Goonhammer Hobby Round-up: September 2020 (end of month)

2020 is now 3/4s of the way over. Back in March we had people worrying about whether they’d get to go to Adepticon; as we enter October, we’ve just passed when NOVA was meant to happen. It’s been a long and weird year so far, with no signs of slowing down – but at least we have some little plastic dudes and dudettes to paint to get through it.

Liam “Corrode” Royle

After a fairly hefty opener to September, things slowed right down again in the back half. I painted 5 Eradicators for my nascent Blood Angels (it feels weird to talk about an army you have 5,000pts of as being new, but well, the painting on the old ones vs. this is night and day and also a huge part of the old stuff is Not Good in 9th). I also finally got my Made to Order Tariana Palos through, almost 180 days to the day since they put her up for order, and bashed through her in quick succession too.

With those done, I took a sudden zig to painting a Warhound Titan for Adeptus Titanicus, and then a zag to finishing off some more of my Sector Imperialis ruins. I’m playing a lot more games at home than I have been in the past, so having some more painted terrain is a big win – on the same note I also bought some bases for them to go on, because unbased ruins are the devil.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who perennially has too many projects on the go. Right now I’m excited about the new Space Marines, both for my Crimson Fists and my Blood Angels, as well as Sisters of Battle after hanging out and watching a couple of other Goonhammer authors play a game involving them. Beyond that I have something like 20 different projects across 4 systems sat in the backlog right now. When is it too much? Who can say. Anyway, here’s some models!


I haven’t been posting in these updates all that regularly, but the painting hasn’t stopped! Since we last checked in, I have finished my Tau army by painting a fourth Breacher squad and a grab-bag of random ethereals (two of the old metals, and the Aun’Va bodyguards, which are hilariously ripped by Tau standards, just absolutely shredded). That army stands at 7500 points, and given that I have the maximum legal amount of the units I wanted, and no more room in that display case, I’m unlikely to add anything new to it until/unless they develop a new kind of robot.

Over on the Dark Angels side, I started working on Blade Guard Veterans:

Dark Angels Blade Guard Veterans and Ancient
Dark Angels Blade Guard Veterans and Ancient. Credit: Greg Chiasson

Up next, given that they’re literally the only models in my backlog, is either another squad of BVG, or the Lion el’Jonson model from Forgeworld. Despite the long wait to finally get a Primarch, I’ve been putting him off because I can’t deal with Forge World resin on top of literally everything else happening in the world right now. Since I also don’t want to dive immediately back in on Blade Guard either, due to them really toeing the line of Marines With Too Much Going On, I’ve been occupying my hobby time working on something different, Bandai’s MGEX Unicorn Gundam, but that’s not really Goonhammer’s beat.


If the first half of this tire fire of a September was painting characters, the second half is filling out the ranks behind them. For starters, I painted the second set of Assault Intercessors, with the free Adepticon swag bag Intercessor in the back for some variety.

Assault Intercessors. Credit: SRM

I was having trouble coming up with their heraldry, so I just searched the #PerryMiniatures tag on Instagram and picked something I liked the look of. It’s different from my typical checkers and quarters, but I think it works really well for these bois. I was also vindicated with the power fist on the sergeant when GW revealed the multipart Assault Intercessors. I liked the look of this Forgeworld one so I chopped up an arm and pinned it on.

Assault Intercessors. Credit: SRM

After these guys were done I painted my second batch of Eradicators. A buddy of mine sent me some of his Indomitus extras, so I used those chonkers to fill out my existing Eradicator squad. People keep telling me how good they are, so I may as well listen for once. 

Ultramarines Eradicators. Credit: SRM

I’m quietly kicking myself for the stupid candy cane guns, but that’s the power of cascading bad decisions. I’m just glad they’re not Dark Angels or Christmas would come early. I am happy with the skin tone I drummed up for the corporal, but really all these guys did was whet my appetite for Heavy Intercessors. Not looking forward to painting all those Gravis moon boots, but I’m excited to plomp down so many thicc sons on the table. Anywhomst, I’ll be running Eradicators in a 6 man squad that’ll split into combat squads and save me a heavy slot. Here’s the whole merry bunch:

Ultramarines Eradicators. Credit: SRM

Next up I’ve got 3 Bladeguard vets, the Bladeguard Ancient, and the Indomitus captain, and I’ll be all caught up for my Ultras! Expect more robes and swords from this column next month.


Blood Ravens Bladeguard. Credit – Soggy

I’ve had a really productive two weeks all aboard the Indomitus train and the end is in sight for me. This period was easily the most inspired I’ve been in quite some time to the extent I had to hide my models whilst working from home during the day.  Earlier this month I managed to get my airbrush working again which has been a godsend for batch painting.

Blood Ravens Eradicators. Credit – Soggy

After powering through the plebs, it was time for characters – starting with chaplains. At first I was quite intimidated by having to paint and highlight black armour but I’m very happy with this result. The chaplain I think is easily the best thing I’ve painted in months.

