Goonhammer Open Maryland – Tickets Available Now!

Tickets are available now for the Goonhammer Open in Maryland – August 13th and 14th in Rockville.

40K Grand Tournament: 50 player, 6 round 40k GT.

40K Narrative: 24 player, team narrative campaign. Choose your alliance – Imperium, Xenos, or Chaos!

Adeptus Titanicus Narrative: 12 player loyalist vs traitor campaign.

Rob: In addition, we’re excited to announce the James Kelling Memorial Display Board Table, a table of open display boards that paint judging participants can use to set up and display their models for judging without having to worry about lugging a large board to the event. We’ll also have a photo booth set up with lights for players to take high-quality photos of their army at the event. So if you’ve ever wanted a fancy photo of your army, this will be your chance!

We’re excited to see you there!