Goonhammer Patron Hobby Round-up: October 2020

We have a fantastic community of Patrons here at Goonhammer, who’ve been engaging in some excellent hobby over the last few weeks. You can check out all of their work here!

Jimmy Burger aka Cosmic Burger Daddy

The last couple months I’ve settled nicely into a pattern of alternating between painting table-top-standard units for my main Dark Angels army, and more high-effort units for my custom chapter the Hounds of Alemanni for a Crusade campaign I’m planning with a friend. 

First up is this unit of Dark Angels Inceptors, I started highlighting the sergeant and got most of the way done with the first layer of highlights before remembering the goal was to get a fully painted army, not a fully done army, so the other two haven’t seen any edgework. I thought they’d make the most sense as a Dreadwing unit to fit my “30k in 40k” theme.

Before and after the Inceptors I painted up the first two units of the Hounds, a Phobos Lieutenant and a squad of Assault Intercessors. I tried to do a sort of ash-smeared look on the Lt’s face to imitate Northern European tribal practices, and clearly did not succeed. C’est La Vie. Or rather, as the Hounds would say: So ist das Leben. I’m also wrestling with the idea of black accents and such being indicative of 1st company/veteran status but I’m not yet sure how I feel about it. They’re waiting on decals and weathering since I need to custom chapter icon from a 3rd party, and I don’t like starting a hobby step and not being able to finish it so there you go.

Craig “Nurgler” Valvano

This month, I completed Mortarion and a Biologus Putrifier conversion. For Mortarion, I really got into blending using my airbrush and tried to blend his robes from crimson to a spectral blue. The armor is the new Cryptek Armourshade over Leadbelcher, which was highlighted Vallejo Old Gold and then silver on the top of the armor. The rock is painted with Tesseract Glow. For the rest of the base, I mixed together PVA glue and super glue and then painted following TheChirurgeon’s Nurgle paint guide. I left out the optional puffs of smoke and a couple of Nurglings because they made it busy and I goofed up his back, so the puffs wouldn’t actually fit on the fleshy smoke stacks.

For the conversion of the Putrifier, I used a plague marine from the Death Guard paint set. I used the leftover staff bit from Mortarion’s sprue and attached some zombie heads to create his Blight Rack. I thought the Nurgling would fill out the base nicely for him, which was done with bits of sculpy that had a Green Stuff Roller pressed into it and Astrogranite Debris.

Conan the Librarian

It seems like its been a long while since I got some figures finished but I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. Doing some one off pieces for my army was a nice change of pace from multiple of the same model. 

First up here is the Tech Priest Dominus, lots of stuff going on with this figure and the amount of wrinkles on the robe really deterred me from trying anything freehand there. I was dreading the vials on his back but I’m okay with the result. He could probably use some dirtying up around the bottom hem but I’m okay setting him aside for the moment and calling it done.

Next up are Daedalosus and a Cybernetica Datasmith. Both of these were fun to paint and pretty quick. The robe on the Datasmith has a huge seam on one side that I forgot to fill prior to priming. Hopefully I can avoid that in the future. I gave Daedalosus a more life-like skin tone since he seemed to be fairly new to the Mechanicum and might still have enough of his original body left to be kept alive by his human circulatory system. I tried out the new Tesseract Glow paint on Daedalosus’ gun here along with the dominus and it’s a nice quick way to do some cool glow effects. I recommend people check it out for all their green glow needs.

Lastly is my big spider boi. Definitely my main focus for a while since I magnetized the whole thing including all weapons options. I also spent some more time on the base since I knew it would be such a huge area. I’m fairly happy with how it turned out. At some point I imagine that I’ll do a whole bunch of terrain in this same style. I like the idea that my army is scouring the surface of an old forge world in search of lost secrets. I think I’ll try to go back and add some pigments to his feet at some point. 

Hopefully I can keep my current momentum going as I round the halfway point on my army and finish up the last of the characters. Look for more from me in the near future.


