Tale of Goony Gamers: Legio Oculiaes

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I’m not as verbose as some of you guys so I haven’t done a backstory or any of that shiz, but I’m going to do my own AT Legio for ToGG. I’ve called them Legio Oculiaes, a bad translation of Brass Eye, as I intend to name them all after Brass Eye and Day Today jokes. On that theme, first up for warlord month will be an actual Warlord called Massive Bereavement. Colour scheme is yet to be finalised, but likely to be a greeny teal colour. Next month will be 3 knights, then another warlord and so on until the GWE is painted. After that, i’m all out of ideas so this might well run out of steam quickly, but nobody else is doing titans so tough luck.

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