Goonhammer Merch – Faction Stickers!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

We have uploaded some new merch for you all to our Redbubble store – more faction stickers! Some of these were already on the store but a lot of them weren’t. If you’re looking for the perfect accompaniment for your army tray or label for your KR case, or you just want to… stick it to your wall or forehead or whatever, then look no further – all your favourite faction art is available to buy right now.

The banners added today include:

Astra Militarum

Adeptus Mechanicus


Adeptus Custodes



Imperial Knights




Tau Empire


Legions of Azgorh

Stormcast Eternals

If you don’t see your favourite faction listed here, then it may well already be on the site – otherwise we will be uploading more next week! Buy yours today on Redbubble, and help support Goonhammer!