Super slow month from me as the wait for the new SM codex didn’t motivate me to paint a lot. The Indomitus Lieutenant turned out pretty well though as I enjoy painting characters a lot more than batching units. I’ve shifted my Marines paint scheme to a more worn armour look as a lot of Marine painters go for the cleaner, ‘factory fresh’ finish & it’s nice to be different. Additionally, <insert mandatory salty comment about the Imperial Fists FAQ here>.


9th Edition might be the all time greatest time for the Lord of Change with the additions from Engine War and Exalted Demon rules. As the warlord of my Chaos Daemons army, I wanted to go big on this model. This bird represents exactly 1 year into painting and it’s a great demonstration of the detail and blending you can do with an airbrush, contrast paints and a fun base. 90% of this model was done strictly with Citadel contrast paints and lots of blending. Turbo Dork pearl coat was used for the white part of the wings which shimmer with a blue ethereal reflection in person. Arms were magnetized for transport and the base was a chunk of concrete so there is a considerable weight to it. This Lord of Change feels more like a trophy I gave myself for a year of sticking with the hobby.


I finished up a Tyrannofex for my hobby group’s slow grow – this is the biggest monster I’ve painted so far for my Tyranids and I feel like I’m getting into the groove with the paint scheme. I also added basing to him and all the models I’ve painted so far following a jungle basing guide on this very website. As a bonus the model got featured on Games Workshop’s Hobby Roundup, which made me grin from ear to ear for a solid 6 hours.


Lord Zarjyr, Champion of the Infricosators, the Terminator elite of the Scars of Midnight. His relic Tartaros armour is still functioning and being a true son, his two-handed Nostraman chainglaive has never left him.

I’m running him as a Terminator Champion, with a Combi-melta and a Chainfist to get as close as possible to a Volkite Serpenta and master-crafted Nostraman chainglaive from the Horous Heresy 9th Volume. I’m slowly working through all the HQ and squad leaders for a Crusade army of Night Lords.


I’ve been really enjoying using Crusade as an excuse to kitbash and paint units that would never see the light of day otherwise; this here is my Chaos Lord on a Juggernaut of Khorne, Haemodrion the Forgemaster. I’m trying to achieve a gritty, tarnished look by using Ryza Rust and Nihilakh Oxide as sort of ‘anti-highlights’, making the underside of lit planes pop with whorls of color before a heavy wash of Agrax unifies and smooths transitions.

Tired Sherpa

I’ve been continuing to expand my Crimson Fists chapter, which I started in May this year as my re-entry to 40k after a 10 year break. I’ve spent the last few months working on the core units and HQ’s that I’d use, so for September I finally got to get into the fun units I was looking forward to painting.

The Indomitus Captain is the best model I’ve ever painted, and has been in every list I can dream up. The Jump Chaplain was the second model I ever owned from 16 years ago (and was painted very badly by a young me as a Black Templar), but I thought he deserved a face lift and a new power fist.

I love Dreadnoughts, and I wanted to do something special for the Leviathan. I’d never tried dryer-sheet marbling before, and definitely learned some lessons. I’ve settled on his name being Brother Quixote as he seems to embody both the titular knight, and the windmill with twin storm cannons.

The Eradicators made me love Gravis armored units, and were good practice for the 60 Heavy Intercessors I plan to be using (points permitting). I never owned a Rhino as a kid, so the Impulsor was a fun callback, I don’t hate the hover tanks as much as I thought I would.

I hated painting before 2020, but it’s been good for my mental health to fail, try, and try some more. Do what makes you happy and what you think looks cool. The Emperor Protects.

Bryan 444

I’m working on a couple Genestealer Cult units, as part of an IP-mashup mini swap. My partner wanted Genestealer with a MadMax vibe.

I made a sidecar out of the largest skull, from the citadel skull box. Gave the sidecar rider a cigar, because how else would you light the dynamite haha

Still a WIP. I gave the wolfquad some pointy bits, and an old gift card sacrificed itself to become a plow blade.

I built this as a hobby desk. Combined my two hobbies minis and woodworking. Used plans from a woodworking course I’m taking to make a dropdown work station. The desk took up a huge chunk of hobby time, so the mini swap stuff is all I’ve painted recently.