I jumped on the Horus Heresy Hype Spartan with some Word Bearers (Repainted Betrayal at Calth Minis):

Word Bearers – Credit: RichyP


Started in on the zombies from the Revenant Legion box. These first six are figuring out my process. I’ll probably work on speeding up steps as I get deeper into the unit. Love these models though, and these have some minor conversions from the standard direction builds.


Here’s the group shot with the heroes done earlier this year.

Michael O “Mugginns”

This month was spent mostly doing one project – the Twin Peaks Mall from 4Ground. As you recall, they’re leaving the painted MDF building market and I wanted to get it for my Walking Dead games before it was gone. It took about a month and a half to get to me but it was definitely worth it. Now I have to choose if I want to add on to it with other pieces – I think I definitely do.

It’s a great kit – tons of pieces, lots of good instructions. I will say I didn’t make every single thing that goes inside. There are just way too many pieces and some of them are pretty flimsy card. I just didn’t have the patience. I’m also lucky to have a ton of painted Mantic Terrain Crate stuff to fill it so I wasn’t worried.

The Mall in all it’s glory. I chose Peachtree Mall because that sounds more like Atlanta. Dale is guarding the RV while Rick’s group breaks in.
Rick, Andrea, Lori, Carl, and Shane enter the Mall looking for supplies.
Through the roof glass you can see all the walkers inside.
Rick’s group breaks in.
A top-down view of the main mall. The roof sections on either side come off.
I got these trees from Black Site Studio – I’ll be spacing them out a bit better to be the middle part of the Mall.
You can see here the front of each store. They all have glass fronts and signs etc.
Here are some of the interiors. They all came with paper to put on the floor and then a lot of furniture and boxes.
The other side of the mall. Lots of boxes, shelves, and clothing racks.

This terrain piece is definitely going to be a huge part of my collection. Someday perhaps it’ll be on the same board as my Warehouse or Trainyard pieces. I love it.

I also finished this Reductus Saboteur for my Genestealer Cult army. I bought the box with her in it when it came out and then she kinda just sat there. I’m really glad to have her done and look forward to giving her a try in our current Wars of Faith crusade.

I’ve had this oldhammer Patriarch forever – I got it on Etsy for $20 and just never did anything with it. With Wars of Faith you can have an Idol so I decided to paint him up to use in that. He’s on a big 60mm base with his assistant. I’m super happy with how it turned out.

Charlie B

This month I’ve cracked on with the Goffs I started in February, and have just passed the thousand point mark. This is a Crusade army primarily designed to be fun to play against. As such, when I added three killa kans to the army I glommed them on to the existing unit, meaning they’ll trigger the blast rule AND be more likely to run away in the morale phase. On the flipside, that’s 30 T5 Sv3+ ramshackle wounds, which in the extremely casual meta I’m playing in does give people something to chew on and/or worry about. I giveth, and I taketh away.

Doubling down on stompy robots, I also painted Sweary Bozz, AKA Mosh Deff. If anything I painted the zog off glyph too cleanly.

Said next unit is Sky Kaptin Snodgrin and da Goffs of Tomorrow. It’s a yoof movement in the most literal sense.

I also managed to get three-piece Rotörhead finished in time for a game yesterday, in which they were the only unit that achieved anything. Hell yeah.

Goff deffkopta three-piece Rotörhead. Credit: Charlie Brassley

If you enjoy lore riddled with heavy metal puns, you can read about each of these units over at the Beard Bunker. Finally, here’s a crammed snap of the whole army so far:

Sirrus Bizniz’ Goffs. Credit: Charlie Brassley

Hmm. Needs more infantry.



Last month I promised you 1-2 Wave Serpents painted in lovingly applied freehand. I lied. Here, have some YuJing models from Infinity I painted in anticipation of attending Novacore, the biggest event on the Australian Infinty social calendar.

YuJing Long Ya Remotes – Photo Credit: Musterkrux

These bad boys are ‘Long Ya’ remotes. They are sorta like sentry-drones, sitting camouflaged until someone gives them a good reason to pop up and say hello. I decided to go ham with selling the narrative of them emerging from a prepared position and threw a custom mix of textured paint on top of them, as well as some snow and flock as well as modelling their base to make it look like they were ‘nesting’. Then I cooked up a pair of custom camouflage markers that represent the ‘Before’ photo, with their sensor-array/radar dish poking up from a mount of dirt.


YuJing Infantry models – Photo Credit: Musterkrux

Here’s a pair of Shag Ji Heavy Infantry, their accompanying Tin-Bot (a mobile ECM platform) and a Zhanying Trooper. Look at that sick trench coat. Painting that much yellow was a test of my sanity. Thank God for airbrushes.


It’s been a heavy terrain month in the Hambarn. I finally got paint on a bunch of pieces that I’ve made this year.

First up is a stand-alone piece based on a ferratonic furnace with a custom designed a diecut base and top. I’ve been making this round of stuff with handrails and I love how the look.


This platform is based on the old resin Void Shield Generator, that I’ve had sitting around and primed for 5+ years. Feels good to take a piece that I was never going to use into something cool. I’m sure I’ll find a home for the other parts in my Necromunda terrain at some point. The top and railing for this was all diecut as well.


Last piece for the month is this complete tile, that was a new version of one of the first tiles I made back in 2018. Instead of domes and smokestacks, I designed and cut a connected platform for the top. I went all in on adding graffiti on this one, using a mix of O scale train decals and custom ones that I printed myself. Absolutely love how it came out.


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