How to Paint Everything: House Orlock

In our How to Paint Everything series, we normally take a look at different armies of the Warhammer universe and while these fellows are from the same universe they don’t quite qualify as an army. House Orlock are our favourite roadwarrior miners of the underhive!

In our first look into the underhive in a HTPE, we are taking a look at the Orlocks who would fit right in at either a biker gang meet or a firefight in dingy corridors beneath Necromunda. Like all the gangs these are some wonderfully detailed models if a little lacking in weapon variety out of the box.

Who Are House Orlock?

One of the six major families of Necromunda’s Hive Primus, House Orlock are responsible for most of the iron production in the hive, hence their name “the House of Iron.” House Orlock is locked in a bitter rivalry with House Delaque, primarily arising from conflict over which house would supply the lucrative House Ulanti contract that led to an ongoing string of sabotage, factory destruction, and assassinations. 

This makes the Orlocks a kind of “everyman” faction among the Necromunda house gangs. Far from the ‘roided-up monsters of House Goliath or the shifty, bald weirdos of House Delaque, the Orlocks have a more “normal” feel with their models and visual style. They can be painted in a variety of colors, from the cold gray and blues of the Games Workshop house style to the garish bright red-and-yellow scheme chosen by Goonhammer’s own Dan “SexCannon” Boyd. 

How to Play Orlocks

If you’re looking for more information on House Orlock and how to play them, head on over to our Necromunday article on House Orlock.


Rockfish’s Method

While I have yet to actually play a game of necromunda (dang COVID), of the gangs my favourite would have to be Orlocks. I cannot really put a finger on why, but their visual style is right up my alley.

I did make the mistake of thinking that it’s only like ten or twenty dudes what’s the worst that could happen if I did them high detail? Well it’s been like four months and I only have eight of them done, so uh don’t necessarily go as far as me.

The first few coats are just some basic base coats, nothing fancy here.

I did at least let myself only use one colour of wash for the majority of the clothing, so that’s something. While these are just normal so far, I promise we get to interesting stuff soon!

I like using nurgling green to desaturate skin colours, I would recommend that if you do so either try to remember proportions used or make a decent amount as I adjust the original colour to get the highlights. I enjoy using purple as a shade for darker skin tones as it feels far more impactful than using a red-ish which can be quite subtle. It’s worth noting that I did 3-4 successive highlights for the skin where I just gradually added the kislev to get the slight variation I desired. If you want to see other recipes for skin by some excellent painters checkout the HTPE: Human Skin article!

I like painting the recess of the eye brown first before using a off white for the initial coat. Unfortunately, I don’t have good advice for getting eyes to look good except try have the pupil overlap the eyelids otherwise they look scared, also don’t forget you can over run the eyelids and then just replace the highlights after. it’s worth noting I went quite mad trying to get these eyes to even this level, I will use that as an excuse for why I drybrushed the metals next.

I had kinda lost my marbles at this point, so I took a break to do some quick drybrushing on the metal.

The hair is fairly standard highlights, for the dirty blond on baldy most of the base coat is obscured but the little bits visible occasionally adds some nice depth. I would consider pushing the highlights on the black hair a bit further as they are a bit subtle.

For all the cloth and leather you will see that I like to do a bunch of small perpendicular lines for the last couple of highlights, from a distance it can help to imply texture and a pattern. There are better techniques then this where you do micro texturing that is much smaller and often across more of the model, but that is a bit beyond what I am willing to do.

I might not have a picture for each, but for almost every one of the remaining garment parts I do 3-4 highlights in which I gradually add more Flayed one Flesh.

After some more fabric I returned to do a bit more detail on the bases, for rust I super watered down some Skrag, then after a liberal application I wipe most of it back off so it mostly remains in the recesses.

Just some more detail on the bases and the grey leather.

Another selective wash on the base helps to add more variation, following that I finished off the brown leather belts.

I quite like how different black can look just depending on the highlights! You can get away with basically any colour and have it turn out delightful.

In theory I went with yellow/orange lenses to get a nice crisp differentiation, but honestly it was mostly just because I wanted to give it a try!

Finish off the bases with a drybrush and black rim, and you are done!


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