Goonhammer Patron Hobby Round-up: June 2020, episode 2

It’s time for another Patron hobby round-up – check out the great stuff our Goonhammer patrons have been working on!


I’ve been pushing through a lot of my backlog over quarantine, and also having fun kitbashing. I had half of Feirros left over from a Lord Discordant conversion I did a while back, so I pulled some stuff together to make a fancy Chaos Lord. With primaris legs he towers over cultists and stands out quite nicely.

With him done, I set aside a few hours after work each day for about a week to plow through two Predators, a Decimator, and a Leviathan that had been mocking me from a shelf for months now.

With all that painted I challenged a buddy to an outdoor game so I could run all my armor on one table – I lost pretty miserably on objectives but I got some good licks in.

Next up, I’m working on a trio of Plagueburst Crawlers, here’s how the first one came out. I’ve got some ideas for iconography to differentiate it from my actual iron warriors, but I’m gonna practice my freehand first.

And finally, I picked up a Knight Desecrator from a local hobby shop that just reopened (Knight Ware in Studio City, California, give them a visit if you’re in the area), and didn’t want to spend $30 per arm buying thermal cannons off ebay, so I modelled my own for printing.


June marks the end of Q2 of my hobby group’s “Tale of Many Lamers” slow grow, we’re doing 500 points of a 40k army every 3 months. I painted a Mawloc and finished off the bases on some Genestealers and a Broodlord (well, finished as far my convenient excuse of “my order for jungle basing materials is delayed” holds out). I also threw in some miscellaneous Flesh Eater Courts models for variety, I’m particularly happy with how the horsey endless spell came out given that the scheme is quick and easy to execute. Next I am finishing off some Hormagaunts to round out my Q2 then onto some large monsters for Q3.


With the impending arrival of 9th Edition, I thought it would be a good time to actually learn how to play Warhammer 40,000. I’ve painted plenty of other models, but not really enough of one faction to make up a legitimate army, so I’ve decided to learn using my Sisters of Battle army box that I got last Christmas. So far I’ve finished painting the canoness and the four repentia, and just this last week I finished the Sisters squad as well. I expect to lose every game because I won’t know what I’ll be doing, but at least my models will be painted. I’m looking forward to it!


I wanted to try something new after a bunch of orks and Iron Hands, so people suggested I grab the Start Collectiong Thousand Sons box. This was mostly done with contrast paints. I tried a couple of different styles (which you can see on the helmet), and people preferred this one. The blue and gold were mostly just done through contrast paints over bright metal (Vallejo chrome). The symbol on his tabard was done freehand. Not super happy with how it came out, but that’s why we practice.

Had a little bit of difficulty with the transfer here, as it didn’t want to conform to the surface without a lot of nudging. It ended up a bit more oval than intended.

The Eye of Horus was done through freehand, as the kit doesn’t come with a transfer there.

The base was done using a method I found online for making a marble texture. Not quite looking right; I think I’ll add some black lines running through future ones.

Jason “Jassi”

In the past month I’ve finished my unit of 3 eliminators from the Shadowspear box set. My Ultramarines army is based in a dry wasteland/desert-ish theme, so I’ve given them my best attempt at a desert camo pattern. I’m pleased with how it came out, although I can see room for improvement. I have my Phobos Librarian on deck so he’ll be painted in the same camo scheme. After the Eliminators is my first Redemptor Dreadnaught. I’m on the highlighting stage, then decals basing and finished.

My end goal is to get 2000+ points of Primaris Ultramarines finished to accompany the 2000ish points of oldhammer Ultramarines I painted in 2019. This has been my first serious run at a tabletop hobby and Goonhammer has really helped keep the hobby juices flowing, even when we’re quarantined and can’t get in any games.

Craig “Nurgler” Valvano

These couple of weeks, I worked on a pair of Impulsors for my Crimson Heralds Space Marines chapter. For the hull, I did the same spray through the mesh bag effect used on my Castellan (Corrode: see last month’s round-up), but with grey. Then I hit the whole thing with Blood Angels Red Contrast. Unlike the Knight, I did some weathering with sponged silver paint and pigments. Unfortunately, I was a dope and did the weathering before applying transfers, so I’ll probably have to weather it again in parts.

I also took the time to indulge in a side project, finally painting a Gellerpox figure after being inspired by the Painting Nurgle article. I prefer my nurgle zombies to be borg-like albino, so I made use of the white contrast, before dirtying the whole guy up


Two more weeks of Warcry progress! Finished the Spire Tyrants and Fomoroid Crusher, made more progress on the Untamed Beasts and Flesh Eaters. My fiancee and I got in a couple of demo games, and she’s hooked.

Chaos Dwarfs clash in the Bloodwind Spoil!


That’s all we have for you this time – thanks so much to all of our patrons who contributed to this article, it’s always great to see the cool projects you’ve been working on! If you’d like to join in, check us out on Patreon and come join the Discord at the $5+ tiers.