Kill Team Summer 2022

Back in July we launched the Kill Team Summer challenge to get a Kill Team or a Killzone worth of terrain painted over the summer, to give us something to play with on those cold winter nights.

So summer has well and truly ended in the UK, as we move to it being cold and/or raining for likely the next six months, so let’s look at the fun we had and the Kill Teams we painted along the way.

So let’s take a look at the great teams hobbyists have completed, and the valiant efforts of those who tried but didn’t quite get there.

From the magical kingdom of twitter (which is not just a pipeline of refined brain poison) we have the following:

These are pretty much my favourite submission from a technical point of view. You’ve got OSL and NMM, along with conversions and custom bases on a display board, and the OSL and NMM isn’t overdone like you sometimes see. Tommy has put a lot of love and effort into the team and it shows.

Kill Team Summer wasn’t just about painting a team, it was about having a board to play on, and here we have the Into the Dark terrain, painted and given the sort of weathering you’d expect in a Space Hulk where cleaning supplies ran out three millennia ago.

Everybody loves pirates, and the Corsairs are great models. Solal has picked up an extra gunner for his team for the roster, and that was a good choice.

More terrain, and a nice backdrop to some very nicely done teams.

Void Dancer Kill Team by Siloë D.

A Void Dancer Team, with solid colour choices and some very nice basing.

A converted Phobos team from @Troelspalm, where they’ve made the obviously correct choice to get an eliminator rifle to give the sniper a clear and distinctive profile compared to the other models.

Necrons rise from their tombs to jumpscare peeps in Kill Team. A very nicely done fireteam with conversions.

Yeah, the Grey Knights are still finished though and you did them very nicely, and a 750 point army completed is nothing to sniff at either. Well done.

It’s obviously very bad to change projects midway through, and no miniatures gamer would ever do that (cough cough cough as I die of hypocrisy) but you’ve got Death Guard you can put on the tabletop and a very nice start to a Legionary team.

Tomekeeper Reiver Kill Team. Nice crisp paint job with the white and weathering done well.

Similarly everyone loves Legionaires, for really good reasons. And it’s not minimum viable, it’s table ready.


Nice muted metals Andrew, and good to see someone giving mechanicus some love.

Josh’s Ash Waste Veteran Guard shows that every release is a Kill Team release if you have the imagination for it.

We also received a number of awesome submissions via email. Here are our favorites:

Credit: Phil Riris

Phil’s Corsair Voidscarred are incredibly sharp and we love the old school banner and feel of the team. Phil’s Notes:

I used a few Craftworld bits here and there (a Ranger head, a Dire Avenger sword) and an old 90s transfer on the Wayseeker to mix these Voidscarred up a little. I challenged myself with this paintjob by following one of the ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass videos on silver armour with a blue gradient. I think the silver, combined with the deep greens and browns, plus spots of gold and orange, ended up giving the team an unintentional WHFB Wood Elf vibe.

Credit: Drew K

Credit: Drew K

Credit: Drew K

Drew K went especially hard, sending us some extremely rad photos of his all-Gravis team which had been wired up with LEDs and photographed in a variety of exceptionally cool settings. That desert shot there is my favorite of the bunch and Drew definitely wins the award for Best Backstory.

Credit: sp00ky

Reader sp00ky sent us some great photos of his Night Lords Legionary kill team. I love the green plasma coils and the moulded Shoulder Pads look great.

Credit: Tim Steer

Tim Steer has a really cool concept for a Fallen Deathwatch Kill Team, using Legionary bits.

Credit: Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams sent us a photo of his White Scars Phobos Team, which he took to NOVA this year and finished in third place in one of the casual pods.

Credit: Liz Weir

Liz Weir sent us her Bad Example kill team, a group of renegade space marines featuring a number of conversions. Some notes about them:

I started putting these together as part of my nascent 40k Renegade Space Marine army, the Bad Example, but Kill Team Summer inspired me to tailor some of my first few models to let me play some specialists from the Legionary team. I’ve played my first few games of Kill Team over the last couple of weeks, and I’m hooked – I’m already planning to flesh out this team into a full competitive roster and I’m making eyes at a few other possible teams, including a Warpcoven who’ll be painted up as Thousand Sons who’ve thrown in with the same Word Bearer who turned this warband to Chaos.

Credit: @MaxRockatanksky

Finally there’s Max’s Emperor’s Children kill team, shown posing menacingly here on some Ash Wastes terrain.

Thundercloud’s Team

So how did I do?

I started with:

All ready to get painted.

And through my powers of Adult ADHD I finished with:

Full Kroot Roster for Kill Team.

So yeah, I did finish a Kill Team, just not the one I started with. It happens.


The Long, Dark Winter Approaches

It’s great to see what everyone achieved, and I hope all of these painted models are hitting gaming tables over the winter months.

Given the success of this and the previous Kill Team project, we’ll think of a Christmas painting theme and come back with a Christmas Kill Team group project and get some more minis changed from grey to colours that aren’t necessarily grey.

Have any questions or feedback? Drop us a note in the comments below or email us at