Goonhammer on the Road to Games Workshop’s US Open 2022 Series

On Friday Games Workshop announced their US Open Events series for 2022, with tournaments for 40k (competitive and Crusade), Age of Sigmar, and Kill Team, with some events also hosting tournaments for Blood Bowl, Horus Heresy, and Warhammer Underworlds. If you haven’t seen the initial post or want to grab tickets, you can find the link to the WHC post on it here.

Given that we had players at all four events last year, it should be no surprise that we’re pumped to go to the events again this year, and excited to see the showcase moving out west, even if we are going to miss them having an event in Texas. Our authors are dusting off minis, licking brushes, and preparing their armies for each event, starting with Seattle in May. And you’d better believe we’ll be talking about the events, starting this week with Campbell “SRM” McLaughlin’s first Road to the US Open Seattle post. So stay tuned for that and more updates in the future. And if you’re going yourself, we’ll see you there.

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