Goonhammer Patron Hobby Round-up: June 2020, episode 1

We love all of our Goonhammer patrons, and they’ve been showing us some fantastic hobby recently, so we thought – why not share it with all of you? And so the Goonhammer Patron Hobby Round-up was born, and all of you can share in their work. 


My FLGS gave me the promotional Catachan Colonel model for supporting them when they were closed during Arizona’s Covid restrictions. Decided to give them a little plug when it came time for pictures (Heroes and Villains in Tucson; they’re good people). It was a fun model to paint; I’ve mostly been painting Orks and Space Marines for the last year-and-a-half, so it was nice to paint something new for a change.

I used a bit of Vallejo’s fluorescent paint on the green blood and the eye of the servoskull. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. It looks really cool in person.


For the hobby roundup I did the Goliath stuff from House of Chains! They’re beefy!

Craig “Nurgler” Valvano

This past month, I’ve managed to complete two pieces of my homebrew Space Marine chapter, the Crimson Heralds. Fluffwise, they’re a (mostly) Primaris chapter whose geneseed was drawn from Word Bearers. This five-marine squad, Intercessor Squad I is destined to ride in an Impulsor transport and three or four of them will form the core of my Space Marine force. The paint scheme and chapter symbol are homages to the secret parent Legion. I will be painting them as close to codex-defined as possible, due to the dogmatic nature of their sire, with blue swapped for the codex red for sergeant helmets.

Next up are Intercessor Squad 2 and my first Impulsor.

I’ve also completed an Imperial Knight Castellan, who is a Freeblade Vassal to the Crimson Heralds. His markings are a mix of the Knight, Space Marines and heresy Word Bearers transfers and his armor is painted in similar colors to his parent chapter. In friendly games, it will be an Imperialis Freeblade and in more competitive games where I winning matters to me, he will be Krast (for that juicy bonus damage). The knight has LED lit eyes for that extra bit of flashiness.


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a few models for my Ad Mech army that I’m hoping will be playable in time for 9th edition to come out. It’s nice to know that I should be able to start playing at the 500 pts level with the new rules as that should allow me to jump in almost immediately and start playing while building up my army to a larger size. I’m settled on the paint scheme but I’m still adding more elements for basing as you can see with the first model here my Tech Priest Maniplus. As others have pointed out this model has an absolute ton going on with it. This big round fellow took me the longest of any Ad Mech figure so far but I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. The bubbling liquid condenser on his back tested my glazing skills but I followed the GW tutorial mostly and the result is pretty satisfying. He was also my test bed for mixing up different basing materials and textures. It also has probably the most visible skin of any model in my army so far. I really wanted to make it look like the fleshy portions of this model were hypoxic and near death as befits an army that is obsessed with ‘fixing’ the frailty of the human body.

Before I start batch painting a squad I try to finish one model from that squad to work out the intricacies of painting that type of model. This is the first Skitarii Ranger for my army and also the squad leader. I’m starting to get the hang of the freehand on their coats, the important trick is to space out the checks first, then once they’re even and centered you can bulk them up and add the connecting line.

This is the test model for my squad of Kataphron Destroyers and he’s fully magnetized. It took quite a bit of fiddly gluing to make it all work out but the heavy weapon barrels can be swapped and the smaller weapon arm is held on by a magnet under the shoulder joint and a small flat magnet on the outside of the arm. This model also served as a test bed for experiments with pigments as I knew that the tank half of him should be quite dusty. I used a diluted matte medium as a fixer and I’m not totally satisfied and it tends to blur the effect too much, rather than leaving heavy deposits in the recesses. I’ve got some Pigment Fixer coming my way to hopefully improve things for the next Kataphron models for my army.

Magos Sockbert

The last month was been a bit of a weird month for me, hobby wise. Working from home for the first time brought less progress than I expected, but I managed to burn through Sons of the Selenar, Clonelord, Primogenitor, and Legacies of Betrayal, so it wasn’t a complete loss. Reading to avoid trying to paint bone over a black undercoat counts as progress, right? Well, three Skorpius Disintegrators was the cause of that. Prepping for my first forays into competitive play for 9th edition means making some sacrifices, and one of those sacrifices was batch painting three hover buggies to make T’au cry.

Rewinding time by 10,000 years, I managed to paint up six Myrmidon Destructors for my Horus Heresy army. Armed with Volkite Culverins and Preferred Enemy: Everything!, these guys should make even terminator death stars uneasy. Oh, you’ve got a 2+ armour save? Great. Make 20 of them.

