How To Paint Everything – Eldfall Chronicles: The Helian League

This article is part of a sponsored series of articles exploring Freecompany’s Eldfall Chronicles tabletop miniatures game. 

The Helian League are a collection of like-minded people intent on upholding justice and defending the people of Calad from those that seek to do them harm. These brave warriors have developed a well-deserved reputation as the leading military force of the world, though time will tell if they can continue to stand alone or if desperate times will see them join forces with others. In this article we’re talking about how to paint the faction. For more on how to play them, check out our Faction Focus article.

The Helian League has a colour scheme that’s heavily composed of white and gold, with a few accents in deep red/burgundy. They also have some cloth accents to break things up. Otherwise, they’re pretty straightforward. Here are the paints I used when painting the Helian League:

White Cloth

  • Basecoat of Deepkin Flesh
  • First highlight 50:50 Deepkin Flesh and White Scar
  • Edge Highlight of White Scar

Steel Armour

  • Basecoat with Leadbelcher
  • Shade with Nuln Oil
  • Reapply Leadbelcher on all the raised areas
  • Fine edge highlight with Vallejo Model Air Steel (One of my favourite metal paints ever)

Gold Armour

There are different shades of gold you can go with; I chose a warmer, reddish gold for the armour.

  • Basecoat with a yellow gold, I used S75 Dwarf Gold, but Retributor Armour will work just as well.
  • Shade upward facing areas with Reikland Fleshshade
  • Shade downward facing areas with Coelia Greenshade
  • Highlight upward facing areas with the original yellow gold
  • Fine edge highlights with the yellow gold mixed with a silver colour (I used VMA Steel)

Black Cloth

  • Basecoat with Corvus Black
  • Shade with Nuln Oil
  • Tidy up with Corvus Black
  • Edge highlights with Eshin Grey and Dawnstone

Ivory Cloth

  • Basecoat Wraithbone
  • Soft shade with Skeleton Horde diluted a lot with Contrast Medium (1:4)
  • Clean up with Wraithbone
  • Edge Wraithbone mixed with White Scar (1:1)

Auburn Hair

  • Basecoat Doombull Brown
  • Shade Goregrunta Fur
  • Highlight Doombull Brown
  • Fine highlights of Tuskgor Fur to make the hair shiny, following a kind of ring pattern around the crown of the head (look at anime hair highlights for reference)


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