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Here at Goonhammer we’re just as big fans of the lore and background of the games we play as we are getting on the table and rolling dice. Each time a new book is released we don’t just review the rules and crunch, we dive into the lore as well, talking about what works and what doesn’t, and finding cool hooks for campaigns. You can find our lore reviews via the links below.


Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

Warhammer 40,000

9th Edition Lore

Psychic Awakening

Older editions Codex Lore

Other Lore Stuff

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More Lore on Goonhammer

We also talk about the lore of each faction we cover in our How to Paint Everything series, so check those articles if you’re looking for more on specific factions. Additionally the Legion Overview articles for Horus Heresy cover the lore behind each of the first founding legions. And for more detailed reviews of the novels written about the Warhammer settings, check out our book reviews.