Letters From LVO: Final Update

In this series, the Goonhammer authors currently attending LVO write about their experiences at the event, cataloging each day’s games: The trials, the tribulations, the defeats, and the victories. Join us as we take the journey with them.

Another LVO is already over and in the books. Our authors – those who survived – return home, exhausted and tired, but having enjoyed their time.

To recap, here’s how they performed:

  • Scott Horras “Heresy” held out the longest of the Goonhammer authors, going 4-0 through Days 1 and 2 before running hard into Steve Pampreen’s Raptors Chapter in round 5 and Marines again in round 6, ending with a 4-2 record with his Skyshield Landing Pad-sporting Iron Hands shenanigans. Those two losses combined with lower per-game scores, dropped Scott to 206th in the final standings.
  • Shane Watts finished 4-2 with his suspiciously Alpha Legion-like Raven Guard, pulling out a win in his last game and going “WLW” both days. At 112th, he finished with the highest final placing among the Goonhammer crew.
  • Cyle “Naramyth” Thompson finished 4-2 after a strong 2-0 start, losing in rounds 3 and 5. He finished 126th with his Ad Mech army, and the 203 points he scored strongly bolstered his overall ITC score. However, 3 stronger showings from other Ad Mech players at the LVO Championships ultimately propelled them to higher scores, and Cyle finished 4th in the rankings for Adeptus Mechanicus players. Please press F for Cyle now.
  • Liam “Corrode” Royle piloted his Crimson Fists to a 4-2 finish, losing his final game each day to end up finishing 151st in the event.
  • James “Boon” Kelling went 3-3, in the tournament, finishing 261st with his Asuryani after managing to win his final game (WLWLLW). He then went on to talk about how sick he was of playing against Marines, and decided “fuck it, let’s do it again,” and participated in one of the Day 3 RTT events. We are happy to inform you that James won this event, going 3-0 to win his 8-player pod and squeeze out the single Goonhammer event win for the weekend. Congrats, Boon! LVO didn’t do much for Boon’s 2019 ranking and he finished 11th among Asuryani players and 31st among Aeldari players.
  • James “One_Wing” Grover took his Eldar to a 3-3 finish, squeezing out a win in his final game to finish 308th in the event. Similar to Boon, James’ LVO score didn’t do much for his overall ITC rank, and he finished 15th among Asuryani and 19th among Aeldari players for the 2019-2020 season.
  • Chase “Gunum” Garber’s took his pre-Ritual of the Damned Dark Angels to a 3-3 finish, losing his final game to end up 379th at the event, and not having LVO do much for his ITC score. As a result, he was unable to capture the top spot on the Dark Angels rankings, losing out to Nick Mcdaid, who wasn’t in attendance at the event. RIP Chase.
  • Novembermike went 3-0 in hist first AM Kill Team Heat using his melee-heavy Adeptus Mechanicus, then went 3-1 in the Kill Team Tournament, losing game 4 to his longtime practice partner (who also continually beat him in their practice games).

LVO was a pretty strong showing for the Goonhammer crew overall (though note that not everyone participated under the Goonhammer team name – Chase and Cyle are both Warhogs, for example). Richard Siegler ended up winning the event piloting an Iron Hands army of his own proving pretty convincingly and definitively that he’s the best 40k player in the world. We’ll have more on his list and his thoughts on that later this week.


The Final Letters

Chase “Gunum” Garber


James “One Wing” Grover

Dear General Jones,

The campaign is over and soon a return transit to the United Kingdom beckons. My wife and I spent the day touring the strange sights of this unusual city, journeying the length of the so called strip to investigate an ominous black pyramid. Happily we found it to contain none of the hated Necrontyr, only yet more brightly coloured attractions and food purveyors. Truly this city is a bewildering marvel.

Before that, I finally managed to make contact with fellow commander Novembermike, and have ensured he is well equipped with regimental colours for the future. Many of us also convened in the great hall to hear the roll of honour read out.

This campaign has been a great eye opener, and it has been a delight to finally make the acquaintance of our local forces. I shall take many memories back to my homeland, and look forward to visiting this nation once again for the NOVA campaign.


General Wings


Several of the Goonhammer crew at LVO 2020.


This Week: Reports, Interviews, and Analysis

LVO may be over, but we’ve got lots of content still to write and publish around it. Stay tuned this week, where we’ll have detailed reports on the tournament from our authors, meta analysis of lists in the 40k, AoS, and Kill Team tournaments, an interview with LVO 40k tournament winner Richard Siegler, plus some additional content and analysis on CanCon, which was going on at the same time. As always, if you have feedback or questions, drop us a comment below or shoot us an email at contact@goonhammer.com.