Danger Planet

Malifaux and more! There’s no game to obscure for Danger Planet.

Founded by three guys who love miniature games, card games, and the sound of their own voices, Danger Planet is the place to visit for content on Malifaux, Horus Heresy, and a million miniature games you’ve never heard of. Join Doug, Sam, Brandon, and their rotating cast of guests—not to mention the Planet’s sole inhabitant, Blob Ross—as they discuss the games they’re playing, interview community members, or just make a wargaming table out of cake. There’s no game too obscure for us to review it, play it, and tell you all about it. Don’t forget to join our Discord, too – how many communities out there have separate channels for Malifaux, Horus Heresy, A Song of Ice and Fire, Moonstone, Arena Rex, Steel Rift, Carnevale, Rumble Slam, and the One Piece Trading Card Game?