Next month, I’ll be focusing on the remaining Bladeguard characters from Indomitus and then possibly going back to some Adeptus Titanicus.

Mike Bettle-Shaffer

Well there’s nothing like a bit of time pressure to get some painting done! I’ve been pretty busy getting our yard ready for winter and general DIY around the house so I haven’t had a huge amount of time for hobbying, and I’m pretty sure no one comes here to see my totally sweet new shed and wood store. However, we got a request to have a look at a Kickstarter and that meant I got to play around with some cool preview models, and get some hobbying in! So here’s some sample prints from the Isolation Protocol Kickstarter, by the time this goes out you likely won’t be able to back it but they sell models on their store post Kickstarter.


Charlie B

What my army really needs more of is basic troops, so naturally this month I’ve painted up a Repulsor Executioner and the Indomitus Chaplain.

First up, the Chaplain. This dude does it for me in all the ways that the original Primaris Chaplain didn’t. The original head is great, but a headswap lets me be lazily unique like the cut-price snowflake I am.

Verus, Cobalt Scions Chaplain. Credit: Charlie Brassley

On to the Repulsor Executioner. This was bought with gift vouchers given to me by my friends Boris and Daniel, so I named it Boriel’s Wrath in the hopes of making each of them shed a single manly tear. To ensure said manly tears, I also came up with some lore about who Boriel was, mixing traits from both Boris and Dan. I threw some freehand details at the rear access ramp to double down on the theme, but I probably shouldn’t go on at length in a hobby roundup article; you can get the (somewhat whimsical) lore, along with my explanation of why this thing is missing all its grenades, over at the Beard Bunker if you’re so inclined.

Cobalt Scions Repulsor Executioner. Credit: Charlie Brassley



Cobalt Scions Repulsor Executioner. Credit: Charlie Brassley

As an extremely happy bonus, this happened:

Moar Goonhammer on the Roundup. Credit: Charlie Brassley



This one has been a month of kit bashing with a bit of painting to finish it off. 
First up is a vampire for a Mordheim Undead warband. Based on the body of Blackstone Fortress’ Pious Vorne, and using the head of a Syvaneth Spite Revenant, this vampire wields a halberd cut from plasticard. Still in WIP stage, this one is ready for some sculpting to fill gaps, build hands, and some other odds and ends.

Mordheim Vampire

Next up is a Shyish Tree Revenant using the Spite Revenant’s body and a skeleton torso along with the  head an arm from a Bonereaper Mortek Guard. This is just a one off at this point. I’ve seen similar builds before using just the skeleton kit and I had this idea rattling around my skull.

Shyish Tree Revenant

Then another kitbash, this one is an experimental cyber-skull to Necron warrior interface. I’m imagining him attached to the warband of an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor.

Finally I painted this guy up over the last week. A Necron Royal Warden done in the Szarekhan Dynasty scheme. Played this one close to the official studio images. I really like their new take on the color scheme. A fun bit was using Monument Metal Medium and white and grey paint to build up a pearl-like effect on the circles in the cape.

Royal Warden


I am so close to finishing off indomitus I can taste it! Only the ancient left now…

Assault Intercessors w/ Hand Flamer and Thunder Hammer. Credit: Rockfish
Assault Intercessors w/ Hand Flamer and Thunder Hammer. Credit: Rockfish


Indomitus Captain. Credit: Rockfish
Indomitus Captain. Credit: Rockfish

I will admit to doing some necrons as well as I find it a drag to do the same scheme for too long!

Doom Scythe. Credit: Rockfish
Doom Scythe. Credit: Rockfish


Immortals With Tesla Carbines. Credit: Rockfish
Immortals With Tesla Carbines. Credit: Rockfish


Technomancer With Canoptek Cloak. Credit: Rockfish
Technomancer With Canoptek Cloak. Credit: Rockfish

I also managed to get into a hobby roundup!

Goonhammer representing! Credit: Rockfish
Goonhammer representing! Credit: Rockfish

Andrew “Kenji” Smith

September is the month I decided it was time to rekindle my hobby pursuits following the disaster 2020 has been on every aspect of my life, so what better way than to join the Goonhammer squad and push myself to recommit as hard as possible. I’ve been working on two tandem projects: Getting my Blood Bowl teams painted for the release of the new set, and converting an aquatic themed army; so far, I only have one unit to said “army”, but the project is at least off to a good start!

3 Elfheim Eagle Players
Elfheim Eagles cred. Andrew “Kenji” Smith

The Eagles players were primed literally a year ago, so some serious refreshing and cleanup was required. 

Elfheim Eagle player
Elfheim Eagle Player cred: Kenji


Elfheim Eagle Catcher
Elfheim Eagle Catcher cred: Kenji

I also worked on priming my Greebo (majority) Nurgle team to get them ready for once the Elfheim Eagles are done.


