Hammer Out Cancer this weekend

Looking for some fun competitive 40k this weekend? Want to tell cancer to fuck off? The Best in Faction podcast and Art of War are putting on a covid safe Hammer Out Cancer event this weekend. A local Pacific Northwest crew are putting on two marathon streams of a mini-tournament, commentated by some of the best players in the game.

Both streams are completely free to watch, with charitable donations being split between the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the healthcare costs of Vince Price, a long-time 40k community member currently struggling with cancer. Over the last two years of Charityhammer events they’ve raised over $35k to donate. Donations can also get you tickets for a raffle running through the weekend, with prizes including a painted 2000 point Necron army and pile of Ork kits.

Find out more information at Charityhammer and you can tune into the streams starting at 2:00 PM Pacific time on Friday, January 15th at Best in Faction and Canhammer‘s twitch channels.