Goonhammer Hobby Round-up: November 2020 (end of month)

2020 is nearly over. We’ve almost made it, guys. With another month down, what have our contributors been painting?


I had a bit of time off in the second half of this month, it was… productive shall I say.

Primaris Vanguard Veterans. Credit: Rockfish
Primaris Vanguard Veterans. Credit: Rockfish

Salamanders Primaris Techmarine. Credit: Rockfish
Salamanders Primaris Techmarine. Credit: Rockfish

Ophydian Destroyers. Credit: Rockfish
Ophydian Destroyers. Credit: Rockfish

Sergeant “Ripper” Jackson. Credit: Rockfish
Sergeant “Ripper” Jackson. Credit: Rockfish

I also had my first ever interaction with metal models, it was solidly ok. No paint on them as of yet, but I thought that it was worth mentioning.

Last but certainly not least I started yet another army…

War Walker. Credit: Rockfish
War Walker. Credit: Rockfish


Much like Rockfish, the past two weeks have been pretty productive and also involved work with metal models – which I haven’t done for nearly a decade. Scraping the bottom of my painting backlog, it was time to paint the Infinity Red Veil stuff I picked up years ago.

Beyond Red Veil. Credit – Soggy

Red Veil. Credit – Soggy

These were mostly a rush job, although I am very happy with how the face on Tarik came out. I’m unsure when these will ever see the table, but at least when they do they will be ready.

Tarik Mansuri. Credit – Soggy

Keen to see what all the fuss is about I painted up some Plasma Inceptors, who are missing their shoulderpads for now but otherwise ready to drop on some unsuspecting foes.

Blood Ravens Inceptors. Credit – Soggy

Lastly, a mate who was aware of how short my backlog was getting was kind enough to gift me ArtelW’s Gabriel Angelos sculpt. Whilst no longer available, if you hunt around he is still available. It is unreal how much better he is next to the Forgeworld model.


Beanith’s Hobby Progress Nov 2020


Models Points

Well ain’t that four fifths of fuck all? Pretty slow month hobby wise, I did get to play a few games and work continues on planning a Crusade campaign


I’ve slapped together the 40k Double-Dash Go-Kart that fires explosive kinetic shells instead of turtle shells and my Kickstarter Daemon Prince finally arrived and I promptly attempted to assemble… and after much swearing, remembered it was resin and needed a scrub first to remove the release agent. Having done that, he sits on my table ready for priming.


Stinky Steeve – Credit Beanith

I painted up a Lord of Contagion just so I could have one on the correct base size, I could have rebased Lord Felthius but why do things the smart way? I also painted up a nighthaunt into a stink fart ghost count as “Poxbringer”. The rest of the month was just tidying up bases, working on various bits and pieces and trying out new techniques.


I got a few games in this month, two games again at a FLGS tournament where I got stomped on by some Spikey Knights and made some incredibly poor decisions with secondaries against a Dark Angel army. Lost both resoundingly but still had a great time doing so.

Extra Spiky Knights – Credit to Nick that thoroughly trounced Beanith

I got in a 25PL Crusade game run by my local Games Workshop under very strict Covid restrictions which was good-ish. I decided to dust off my Space Marine Hero series 2 terminators and created a one off Dark Angel Successor Crusade force called “The Reasonable Ones”. When I arrived I was up against a superbly painted Necron army playing Sweep and Clear where I struggled to push him off objectives so I lost that one 30-90. It was a great game but the event got downgraded because, with all of the extra restrictions in place, I spent more time driving there and back than I did playing (first world that listens to scientists problems I know).

Lastly I got to spend a day with one of my oldest friends Gav. In theory we were there to test out the Crusade rules and what changes we could make for our own campaign… but it mostly us playing a few games of Crusade out on his back deck whilst talking absolute rubbish and having a whale of a time.

Beanith’s Test Crusade List – Charlie B’s genius Spreadsheet tool


Part of the lack of progress on the Painting/Building was because I was busy playing with magnets after watching Duncan “Two thin Coats” Rhodes’s video on how to Make your own Figure Case. Currently messing around with different sized magnets trying to work out which is best, 2mm high is a touch too short and the 2.5mm a little too high. As with many things, a cereal box will help solve this issue with a slither of cardboard to boost the 2mm a little bit further.

Space Marines Downunder – Crikey Beanith


Beanith’s Trello Nov update

My Daemon Prince finally arrived, almost 6 months to the day since I backed in on Kickstarter which is pretty good. Aside from that, my Death Guard project sits motionless.

Plans for December

Finalize the rules for the Crusade campaign. I’ve also got the small 3 round Tournament early December, maybe my Daemon Prince will be ready in time for his first outing? With any luck I can kick off a Slow Grow with some mates and tie that in with the Crusade Campaign at the same time… oh and celebrate Christmas/Sanguinius/Feast of the Emperor’s Ascension


Well goodness me it has been a busy month. Starting right off with the Allarus Custodian I prepared for How To Paint Everything: Adeptus Custodes Shadowkeepers. Of note, this model also made it’s way onto the Hobby Roundup on Games Workshop’s Twitch channel, which I’m quite happy about.

Shadowkeeper Allarus Custodes. Credit: Pendulin

Following that up, I dipped my toes into airbrushing ink with this Assault Intercessor from Indomitus. Head, of course, magnetized because that’s how I roll.

Assault Intercessor Sergeant
Assault Intercessor Sergeant. Credit: Pendulin

And finishing off the month with more Indomitus models, I wrapped up the unit of Necron Warriors I started last month, as well as painted three Canoptek Scarab Swarms.

