La Voz de Horus

The most listened podcast about Warhammer 40k in Spanish, it’s a reference for our hobby in this language. With 45k subs to their feed, La Voz de Horus is a weekly podcast that every Monday releases content about the game, lore, rules, hobby and more.

One week you can listen to an interview with Graham McNeill and another one about 8 hardcore lists of the beginning of 10th Edition. In the middle you can enjoy an audio drama about the epic final of Arks of Omen narrative, including amazing voices for the Lion, Vashtorr or Abaddon.

These are just a few examples of the content of La Voz de Horus. After 7 years of weekly publishing, you’ll never run out of an episode of our podcast to enjoy. Their passion about 40k is contagious! Check their website to learn about the growing, large Spanish community of Warhammer 40k.

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