Backing them up are 40 Adesecularis Tech-Thralls. I’ve always loved the idea of Mechanicum and their 40k cousins being like Vampire Counts of old, with a few powerful beings pushing forward swarms of puppet thralls. Well, these guys absolutely fit the bill, being undead brought back by dark sciences. I’m exceptionally happy with how these guys came out. They suffered my first attempts at hazard stripes, and while up close you can see very clearly that they’re a first, hurried attempt, looking down at the board they look great. The powders around their legs look pretty neat as well, if I do so say myself!

Finally, I managed to paint a whopping eight different Magos this month, including this little fella from Reaper! Still working to get the brain gloss and colour right, so I might need to borrow someone’s brain as a reference model. I hear Black Heart is a big fan of this guy, so he might be willing…

What’s next: Taking a step back from The Perfect Game ™, next month will be a flurry of activity as the new Adeptus Mechanicus units fall across my desk and I giggle like a child as I paint these beautiful cyborg cowboys, and weep as I paint Firefly from Batman over and over again…

jimmycrakcorn72 (And he wants you to care)

What’s been a sweeping global pandemic for some has been a great opportunity for me to increase my glacially slow pace of 3 painted models a month to a blistering 4. Despite being into the hobby since I was 13 I’ve never had the time or the control of my rampant ADHD to field a completely painted army, so about a year ago I decided to restart my beloved Dark Angels army as an all-Primaris force with a new and better color scheme (30k forever, get those Christmas-lookin 40k mooks outta here). I painted a five man squad of Intercessors (less cool intercessors) and promptly decided that was enough as my wife kept asking why I was ignoring our newborn. Skip to a few months ago and I finally had the time to pick it back up, and now being stuck at home I’ve really found a groove. I’ve really been enjoying combining the 30k Dark Angels aesthetic with the more modern Primaris units, exemplified in my cooler Intercessors, Contemptor Dread and  Company Master Zarakel (a long time character who started as baby’s first named sergeant way back in 6th ed and has seen several iterations as I’ve gotten less and less terrible at painting) . To keep myself from slowing down I’ve been trying to stick to mostly table-top standard with a bare minimum of highlights. Currently I’m wrapping up the base colors of a Repulsor Executioner, after which I’m going to have to decide whether to double back on another unit of Scouts or some sniper Intercessors. Ah the joys of picking units right before an edition change. I also recently painted a test model for a custom chapter called the Hounds of Alemmani I’m very excited about. I’m thinking they’ll be a bit of a palette cleanser and Kill Team sideproject/conversion opportunity. I’m going to be going for a Germanic barbarian vibe, and I’m very excited about building up a backstory based on the region of Germany my family is from.  World-building is my favorite part of playing Dungeons and Dragons which has always been hampered by my least favorite part, which is playing Dungeons and Dragons. So best of both worlds! Plus as unknowing genetic descendants of the Sons of Horus I get to explore that side of the universe without having to paint all that damned metallic trim.


So one of the few nice things to come from being confined inside for a few months has been being able to catch up on a painting and modeling backlog. And boy, is that a long backlog. The painting is what I’m thrilled about though. I was able to put in some nice progress on some Chaos Space Marines of the Black Legion. Painting all this black has really helped my edge highlight game, as I found really thick edge highlights or over-highlighting makes he model look bad. Each Chaos Model was also just different enough that I was able to do a bit of experimenting with each one. Like the Oblit’s inflamed skin was a combo of pink and red of various mixture. Currently going to finish the rest of the Black Legion Oblits (2 to go) and take a brief break from Chaos to Airbrush a bunch of Ad Mech for Engine War. Also take some time to paint my new Blood Bowl Lizardmen team, the Lustria Turbo-Lovers!


Finally getting some progress on my Sisters. The infantry squad is missing backpacks, but all the hard work is done on them!


I’ve been slowly working through the Warcry box. All the models and terrain are fantastic. Finally put the finishing touches on the Iron Golem. I was a couple of weeks into running a campaign when our shop closed up – looking forward to picking it back up.


When I was bored in quarantine, I decided to look through my old copy of the 3rd edition Eldar codex and got bitten hard by the nostalgia bug, becoming inspired to make a modern plastic homage of my favorite Eldar model. A few weeks were spent planning out and acquiring the kits I needed for the parts, with the actual painting time taking about a week, but I like how it turned out. My research though old White Dwarfs (WD 216) showed that the original was made by (now former) ‘Eavy Metal painter Adrian Walters in 1997, and I hope I did the original model justice. If you’re reading this and know where that model is now, please send me some more pics! Thanks!