Letters From LVO: Day 0

In this series, the Goonhammer authors currently attending LVO write about their experiences at the event, cataloging each day’s games, trials, tribulations, and victories. Join us as we take the journey with them.

James “Boon” Kelling

My dearest Goons,

I have the time to write but a few short lines.  I report that I have arrived in good health and my equipment unscathed. We landed today at McCarran station after a most unpleasant ride aboard the sky engine, crammed as we were not unlike cattle to the slaughter. This place is familiar to me, I can recall similar terrain from last year’s campaign. Our advance was stalled then, but I believe fortune is with us this season as we have learned Colonel Corrode had not lost his regiment in transit.

We established camp at Jubilee Point just east of Lake Bellagio where I write you presently. Word is that the enemy nears and General Wings will soon assemble the men. I believe we are to break camp and take the field at the plains of Ballys on the morn. There have already been reports of small skirmishes throughout the day and the men grow restless.  I fear I shall not sleep well this night anticipating the dawn action.

Wish me well, dear goons and send my love to mother. I shall endeavor to write you again soon.

Yours Ever-Faithfully,



James “One_Wing” Grover


Vegas is a very strange place. I knew it was going to be weird but I think I’d underestimated just how weird. I grew up in London, and I’ve been to New York and Tokyo, but none of those have quite compared. I’ve had enough time to shake off the jetlag and acclimatise, but the essential weirdness is going to say with me for a while.

40K wise I’m raring to go – after a careful inspection by US customs my precious space elves have been allowed into the country and have entirely survived the trip. They’re currently sitting in my hotel room on the fancy new tray I’ve brought for them, not quite wanting to ship the massive serving tray I normally bring across the ocean. I’ve made contact with the wider Goonhammer forces, and am sitting with Shane and Chase as I write this, and carried out some explorations of the nearby Casinos with Liam and Cyle earlier on. Soon our 40k champs collective will be complete with Boon’s arrival, and come the morning we’re all ready to hit the GT. I’m cautiously optimistic about my list, and having looked at the tables the organisers have accurately followed through on the terrain setup, so as long as I can get into the winning bracket I’ll be playing on a good setup for my list. Hopefully tomorrow my missive will contain news of glorious victory.



Chase “Gunum” Garber

January 23, 2020
Chase “Gunum” Garber, Colonel, WarHogs

I am writing in response to a request to reinforcements we have received from General Wings of the Goonhammer Company. We are pleased to inform you that our Calvary detachment is currently on its way via Sky Engine to his current location at Camp Jubilee Point. I do have the unfortunate job of letting you know the quality of these men may be not quite what you are expecting. Though we do have a continent that is made up of a collection of steam engines that will be a great boon to our forces there, they are attended by my very own group of men who are a bit Green for the front lines. Hopefully their enthusiasm,their Sergeants leadership, and my own in depth training regiment of them will make them a welcome addition to the down trodden forces that are already present in that desert.

I will send updates as we acquire them from the front.


Colonel Chase “.Com” Garber of the Warhogs



My treasured friends,

I am taking a breather from a night of genuine revelry to sit down and jot some notes off before the battles that are to come tomorrow. I have arrived in this oasis in the desert to find the Goonhammer men in good spirts. The lights of the local performers and swindlers gives off a faint reflection of promised happiness for this allocation of men. As I’ve taken in this place, I’m reminded of stories my father had told me of the locals. A loud, wealthy, theatrical people that have no shame in any kinds of comings or goings. A place where a man can find his fortune as easily as he can find utter despair at the loss of that very same fortune moments later.

I’m leading my 6th command tomorrow morning. Leading a fantastic group of stalwart and deeply secretive men. We have been able to acquire some power war machines that should catch many a Xeno by surprise. Not only that, but there is word that President Churgian has sent out some of his personal Inquisitors to help us take the field tomorrow. I truly hope that the tales of Mr. Rex ring true. That’s all I have for now. Please send love to my sisters maid-of-honor. She’ll know why.

Deepest regards,



Shane Watts


Early this morning I arrived on the front lines. I expected a shifting landscape of a battlefield, but to my surprise the lines had already been drawn, even at this early hour. Determined to find shelter and food, I went out into the wild, I found some rudimentary provisions for now. Hours later I am waiting in the line to receive my allocated rations.

I don’t remember the line ever being this long. I fear I will perish in the endeavor…



Cyle “Naramyth” Thompson

Dearest Greg,

5:11am. I have awoken and am getting ready to head to the airport. I tried to get cute with my plane ticket and now for the first time in 6 years I must check my army heading to an event. The fear I have is palatable

5:50 In line for security for a 6:09 boarding.

6:08 on the plane, the joys of a small town airport. I will miss these days when I have struck the fame and fortune this venture promises.

10:25 local? dearest Greg, my bag is allegedly in terminal three, carrousel 19. I hope for good luck on this day before conflict.

10:47. Blessed be the omnissiah





6:11 Dearest Greg, I am about to head into a circus show that takes place in water. How marvelous! Afterwords we will turn in for the evening as tomorrow I take to the field of battle.




Liam “Corrode” Royle

Dearest Greg,

After arduous days of travel I have arrived at the front, in the desert wastelands of Las Vegas. It is a strange place. Each building is a town unto itself. Men wander halls with false skies and admire the plastic echoes of other places. It is unsettling. A stroke of luck; my baggage has arrived with me! Clearly some porters are more reliable than others. Despite the place’s remoteness, many friends and allies have made their way here.

In these troubled times it is heartening to have such stout companions. In their company, tonight I observed an entertaining display involving a great deal of water, several talented athletes, and two foolish clowns. These few short lines are not enough, but they must suffice. My body is weary, and tomorrow battle is joined.

Pray for my safe return.




Tomorrow: The Assault Begins

Join us tomorrow, where the lads write about their experiences on Day 1 of the tournament and the trials they faced. We’ll also update on Saturday and Sunday with each players’ results in the GT. And as always, if you have any questions or feedback as you follow along, feel free to drop us a note in the comments below, or shoot us an email at contact@goonhammer.com.