Necron Warriors
Necron Warriors. Credit: Pendulin

Canoptek Scarab Swarm
Canoptek Scarab Swarm. Credit: Pendulin

While those models may look good. They certainly don’t look big. And by big, I mean big-big. I’m working on a model that might very well weigh more than the rest of my Warhammer collection combined and, if everything goes as planned, I’ll have it ready for next month’s hobby round-up.


Most of my November has been building seemingly endless piles of Genestealer Cult models. Yes, I did my regular thing of buying an entire army in one go and then building it before I let myself start to paint them.

However, all is now built and I’ve started slapping paint on some models

Genestealer Cult
Credit: Silks

Cool bases eh? Well, they’ll look even cooler in the many 40k games I end up playing in the dark…

Other than gimmicky bases, one thing I’ve been playing with is more weathering. Those of you that have seen my models know I go for bright colours and the factory fresh look, but I really felt like I should go a different way for these dirty miners of unspecified blue dust. These trucks aren’t finished yet, but I’m already really happy with how they look


This one’s been a slow one for me – I’m packing up to move from one coast to the other so my time is mostly spent building and living in a box fort. I was able to build some Varanguard and Fallout minis, but my painting has been pretty slim. Fortunately, I documented what painting I did in How To Paint Everything: Brotherhood of Steel, as I painted up a unit of Brotherhood Knights this month.

Brotherhood of Steel Knights for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Credit: SRM

I’d only painted some of the starter set plastics before these guys and the difference is night and day. I’d compare it to playing on low graphics settings then cranking them to ultra – these models are lovely. I also painted up a gift for a friend, but I won’t be posting that til they get it – they read Goonhammer and I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!

Charlie B

Since it’s hard to fit all 365 points of my Repulsor Executioner into small games, I painted up a significantly more budgetsome servo-turret. This serves two purposes: one, destroying enemy armour, and two, disappointing the airborne Jesus out of SRM by failing to add any heraldry to the blast shield. Campbell’s paint job on his turret was so cool that it made me buy one five minutes later, and I promised him I’d try and cover it in so many lovely Roman details that it’d have Badcast Dan compulsively windmill-slamming the Tarantella button on his mixing desk. When it came to it, though, it seemed weird to lavish all that detail on a field gun when I hadn’t extended the same courtesy to the much more prestigious vehicles in the rest of the army. A coward’s way out? Definitely. Here it is all the same:

Firestrike servo-turret. Credit: Charlie Brassley

Since I’ve seen people railing on this thing in a few places online, I figured I’d throw my extremely serious hat in the ring and write an academically robust position piece on why I think these things can make sense. God’s work, I know. If you need said silliness in your life, plus pictures from more angles, that’s over at the Beard Bunker.

Mike Bettle-Shaffer

With my commitment to painting at least one big box item every cycle to try and drop the actual, physical size of my backlog, the first thing I eyed up was the Sylvaneth endless spells. This is what I’m counting as a big box by the way, basically anything larger then one or two frames in depth. While it’s not an army I’m planning on playing anytime soon, it did give me some ideas for the display shelf and how I’d like to arrange things a little better!

Contrast made pretty short work of the large areas and with a little bit of dry brushing and edge highlighting, they were definitely at the “good enough” stage where I’d be happy to field them. I’ve also made some progress on my AoS28 project, and wicked things continue to come this way. I finished up the Chaos Lord on Karakdrak (god I hope I spelt that right), who will be joining the rest of the warband in the swamp. I’ll be doing another write up for this project as part of my running AoS28 series, covering my thought process, kits and cuts!


Crab-stuffed Mushrooms

I was unusually productive this month, banging out both Blood Bowl and Custodes:

Custodian Guard with Sentinel Blades and Storm Shields by Crab-stuffed Mushrooms

Sagittarum Guard by Crab-stuffed Mushrooms

I painted the Sagittarum and Custodian Guard using the methods outlined in a previous tutorial from Goonhammer.

Human Blood Bowl Team by Crab-stuffed Mushrooms

The Human Blood Bowl team was painted in a weekend using (mostly) Contrast Paints, which I hope to outline in a future tutorial!

Craig “MasterSlowPoke” Sniffen

I’ve also had quite a productive November! Well, I’ve actually only painted 3 models, but they’re quite large so I’ll count them as more.

Rainbow Warriors Invader ATV by Craig “MasterSlowPoke” Sniffen

I wanted to get these ATVs ready in time for the South Georgia Havoc GT, but I grosssly underestimated how much time I’d need for these guys.

Rainbow Warriors Invader ATV by Craig “MasterSlowPoke” Sniffen masterslowpoke, rainbow warriors, Invader, ATV, Bikers,

I usually try to avoid painting bikers if I can, as they’re quite a lot of effort for a single model, but I knew I had to have some of these ATVs the second they were previewed. There’s just such an aura of goofiness about them that harkens back to older editions of 40k.

Rainbow Warriors Invader ATV by Craig “MasterSlowPoke” Sniffen

The kit is extremely mono-pose, even for an easy to build kit, so I dug into the renmants of an Intercessor sprue to try and give them a little more individuality. There’s there’s not really a whole lot you can do to change the model up unless you are willing to really cut and sculpt (and I definitely wasn’t!) but a few different heads and arms help a ton.

Rainbow Warriors Invader ATV by Craig “MasterSlowPoke” Sniffen

I’ve only gotten a handful of games with them so far, but they’re really fun on the table. They’re extremely fast with decent firepower, and 8W makes them durable enough that your opponent will need to dedicated some real firepower to get them off the board. My favorite use of them at the South Georgia Havoc was slamming one into a blob of 20 Necron Warriors, forcing them to just smack it ineffectually instead of shooting something that mattered. I took them as solitary models instead of a unit of 3, mostly to better utilize the Master Artisans trait, but I do really want to see how dumb they are paired with a Chief Apothecary.

The Pit Crew by Craig “MasterSlowPoke” Sniffen