Playin’ and Slayin’

Four friends (and special guests!) talk games, books, movies and more.

A conversational format podcast hosted by four friends that thoroughly enjoy all things gaming. Topics discussed cover a wide array of the gaming world; from TTRPG to, boardgames and miniature wargames, up to and including painting tips/tricks. The show often will include a guest to join the hosts as they update the audience on what’s been going on.

Past guests include; Raf Cordero (Goonhammer), Teras Cassidy (Geek Nation Tours), and Alayna Danner (Magic the Gathering artist). Playin’ and Slayin’ releases a monthly episode in the 2-3 hour time range on the vast majority of podcast platforms, as well as a video of the recorded show on YouTube. Episodes are perfect for a few nighttime painting sessions or the morning commute. We hope that you listen and enjoy. Keep the dice rollin’, the drinks on ice, and no matter what, Keep Playin’ and Slayin’!