Imperial Armour Compendium FAQ Update 6/1/2022 – the Goonhammer Hot Take

Hello everyone, just a quick update today – GW dropped an update to the Imperial Armour Compendium this morning with errata for the Imperial Knights and Chaos Knights sections of the book. These changes are fairly predictable – they bring the Knights up to date with the current rules in a couple of ways. We’ll go through these quick, as there isn’t much to say about them specifically. You can find the FAQ here.

  • Imperial Knights: Replace the <HOUSEHOLD> Keyword with <NOBLE HOUSEHOLD> and add “Code Chivalric (see Codex: Imperial Knights)” to the abilities of all the datasheets. This basically does the necessary keyword magic required to make the Forge World knights work with the new Knights Codex, letting them be part of households (officially), and letting them access the Oaths of the Code Chivalric. Note that this doesn’t do anything about your knight’s SIZE-CLASS keyword, so while your Forge World Knights gain access to Stratagems and army benefits, they can’t benefit from anything that requires say, a QUESTORIS-CLASS model to use. Well, except for the Magaera, which is Questoris Class. OK Technically it’s “QUESTORIS CLASS” and not “QUESTORIS-CLASS,” but this seems like a silly mistake to hang your hat on.
  • Imperial Knights: Replace this unit’s [Knight Moirax] ‘Vehicle Squadron’ ability with ‘Armiger Squadron’. A straightforward textual update to bring Moirax in line with other Armigers.
  • Chaos Knights: Remove the “Dreadblades” pagragraph under “The Dread Household Keyword” section and add “Harbingers of Dread” to all the datasheets. Doing some similar work for Chaos Knights, this gives all the Forge World options Dread now, making them much more fun pieces of a larger Chaos Knights army.
  • Chaos Knights: Replace this unit’s [War Dog Moirax] Armiger Class keyword with WAR DOG CLASS and replace this unit’s ‘Vehicle Squadron’ ability with ‘War Dog Squadron’. Like the Imperial version, aligns the Moirax with their little cousins.

As updates go this isn’t exactly thrilling – it’s the very lowest effort that could have been made to make the FW units function. If you wanted to include them, though, you can do that now without actually breaking anything, so that’s good.