Nurgle Players
Nurgle Players cred: Kenji

For my conversion, this was as stressful as it was freeing. My thematic idea so far is a “dark fantasy” sort of Atlantis, or similar city; I’m not actually sure what theme or army to build this into, but I’m starting to lean heavily into Cities of Sigmar army that might be looking to chop up some Wrath of Kings Hadross units with some Stormcasts and Anvilguard units. For now, I have this Octopus Knight, a conversion of a D&D Octopus and Sepsimus from the Beastgrave Nurgle unit. 

The Conversion Components.
Conversion Components. cred: Kenji

The final product before painting looks very nice, and I’m happy with how ‘natural’ it came together with the application of some Greenstuff to create a tattered robe. My hope was that this would look like a mini that might exist normally, and I think I achieved that, even if the overall conversion is fairly minimal compared to other, far more intense designs. 

Converted Mini
Converted Mini. cred: Kenji

Finally, inspired by my review of Horrified for the website, I took to painting the monsters. I’ll have these finished by the end of October (just in time for Halloween!) but so far, Dracula really shaped up nice, and I’m thrilled to give this great game just that extra touch by painting all the minis. 

Horrified Dracula
Dracula. cred: Kenji


Bunch of random models this month for me. The Bladeguard Veteran I posted in the mid-month round up, along with four assassins and five Skaven.

Bladeguard, Skaven, and Assassins
Bladeguard, Skaven, and Assassins. Credit: Pendulin

The real winner here is Tesseract Glow, the new technical paint from Games Workshop. All that fluorescent green-yellow on the Skaven and Assassins? Prime or paint the area with Wraithbone and follow it with some Tesseract Glow. It’s bright, it’s fun, and it’s perfect. 

Beanith’s Hobby Progress Sep 2020











Another month of progress and even more games played. I’ve certainly been a busy bee this month


It looks impressive. I’ll grant you that, but 40 cultists is kinda padding my numbers a little. The rest was just some little side projects and some terrain I had lying around.

Beanith’s box of Cultists


Painting was fairly slow this month, feeling a bit of ennui/black dog for a bit meant I couldn’t be arsed most nights to paint for very long if at all. I did manage to finish the 2nd Contemptor Dreadnought and the Rhino so my cultists could have something to hide in.

Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought “Steve” – Credit Beanith


I played three Incursion games at a Friendly Local Gaming Store that I wrote about in Beanith’s Excellent Adventure and just recently had a couple more practice games with some mates for another 3 round Incursion event at the same store.


I picked up a free 4ft square “Bekant” from work. I have future plans to modify it but for now I’m just keeping the legs off to store it easier. First mod will probably be pins to make sure the legs stay on which should be easy enough. Vague plans to include a center leaf to make it big enough for larger games.

Beanith’s Gaming Table


September’s Trello Post – Credit Beanith

The great works kinda ground to a halt, I’ve assembled and primed the 40 cultists and finished a few small pieces.

Plans for October

Well right off the bat there’s the 3 round Incursion event. And then it’s time for the new Marine and Necron codex. Will I slink back into my Marine pile and make that Bike and Landspeeder army I keep threatening to put together? I could put together all my Necrons before the codex drops too and test the theory that I fielded an army before they became cool and good. (Iron Hand and Death Guard, can I make it 3 for 3?)

Craig “MasterSlowPoke” Sniffen

For the second half of this month, I was only able to finish up my Indomitus Judiciar, Setis Plaga:

Rainbow Warriors Judiciar by Craig “MasterSlowPoke” Sniffen

I painted most of this model on Goonhammer’s Twitch channel over the last few weeks. I was most worried about how to do the hourglass before starting him. I looked at SRM’s Judiciar for inspiration and then kind of just winged it. I decided to basecoat it Eshin Grey and mixed in a little Tallarn Sand for the sand visible through the glass at the bottom. For the reflexes, I did lines of Fenrisian Grey with dot highlights of white, and I think the effect works well! When I first saw this model previewed, I knew I had to do his mouth shroud with a rainbow cloth, and I love the way this head looks.

Rainbow Warriors Judiciar by Craig “MasterSlowPoke” Sniffen

For the cloak I used the same technique as I did on my Primaris Chaplain that I painted earlier this year, but this one ended up a little less scratchy and I think like it just a little bit more. I tried a new technique for the black armor – I basecoated it Mechanicum Standard Grey at first, then went over all the armour with a coat of Black Templar contrast, then highlighting it up. I need to get better at applying Contrast paint; I found the finish a little splotchy, especially on the backpack. I’m not sure if I’m going to try it again when doing the Indomitus Chaplain.

I’ve already started on my Eradicators from the boxest, and I’m glad that I decided to hold off on getting multiple Indomitus sets. These models are cool, but the previews we’ve seen of the multi-part kit look like they’re next level. I should be back with them for the next update, and hopefully even more! I’m going to leave you with a picture of my total month’s output. Not a whole lot, but this is one my favorite photos of my models I’ve taken.

Rainbow Warriors Judiciar and Bladeguard Veterans by Craig “MasterSlowPoke” Sniffen